Murder Video: Jealous boyfriend shoots girlfriend for twerking on another man

Twerking girlfriend shot dead/YouTube

Boyfriend killed twerking lover.

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CAMEROON — Law enforcement officials in Central Africa are investigating after a jealous boyfriend murdered his girlfriend for twerking on another man. The sanguinary ordeal transpired a couple of months ago in the African nation of Cameroon. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the prepossessing popsy gyrating on the countenance of a dude who wasn’t her lover. The video then skips to a different clip and it shows the braided damsel lying face-first in a pool of her own blood.

The boyfriend shot her in the head execution-style.

To add insult to murder, the cowardly bastard grabbed the woman’s head and started talking sh*t while recording her cadaver with his cell phone. His accomplice(s) can be heard gloating in the background. Family members of the victim are urging authorities to get off their asses and bring the killer to justice.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Apocalypse aka Americuh™️

    Fuck that, if my woman do that on another man, that’s the moment she’s no longer my woman and I’ll just move on. Sitting behind bars for a disloyal person ain’t happening, cuh!

  2. Africa better stop picking up Western culture

    stay African and focus on decolonization of your land and mind

    y’all watching too much tv

  3. If she disgraced you why not just get another girl ? Now you have blood on your hands. Killing Gods children for no reason is bad karma .

  4. The internet is the devils playground for real

  5. a little extreme

  6. African men acting a fool.

  7. Reptile Keeper

    She won’t do that again.

  8. What a fcking coward!!!!!

  9. Fred G. Sanford

    At least he didn’t shoot dude

  10. Damn shorty, look what acting like a thot got you.

  11. Thicker than peanut butter.. but a very small brain… in a place like Africa she actually thought it was smart to tweak on another man 🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

  12. Guess her tweaking days are over. Sad cause she was good at it.

  13. The_hoes_force_is_strong

    Not everyone takes heart break the same. I don’t know what he felt. I keep the same energy when a woman shoots a man because he cheated on her. Some people REALLY don’t play with their emotions. They both lost.

  14. The one thing all black people all over the world have in common is ignorance!!! All of the comments prove it. Get an education. You negros sound dumb asf!

  15. Tbh, women just want to be able to get attention and love from other men besides their boyfriend or husband and they want the man to be okay with it cuz they’ll never tell you outta shame from how its gonna make them look to the public but drama and attention is the only thing that keeps a woman satisfied. Why do you think women whose whole lives they’ve dreamed of being married cheat in a marriage even when they’re husband is a good man that ain’t did them wrong. Why do you think when everything is going right In your relationship the woman does sum tomfoolery that ends up in a argument between yall. Happiness is an illusion. No woman wants happiness in a relationship 24/7 without drama. That is the God honest truth and if she tells you otherwise she’s lying. Now if she tells you why then you may can trust her

  16. I’m not mad at him but the most important thing to think about is it worth taking a life to destroy your own. There’s going to be consequences when you decide to kill someone.

  17. that must have been some good Vagina.

  18. 1. If you stay away from certain kinds of women — the vanity worshippers in particular — you’ll have less of these kind of problems. Just avoid chicks whose whole world is vanity and “attention”.

    2. Sadly, most black women worldwide are like that, but fortunately, if you live in the west, there’s a whole world of women beyond black.

    3. No one but a white man can trust a light-skinned black woman in a third-world country (and even they have to be very careful).

  19. Dude you sacrificed your freedom for a ho? You big dummy. She dead, you going to jail and ol boy getting another chick to twerk for him.

  20. Men you dont control women period, relationships are boring and controlling

  21. Rolanda Thomas

    @sun storm: This is unfortunate.
    I have many female friends with aggressive and possessive men and they all are wild when they get out in public.
    It’s like girl, he is gonna KILL you at some point, maybe u should leave. Never leave, just get beat and repeat. They won’t accept advice or’s crazy
    Idk if it’s the financial security of having a man that keeps them but it’s sad af.

    Not ALL Black or African men/women behave like this. There are good men and smart women, this is just percentage

  22. I bet she won’t do that again. 😉

  23. Is the a$$ worth all that? Your freedom? Your life? Certainly it was for him and a lot of others, but not me. Sorry, I would’ve let him have it if she was that into him

  24. True definition of a bitch ass man.. if your feelings are that hurt, leave her.

  25. Just break up with her and let her be. Not worth going to jail over and having this stuff on your conscious. Just find someone who has the same values as you do. Let thots thot and go find you a good woman. Ruining your life acting crazy

  26. @Monica Blue: Shut that sh’t up. Stop making everything a black thing. That’s a ignorant thing to do and it makes you sound like a bigot.

  27. When twerking goes bad😂… on another note she was thick tho…

  28. females be knowing these guys be crazy and still continue to stay with them..

  29. That’s what niggger culture is ALL ABOUT! Violence, twerking, drugs, fatherlessness, illiteracy and what else…….

  30. @Space_slave: A lot of women bore easily. They can always count on a crazy [email protected] to keep drama on deck. Stability isnt appealing to a women, until she understands the endgame of it.

  31. @Rainman: Suck my nigger dick

  32. Lesson taught. Lesson learned.

  33. Omg 😱 that poor woman. And then he was pulling her braids like yeah I did that I did that…. what the fuck….. he recorded it too

  34. Women do just as bad when men are caught so why the double standard? I never agree with violence as a response to cheating or mistrust,but too many women CONDONE violence when women are emotionally hurt by men🙄

  35. The only good nigg~r is a dead one!

  36. Carla Robinson Perry

    Very Sad and Unbelievably Crazy, R.I.H.P. YOUNG SISTA 🌹🕊

  37. Black Christians Are Cooons

    One less christian cooon

  38. The comment section is full of disgust and I typically like to read the comments , just for those others point of views or for the humor of it . But my goodness …. the hate is real . How can u hate another person u dont know that bad ? How can u wake up and be happy with a heart full of hate ? Jus sad this world is evil , this I know but damn …

  39. giggitygiggity

    Proof that there are some races who do come from monkeys. Not going to say who

  40. @giggitygiggity: That would be white people my neanderthal friend. Now kindly shut ya bitch ass dick suckers and think before you speak your royal honkiness

  41. Oh well…..stop being a thot

  42. Thats what niggres do

  43. What did he expect tho? I’m sure that’s how he met her. These new niiggaz be lame asf over some pussy.

  44. @loveyoubaby: And honkeys dont do the same? You do know of a thing call white on white crime right dumb ass?

  45. Some of the comments are more disturbing then the actual video… You have white men who don’t speak for their entire race commenting the usual monkey and animal stuff and you have black men who feel she deserves it because she’s a alleged whore… That could be your family member… Would they have deserved it… And to the Caucusian men didn’t you once reside in the Caucus mountains… People helped you to become civilized and your thanks was going from country to country robbing, raping and claiming land that was already inhabited… That sounds kind of animalistic if you ask me… Oh I forgot about the first instance of germ warfare with the blankets infected by small pix and other diseases…

  46. Sinister Soggy 🥪

    All sluts need a bullet in the
    a s s

  47. Whites are from monkeys and are born with tails some times.

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