Murder Video: Deranged boyfriend killed girlfriend in front of their 3-year-old kid

Flores shot Ruiz multiple times/YouTube

Jilted boyfriend killed girlfriend.

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LOS ANGELES — Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles are searching for answers after a jilted boyfriend murdered his inamorata in her own driveway, in front of their young child. The sanguinary ordeal transpired January 6th in the 9000 block of Bartee Avenue. It was also captured on video. Nest surveillance footage shows 35-year-old Karen Ruiz quickly egress her SUV and scream for help after she noticed her stalking inamorato, 46-year-old Herbert Nixon Flores, followed her home.

Seconds later, Herbert pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and opened fire — shooting Karen multiple times — before speeding off in a diminutive gray car. Paramedics tried resuscitation but it was to no avail. Karen was pronounced dead at the scene. Their 3-year-old daughter witnessed the homicide.

“The relationship was violent,” LAPD Detective Sharon Kim told reporters at a press conference. “She had several reports made against him over the years and most recently she took out a restraining order against him due to some violent acts he committed against her.”

Sadly, bustin’ caps is nothin’ new to Herbert. The Hispanic malefactor has a rap sheet longer than Charles Manson’s. “He has a violent criminal history,” Kim explained. “He is an MS-13 gang member.” As police closed in to make an arrest, Herbert committed suicide in Irving, Texas. He blew his own brains out.

Was there a lack of vigilance on Karen’s part?

Watch graphic footage of the shooting.

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  1. People have lost their minds in the United States! 🤪

  2. Some men act like women with their overly emotional tendencies. Someone don’t want you keep it moving. Now you will be in prison, either a top or a bottom. Dumbass.

  3. She was probably in the cartel

  4. Wet backs who recently jumped the border.

  5. TomSmithIsBackAgain

    Someone should have called a social worker, clearly a domestic and yall don’t want cops involved. Someone post once the social worker tracks him down and makes him feel less angry

  6. BlackGuySaysBlacksBuiltNothing

    He pulled a negro move

  7. not surprised. women are driving men crazy with there lies and using kids as a weapon against us. we want to see our kids and be a father to them. women need to stop being evil.

  8. Sexymamihottamali🖤😈

    @Gmack: If you got children I can see why their mother won’t let you see them

  9. Weak a$$ punk

  10. Pauly Incorrect

    Any dude who let’s a woman get him so worked up that he does something stupid resulting in hard time, is a bitch.

  11. @Pauly Incorrect: Unless it’s in self defense some hoes crazy

  12. He should be shot down the exact same way. RIP to the victim and sympathy to her family.

  13. 👄Mouth Almighty👄

    This is heart breaking. R.I.P 😔

  14. He looks pathetic. Killing a person because y’all relationship didn’t work out. Enjoy spending the rest of your life in prison.

  15. Glad this was caught on camera. He should be put to death by firing squad.

  16. What did she do to deserve this?!?!?

  17. Social Media is a drug

    This is so fkn sad .
    Idk why mfs just can’t move on.
    Life goes on….no matter what you cannot kill someone for leaving you….
    Women just try to be as careful as you can is all I can say…
    R.i.p to this lady




  19. Windwalker Aries

    What a weak a$$ guy. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    👉He’s not even a man because a real man would know if the relationship didn’t work out you let it go you don’t go seeking revenge by killing the woman

    😒I’m sorry I have no compassion or empathy for men who kill women over bullshit.

    🤷🏻‍♂️Maybe it’s the misogynist in me but attacking women as a man is weak unless you really have to defend yourself or your family – this is the biggest example of the pussified weak man who never learn to control his emotions.
    😔Unless the woman killed your mom or child there’s no reason for this💯

  20. Pussy punisher

    She must had some good ass coochie

  21. Prostitute Money

    she did something so i dont feel sorry,

  22. @Windwalker Aries: Stop playing with people’s emotion. We can say men shouldn’t do this and that, but the reality is, no one knows when a person will snap. Too many women are getting killed because they feel they can use men. If you don’t want the man then do not lead him on and do not take his things.


    Ladies get yall a gun and keep that mf with yall it’s not a guarentee that you will come out on top but at least you may have a chance against fools like this. If she had a strap when she saw him coming she could have positioned herself behind one of those cars and popped his a$$ when he came running up wide open.

  24. We should have built the wall smdh

  25. Robert lee Bennett OG

    She was doing the parental alienation game… so he sent her to Jesus

  26. @Robert lee Bennett OG: And now the child is basically an orphan cuz he’ll get life in prison. He never cared about the kid in the first place to leave them an orphan.

  27. if your lady don’t look back at you and ask you why you fucking me like this!! then you not hitting it right!!

  28. Perceville Smithers

    She probably moved on and had a new man and he sat around drinking all day, stewing over “what she did to him” then said, “F that btch! “

  29. Just WALK AWAY! Over 7 BIIIIILLION people in this world, and you take a life and throw your own away over some bullshit 🙄

  30. RatchetPatrick

    Disgusting. I don’t know how someone can be obsessed with a person.

  31. Q: What do you say to a Hispanic male in a three piece suit?

    A: Will the defendant please rise

  32. @greater20: Jealous killer boyfriends do this day in and out, and they come in all colors and sizes. RIP to this victim and all others who succumb to man’s worse nature.

  33. Fuck this Guy she didn’t deserve this

  34. He killed himself today in texas…the cops and fbi were closing in on him while visiting family and he shot himself..he was crazy


  36. What a POS. She was fine too.

  37. Brent Corvalan

    He is an MS-13 member! They worship satan, no joke! He killed himself. He killed the mother of his three year old daughter in front of her! Now this poor girl grows up without her parents and will find out one day her father killed her mother right in front of her!

  38. Ruthless Lover

    she wuz sexier than a mothafucka

  39. Ruben B Ramirez

    Sad news but she wanted a thug in her life and these are the results.

  40. What a peace of shit!!!

  41. Alexandre Waldemar

    Girls, you deserve a lot better than cowards like this one. Educate and respect yourselves !!!

  42. I was in a relationship like this, I moved across the United States to get away from him. Yes he was Mexican, yes he was bat shit crazy. Wish she could’ve moved away and sought protection. What a horrific way to die.

  43. Jennifer Gonzalez

    I absolutely hate men why why do that to the child you can hear her scream mom how horrible !!!

  44. Am I the only one bothered that she left her daughter behind while she ran? Luckily he didn’t attack the kid.

  45. thats what you get for dating a gang member

  46. F•U•C•K•ers The Irish Man

    if he was going to kill himself anyways, why do this to the mother of your child , He is a piece of shit , i want to know where he is buried him so i can go with pothole diggers, dig a hole down to the head of his coffin,
    and build an outhouse over the hole

  47. This is so cowardly some real bitch shit

  48. I feel for the kid, hearing her cry and scream just breaks my heart. I can’t imagine what she will go through having to experience this in her childhood, May the mother Rest In Peace.♥️✨

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