Shooting Spree: Certifiable serial killer ‘murdered’ innocent people in Chicago

Jason Nightengale killed many/Facebook

Psycho went on shooting spree. 

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CHICAGO — Law enforcement officials in Chicago are probing for answers after 32-year-old Jason Nightengale went on a shooting spree for no reason, leaving several dead including himself. The sanguinary ordeal began Saturday afternoon around 1:50 p.m. in a parking lot located on South East End Avenue. That’s where Jason smoked a 30-year-old Chinese dude who was sedentary inside his vehicle. The victim, Yiran Fan, was a Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago. Ten minutes later, Jason entered an apartment building where he shot and killed a female security guard who was a single mom of two children.

“He proceeded to walk into the building and I think she told him he had to leave the building and then he shot her,” a neighbor told reporters. “So then she began to run and he shot her again.”

The bloodthirsty malefactor also shot a 77-year-old woman who remains in critical condition.

Oh, there’s more. Around 3:45 p.m., Jason robbed a store on Halsted Street where he murdered a 20-year-old man. An 81-year-old woman was also shot and she remains in critical condition. Then, around 5 p.m., Jason shot a 15-year-old girl in the head as she was riding in the back seat of a car.

The teen survived but remains in critical condition.

Finally, after robbing a CVS store in the vicinity of Asbury and Howard, Jason fled to a nearby IHOP. As police officers closed in to make an arrest, the deranged serial killer took a woman hostage then shot her in the head. A shootout with police quickly ensued and Jason was mercifully extirpated.

The hostage died shortly thereafter.

Chicago Police Chief David Brown didn’t elucidate the raison d’être behind the bloodbath. But he commended officers for giving Jason a well-deserved dirt nap. “[Had it not been] for the brave conduct of Evanston police officers confronting this suspect, many more people would’ve been injured,” Brown said.

Jason, needless to say, had a lengthy criminal history. His rap sheet includes gun and drug charges, criminal trespassing, theft, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reckless conduct, domestic violence and a partridge in a pear tree.

Jason posted a series of menacing videos prior to spraying bullets.

Did the criminal justice system fail the victims by allowing him to become a free man?

Watch devastating coverage.

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  1. So does his (their) lives matter?

  2. that nigga mustve been on pcp

  3. No protests? No looting? 🧐

  4. We all know who is committing ALL the crime in this city

  5. island dreaming

    Somehow as a white man this is my fault

  6. I need a boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  7. Michelle Williams

    I will say this u are not safe anywere in chicago

  8. and not a word from BLM

  9. Jerome Wardrope

    This kind of murder and crime will continue in all the cities. Everyone knows why. Yet we continue to act shock and bewildered, asking how could this happen and of course we look for all those common excuses. Mental illness, broken home, hard knock life. Please leave these cities of destruction. Save your families.

  10. Can the Democrats make their cities safe for a change ? Rigged the election and putting people’s lives at risk all the time.

  11. It’s as if these folks are being “HuNtEd DoWn”…
    “StAlKeD & TaRgEtEd”!!!
    But guess what, their worst enemy ain’t Ole Whytie McDevil nor is it “Da Po-Po”… their biggest threat comes from within.

  12. Another White Supremacist attack !!! Someone should notify AOC !!

  13. @Extra Mile: Close… very close.
    If by WhyTe, you mean “POC”… and by SuPrEmAcISt you mean “uneducated, self hating inbred”… then you are spot on.

  14. Very sad 😥

  15. If Obama could have had a son he be just like him

  16. Kazerian-the-XII

    Listen up and Listen good – If you want peace you should move to small town where the rule of law still applies. Unless you are a wolf you will not survive. Chicago is land of Wolves Now.

  17. I’m Single 😍😥

  18. Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  19. Chicago has most strict gun laws in country – how’s that working out?

    70% of homicides go unsolved – defund the police?

  20. Box Of Chocolate

    That dude had a rap sheet 1/2 mile long why was he on the streets

  21. Restored Jewels

    Prayers to all involved heaven help us, please Lord Jesus Christ

  22. looks like a white dude

  23. Stephanie Campbell

    I’m going to IHOP for my birthday tomorrow.

  24. Jr_The Creator

    That’s sad 💯

  25. He’s BLACK, so.

  26. So what’s the real story here? Is it about skin color or right and wrong.

  27. Holy fuck. Just holy fuck. This guy..WAS CRAZY.

  28. He was on something that fucked up his mind. We had a similar incident where I work. The customer did heavy drugs during the lockdown and when I saw him again he acted this erratically towards me and my coworkers. It was scary because he was a former drug dealer with a lot of connections.

  29. Crazy crackhead

  30. Phyicopathic killer!!

  31. Fuck this piece of shit

  32. Seems like a nice guy

  33. DRUGS🤷🏾‍♂️

  34. so you mean to tell me that this whacko has been online fb for years talking about murder and he actually goes and does it & NO ONE THOUGHT TO REPORT HIM?

  35. Think if gta Jason had the nuclear codes we’d all be dead?

  36. Stop The Madness


  37. the devil is busy

  38. OMG!!!!

  39. Wooooooooooow

  40. What about Jason Nightingale? What gives the police the right to take his life? We look up to the police, they should hold themselves to a higher standard!

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