Good Morning America: Jacob Blake said asphyxiation of George Floyd on his mind

Blake appeared on GMA/ABC News

Jacob Blake gave interview to GMA 

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NEW YORK — While sedentary in a wheelchair, Jacob Blake appeared on “Good Morning America” that aired Thursday where he gave his first interview since he was shot and partially paralyzed by a white cop back in August. If you recall, Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey shot Jacob seven times in the back after he opened the driver’s door of his SUV. Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley recently decided Sheskey won’t face charges, saying he fired in self-defense. Jacob, a 29-year-old black man, said he thought about George Floyd prior to the shooting. He spoke with GMA’s Michael Strahan.

“I resisted to getting beat on,” Jacob explained. “What I mean by that is not falling, not letting them put their [knee] on my neck. That’s all I was thinking.” Jacob’s two children, who were in the backseat, witnessed the shooting. “I said ‘Daddy loves you no matter what,'” he recounted.

“I thought it was going to be the last thing I said to them. Thank God it wasn’t.”

“I didn’t want to be the next George Floyd. I didn’t want to die,” he added

Law enforcement officials believe Jacob was armed with a knife.

Watch the interview and graphic footage of the shooting.

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  1. Dude is a scumbag criminal and child rapist and the media made him out to be some kind of hero.

  2. He was fighting the cops then went to get a knife that was discovered in his car

  3. this dude is so full of sh!t

  4. The Media and Leftists like to make heroes out of these thugs and criminals.

  5. Jacob Blake aka no walker aka free wheelin aka ol severed spinal aka spinal tap aka ima put spinners on my chair aka I won’t be able to throw the first pitch but I’ll give the commemorative first lap

  6. DontBanFreeThinkers MexicanPerspective

    Obey the law

  7. Grumpelstiltskin

    Funny they didnt think to interview the officers who did everything they could to avoid shooting a man, including wrestling with him on the ground when they saw he had a knife…no, lets interview the career criminal and his POS race baiting attorney..

  8. Horrible interview👎👎👎

  9. No accountability whatsoever from Jacob Blake. Like dude c’mon 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. Every white man is racist according to this man. He was shot because he didn’t listen to officers commands. I would do the same if I were the officer. I would listen to the officer if I were the offender.

  11. Only injustice is he is still alive!

  12. All I hear is “VICTIM VICTIM VICTIM” 😴😴

  13. So a thug who stole from and hurt his baby momma multiple times has her call police on him. Then he gets angry with the police as he tries to steal her rental car and he admits he fought and “dropped his knife.” – Maybe be nicer to police and women and obey law enforcement. – Maybe dont pull weapons on police. – Maybe be a real person who respects others and doesn’t attack them? #mommateach

  14. Courtney McGregor

    Dude not right for not complying but 7 times through the dude’s back isn’t justified either and i hate people saying its his fault he got shot but ignoring him getting shot 7 times was excessive or not which i think is the point here…and the lawyer saying the cop acted on how he was trained??? Damn so what woulda happened if he was actually facing you?

  15. KennyGman Waters

    I love all the motherfuckers in the comments justifying the police shooting a man 7 times in the back at close range! How much more fucked up can people get? Regardless of what the dude was guilty of, do y’all think he deserved this and the cops getting off scot-free? What must we do to the children of our slave masters!!!

  16. Comply and you will be fine. Don’t comply that’s when shit hits the fan. You choose your faith.

  17. Shelonda Montgomery

    His lawyer should have advised him against this interview because it will likely hurt his civil lawsuit.

  18. Jacob blake resisted arrest , he couldnt just stop and listen to them, he knew what he was doing, got what he deserved. Funny how him walking away got him shot and now he cant walk away no more !

  19. # itaintthatserious #

    Boo fucking hoo. Another criminal not obeying police orders and pays the consequences. Where’s BLM when black officers are killed in the line of duty? Where’s BLM when innocent black children are killed in drive-by shootings? Oh that’s right… they’re not pos like Jake and the like.

