Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey post ‘photographs’ to prove they’re a couple

Michael and Lori are in love/Daily Mail

Michael and Lori Instagram official. 

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HOLLYWOOD — In case you didn’t know, Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are knockin’ boots and they made their copulation official on Sunday with an Instagram collage. The “Creed” protagonist and Steve Harvey’s adopted daughter posted a lovey-dovey photo gallery of themselves canoodling. One of the polaroids shows Michael osculating the 24-year-old popsy on the cheek and the image was appropriately captioned with a heart. Another pic shows ’em ogling each other within close proximity.

If you recall, relationship scuttlebutt ran rampant in November when TMZ captured the lovebirds disembarking a plane in Lori’s hometown of Atlanta ahead of Thanksgiving. They’ve made several public appearances since then, including New Year’s Eve, so the Instagram proclamation is hardly a surprise.

However, many fans are skeptical of their amalgamation because Michael normally dates White or Latina popsies — much to the chagrin of African American women. Whether it’s a publicity stunt or not, the “Black Panther” star is absolutely on fire right now! In addition to celebrating his newfound vulva fount, Michael was recently crowned People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2020. Super cool!

Are you happy for the twosome?

Should Michael put a ring on it?

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  1. Don’t worry, Michael just wants his turn. Let’s revisit this story in 4 months. 🤣

  2. prettylyricsmarie

    Dating P.Diddy, Future, and Michael B. Jordan, etc., lol. It keeps you relevant, for fame and fortune. It keeps your name in the headlines.

  3. You Men to love to share the same women

  4. she’s fucked alot of niggas

    he better be careful

  5. Love Photography

    Lori is a guy away from being fickle; she needs to slow down.

  6. Kalan Ferguson

    Lori Harvey is not girlfriend material at all.

  7. She’s a man eater. He’s way too good and decent for her.

  8. Qhemet Egyptian

    She may be just dating these guys, doesn’t mean she is sleeping with them. Maybe once she sees that it’s not someone she wants to move on with, she goes on her way. Unless, anyone knows the people personally and they’re hearing from the horses mouth, everything else is just assumptions.

  9. This is all for optics and a PR move for him regarding his image among gullible BW. His face in the pics look like he is just going through the motions for business purposes

  10. Alaniz Elliott

    Hope he marries her so y’all can leave the girl alone lmao

  11. Bullshit Whisperer

    I think he will marry her before the year is up. She reportedly has a past, but he obviously doesn’t care because he claimed her and he never publicly claimed any of the other women he dated. She is young, beautiful, and can give him several kids. People are focused on her past, but he is thinking about their future.

  12. Claudia Gallego

    This young lady is just beautiful.
    Why would a handsome young man date a lady that’s been with a lot of men? Mr. Black once again men picking the wrong women and now she’ll get pregnant.

  13. Yleana Jackson

    He doesn’t like black girls he’s playing her

  14. cynthia sanchez

    I think she is making her way to Drake 🧐

  15. Leave her alone.. she’s not doing anything wrong.. yes men do it all the time.. she can date as much as she wants … I’m sure she will find the one who will win her heart ❤️

  16. Caramel with Chocolate

    Just came to see the jealous men😂😂😂

  17. She is for the streets of the celebrity type. Wasnt she with future last week 😂😂😂😩😩😩

  18. He was voted People’s Sexiest Man Alive and the best he can do is one of Future’s Exes? I repeat… He’s up there with George Clooney and the best he can do is one of Future’s Exes!! Sad sad day for educated hardworking Black Men everywhere.

  19. He better not marry that woman!!!

  20. bruh she was wit puff n his son lol

  21. Patrick Browne

    I honestly just think Michael b Jordan using this so they can stop thinking he only like white women, I think he is just playing it casual, I’m pretty sure he knows her history.

  22. Big gamble for Michael B I hope she don’t bring him down.

  23. He was flirting with Meg the Stallion but I knew that wasn’t gonna go anywhere because she’s too provocative for his image.

  24. Hope Michael B. Jordan doesn’t become another Russell Wilson

  25. She’s been with
    Memphis Depay
    Trey Songz
    P Diddy & his Son Justin Combs
    and now Michael B Jordan
    but Im sure the list is longer than that

  26. I hope he’s not kissing that girl? The mouth is the nastiest part of the human body. Plus “she for the streets”.

  27. priscilla swanson

    People please get a life. He says he likes all women. Why r y’all judging this couple. Men do it all the time. She dates men with money. So what leave her and Michael alone

  28. Black Empowerment

    who would want her after diddy though? Diddy is bisexual

  29. It’s so funny how no one cares how many broads Michael B Jordan has ran through I’m sure it’s in the thousands. But yall worried about Lori Harvey dating 4? Come on She’s 24! She’s supposed to date around a little sheesh!

  30. Everybody has a dating past…including Michael B Jordan..Men are for the streets just as much as women.. I think them dating is cool..I see if she had herpes or AIDS and kids…so why do people care. They both can do better….All these guys saying he can do better…knowing dam well they will wife her up in a heartbeat..SHE pretty and rich and has 0 kids..aint that what High Value Men want

  31. Melissa Winstead

    I thought that he was gay.

  32. Jonathan Cineus

    Lori Harvey must have some really good 🤫

  33. One song comes to mind.. With this lil girl.. ” i ain’t saying she a gold digger!!! But she don’t mess with a broke… ” ewww she gross.. My michael deserves a queen. She aint no queen. She a bee!!!

  34. I’m shocked he’s dating a black woman! Welp! She is beautiful

  35. Black love

  36. Man they got names for girls like Lori Harvey! This chick sleeping with all the ballers! P Diddy, Diddy son, future, Trey song, NHL player the list goes on and on! She is not wife material don’t know man wants to wife a chick all the ballers done ran through! Who next Usher

  37. Hatondra Willis

    Publicity stunt. I’m not buying it

  38. Le'Lani Johnson

    Only 24🤔 that kitty has had more action than Rambo with all players runners thru it 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  39. They do look nice together

  40. What exactly is she famous for?

  41. One Quirky Individual

    We live in a time where hoes get wifed up & good grls get piped up

  42. He is my man but she is very pretty as long as she don’t end up pregnant I’m ok. Still my husband 😁forever

  43. I think it’s all for publicity. They are far too public and over the top with their “love” Michael b have never been that way. Unless he is just sprung

  44. She chooses to be passed around like a JOINT !!!!

  45. Black..whytee's FEAR

    Its Hollyweird, anything can be faked..we just had 4 years of a fake president…

  46. Sincerely An Aquarius

    I’m good at reading people and these types of situations, and I must say that this is clearly a fake relationship. They are trying way too hard to convince everyone, that they are so happy and in love, but there’s no chemistry between them; they look awkward and their affection seems forced. Also, they’ve been private about their dating history all of this time, now they want the world to be all up in their personal business? I guess they believe that pretending to be with each other, will help better their dating reputations, because everyone says she’s only into f*ck boys, and Michael’s not into Black women.



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