“SoHo Karen” dissed Gayle King during interview, basically told her to ‘shut up’

Ponsetto disses Gayle King/YouTube

Miya Ponsetto ‘disses’ Gayle.

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NEW YORK — Miya Ponsetto, the 22-year-old ‘SoHo Karen’ who went viral for attacking a 14-year-old black boy before falsely accusing him of purloining her iPhone, snapped at Gayle King during a recent chinwag on “CBS This Morning.” The Puerto Rican miscreant even had the audacity to end the interview abruptly, telling the TV host, “Alright, Gayle. Enough.” Miya, who did the virtual chat alongside her lawyer Sharen Ghatan, tackled 14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. in the lobby of New York’s Arlo SoHo Hotel on December 26th.

Hell, for a minute, I thought she played linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Miya was arrested Thursday in Ventura County, California by the New York City Police Department and she faces charges of attempted assault, attempted robbery, endangering the welfare of a child and grand larceny. She’s also dealing with a DUI charge from October (her second DUI in 4 months).

Keyon Harrold Sr., a Grammy-winning Jazz musician, said his son was racially-profiled.

Miya, however, denies any racist deportment or wrongdoing — claiming she’s “supersweet.”

She also accused Keyon Sr. of assaulting her even though he was simply protecting his son.

Does Miya have a case?

Is she batshit crazy?

Watch Miya’s interview with Gayle.

Share your thoughts.


  1. O know, she didn’t. She needs a slap

  2. 22 year-old woman assaults and tackles an innocent 14-year old and insists she’s super sweet and committed no crime.

  3. She trying to become famous it’s obvious what she is doing there is no need to interview her and give her attention the proof is on camera so handle through the courts don’t need her to be interviewed

  4. Why the hell does she get an interview?

  5. itsbritney8itch

    That’s a self entitled millennial for you

  6. Hadley Pleasanton

    You can tell this young lady has some African ancestry, which is common among Puerto Ricans.

  7. She’s super sweet, okayyyy is she trans or biologically female? Because she took down that kid pretty quick 🤔🤔

  8. This chick is entitled AND unstable… maybe time in jail and a regimen of psych meds will help that! 🙄😒

  9. Who does she think she is 🤔

  10. She needs professional help!

  11. You know Gayle probably wanted to slap the taste out of her mouth when that child of woman said” Enough”. Good thing they were on Skype.

  12. I consider myself to be super sweet…puke!

  13. DISRESPECTFUL SNAKE ….She was wrong & should be punished… She’s a grown women NOT a little girl.. This NASTY GROWN woman attacked an innocent kid.. YES.. LOCK HER UP… She needs to learn a REAL HARD LESSON… This foolishness of attacking then trying to justify & apologize/LIE is unacceptable ….

  14. Hilarious 😄😄😄😄😄😄 anyone who wears a daddy hat on national tv is struggling to function

  15. She is disgusting and should be in in prison.

  16. WOW, Even her lawyer was telling her to stop cuz how she was talking in the interview. Very childish. GIRL NEEDS SERIOUS HELP!!!

  17. Omg all you have to do is admit you were wrong, apologize for being a racist idiot and move on.

  18. She assaulted him!!…over a phone she probably has insurance and a locator

  19. LAWD LAWD LAWD LAWD I JUST CAN’T THROW THE WHOLE 22 YEAR OLD AWAY!!!!! Its not even about just what she said to Gayle but its more so saying the Father pulled her down and pulled her hair!!!!! What did she think should happen to her when she was putting hands on his MINOR child….you didnt stop when hotel employees tried to stop you, the dad had to get your hands off him and his son. Its called SELF DEFENSE darling. It is a human reaction. IM DONE

  20. Gayle King is in trouble herself with the BLACK community for the KOBE incident.

  21. “I consider myself to be super sweet.” She’s obviously delusional.

  22. homeschoolmom 1988

    Wow. She is stupid. And needs to lay off the alcohol!! Put her on the Dr.Phil show

  23. 22 years of age is long enough to show respect, humility, and restraint. Jail teaches that.

  24. Gayle is very classy, and I have seen her do interviews where she does not show emotions.. I think that is what good interviewer does… You see her when R. Kelly jumped up.. see sat there like a boss. She, you and I can clearly see there is a lack of restraints from this young girl. She is not like a person who made a HUGE mistake and had some remorse.. she may do stuff on this level again.. until she learns.

  25. Thank goodness the father is a well-known Jazz artist because if he wasn’t, the media wouldn’t care and I hate saying “the media” like it’s a person but the”media” caters to old Caucasian people (or people who want to emulate)that probably take the argument that the kid should have just shown her the phone like a good you know what. Screw that! People have to start realizing how they’re talking to people and how it is presented differently. Same goes for expectations, different ones for different folks. Shameful

  26. She batsh*t crazy.

  27. Trashy girl ewwww ugly

  28. 22 and she plays the I’m a child card. Grow tf up

  29. She looks HORRIBLE to be 22. JESUS, why is she SO DAMN OLD LOOKING??????????????

  30. Gayle played the “gracious host” (probably to boost ratings) while conducting an interview with a disrespectful and arrogant brat who lacks home training. Gayle is respected for her poise and professionalism; however, I think she dropped the ball on this interview. Gayle could have set rules for the interview after the initial rude response by stating, “I will ask you questions respectfully, so I expect mutual respect in your responses.”

  31. Lol she said I shouldn’t have made him feel so inferior 😀😃 b***ch you are the one feeling inferior not him.

  32. Theresa Pappas



  33. Of course the dad got involved… some random woman was assaulting his son. She’s lucky she didn’t come out with a black eye or busted lip.

  34. There was a girl a few days ago who called me a white bitch, she was black. What does that mean? Should I call up the news and start rallying

  35. The arrogant WAY in which she dismissed Gayle is very telling… people’s true colors always come out when pressure is applied… that’s why her lawyer freaked out and later threw her under the bus. The lawyer realized she no longer had a “credible case” after that, lol!

  36. I despise that little spoiled brat. She deserves what she gets. However, Gayle was being pretty condescending, talking to that girl like she a little 5 year old child.

  37. Is snapping at Gayle considered racist?

  38. Coco Candacraig

    Ok she snapped but she genuinely thought her phone was stolen. Why is everything turned into a racial thing? They boy simply was the next person standing near her with the identical phone. Why didn‘t he just prove to her that it is not her phone and defuse the situation? When you see that someone is hysterical and upset you try to defuse. The way the police arrested her, a tender girl whose conduct may have been unfortunate but no big deal, is police brutality! Why is there no outrage about this?

  39. So many things wrong with this young lady, but very evident that she has a problem with authority. She ran from the police on a slow speed chase, resisted arrest, disrespected Gayle and her own attorney…wow!

  40. I don’t feel she’s racist – I believe she’s sociopathic. She needs help.

  41. No way Gayle let’s a black male speak to her like that. 😳

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