  20. I understand he resist arrest in the past …but that doesn’t justify getting shot seven times…I’m trying to figure out where in the video was the cop life in danger, where he had to shoot him seven times??

  21. Michael Strahan with the interrogation questions.

  22. His story isn’t making a lot of sense.

  23. In Blake’s mind, you can threaten your baby momma with a knife, ignore police commands, fight with the cops, then climb into a car full of kids while holding a knife and not expect something bad to happen. Police brutality is a thing, but this is not an example of it.

  24. Congratulations to Michael Strahan for keeping a straight face. Oh, and also for listening to total BS and never asking a follow up question. Keep cashing those checks brother!

  25. Tremendous fail by the media. Tried to make this guy look like the victim. Got to be honest Michael. Liked you better when you were sacking quarterbacks

  26. His ex-girlfriend suffered 8 years of mental, physical and sexual abuse… and he gets on Good Morning America.


  28. Not sure if Jacob was high at the time of the incident his recollection seems shady but 7 shots to the back seems excessive.

  29. Fat Little Freak

    GMA you are disgusting, this guy sexually assaulted women and put his kids lives in danger. Its unfortunate what happened but he caused this whole situation. I dont feel sorry for him. Please stop trying to divide the country with BS interviews like this.

  30. So are we the tax payers paying for that wheelchair and his rehabilitation.. I hope we ain’t.

  31. omg bull fuckin shit! This guy is trying to say he never heard police saying anything to him ever, from the start of the incident ? Whatever! Didn’t know why they wanted to arrest him? Whatever! Carrying a knife when he is already on probation for Assault, and there is a warrant out for his arrest, but he didn’t know why police were there? Anyone who believes this is an idiot! I feel sorry for his children!

  32. You put a known criminal on tv and treat him like the victim? What a backwards world we live in. Did the world forget he was “Breaking The Law” so the cops were called???? If he was a normal person with a normal job he would be running right now!!! PATHETIC!!!!!!!

  33. The cops who shot him are hero’s

  34. Even in the friendliest and most appealing light, Jacob blake comes off as a piece of shit, was kidnapping those kids in a stolen vehicle, fought police when they tried to arrest him, pulled a knife, and officers still only shot him when he tried to get into the vehicle again.

  35. The girlfriend had a restraining order against him. GMA should have shown the whole video that shows the police telling him to drop knife the whole time.

  36. Shit bag. Sexual assault and domestic violence.

  37. Spent that GoFundMe money on a good wheelchair lol

  38. This man is and was a damn criminal before this happened, fought cops and had a knife, dropped it and picked it back up, already had a restraining order that he was violating AT THE TIME….and he doesn’t understand why this happened? Get this thug off our screens and quit making him out to be a damn hero. Shame on all you POS, race baiting fake news outlets.

  39. So this fool admits to having a knife. This fool fights with cops drops his knife while fighting cops gets up off a cop picks knife up and was goin to put on floor board of car and then give up? Wtf lmfao really. Not supposed to be there in first place girlfriend is the one who called cops cause ur dumb ass was there and im suppose to feel sorry for you….? OH HELL NO i call that…… KARMA.

  40. Resisting arrest… by having them put their hands on my neck??? WHAT… listen I hate the fact that he was shot I really do but don’t twist what really happened! Police arrived and he resisted by not obey directions from police. He had a warrant, next course of action is arresting him!
    He admits he resisted and had a weapon!

  41. Jeffrey Greenwood

    Dude Strahan has to be Street wise enough to know this dude’s bullshiting him man! Fucking saddens me to see Strahan be part of this misrepresenting interview. Always liked him I know he’s a good dude! SMH

  42. jamesrichardson63

    Jacob in this video has had several months to develop a false dramatic account of that incident. So dramatic to sound like a victim of police brutality. It is all bullshit, every word. Most of it is a lie. President Biden used this incident to claim police brutality and to gain the black vote which was successful. Now at present time- mid January 2021 we ALL know Jacob is a criminal… oh …and Biden is as well.

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