Hero Video: Black police officer Eugene Goodman confronted angry White mob

Goodman saved the day/Twitter

A black officer confronted mob. 

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WASHINGTON — Police officer Eugene Goodman has received several pats on the back in conjunction with a distinguished American guerdon after he took on a rabble of predominant White rioters at the United States Capitol on January 6th. Goodman, who’s African American, confronted the bloodthirsty mobsters in the marble halls of the Capitol building after they barged in wielding Confederate flags, weapons and firearms. Given his ethnicity, Goodman showed some big cojones.

They could’ve lynched his black ass.

As expected, the entire ordeal was captured on video. Raw footage shows Goodman holding back dozens of rioters as he retreated up a flight of stairs to lure them away from the Senate chambers where panicky lawmakers took shelter. Police officials said Goodman’s exertion likely preempted bloodshed.

Now he’s being hailed a hero. On Thursday, a bipartisan group of legislators revealed plans to give Goodman a Congressional Gold Medal — arguably the most prestigious award a civilian can garner in the United States. A total of five people died during the insurrection, including a police officer.

Had it not been for the heroics of Goodman, there would’ve been more casualties.

Watch disturbing footage of the raid.

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  1. Thank you Officer Goodman. He put his life at risk to save American democracy. If it wasn’t for his quick thinking and morality, things could have gotten worse.

  2. That man deserves a medal, a promotion, and a bonus check

  3. He deserves a medal of freedom! I wouldn’t accept one from Trump though. It would diminish the honor.

  4. He’s afraid but was in total control. Amazing composure. Hero!

  5. OMG that officer deserves a medal, promotion and a raise!! He was playing rope-a-dope with these idiots, and helped save our democracy!! I bet those rioters feel stupid now, which is all the better.

  6. Dude deserves a medal.

  7. Politicians only like cops when they are the ones being protected.

  8. mowliid xassan muxumed

    I hope the process ends peacefully. Joe Beden He is the president who will protect the people and the country ilove america 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 and you

  9. Staged by the left for the left to capitalize on for more security around D.C. so their corrupt asses can be protected…just like 9/11. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Most DemoRAT voters are to stupid to realize who they vote for.

  10. Black folks believe in that American flag a lot more than “some”.

  11. If they were Black Lives Matter he would have opened fire

  12. Brave, smart officer. God Bless him.

  13. nightawaitsusall

    Use your enemies psychology against them. They sought to put fear in that man’s heart out of weakness. He sensed it and played into it. In the end it was a ploy he used to lead them away.

  14. Thank you Officer Eugene Goodman. You are a true hero!!!!!!

  15. Kathryne Bouchor


  16. Goodman is a hero indeed. Who filmed this?

  17. Y’all believe this!!!! Ok ,what about the camera guy ! Very well done.They all deserve an Emmy

  18. Gerald Harmeyer

    All Bullshit

  19. Why do we have black men killed on their own front porches over suspicion of a weapon and you see this Capitol attack happening and officers haven’t even drawn their weapons while under attack? That is the embodiment of racism in policing.

  20. Adoption: Standard Wereschnauzer

    Old Barbershop Black Guy: ” He good, he real good!”
    Old Barbershop black Guy #2 ” Yeah, good and terrible.”

  21. Why didnt he pull out the glock? He looks in danger to me.

  22. Lol… Really? Whos holding the camera? I don’t believe this crap. Totally staged

  23. This is fake af

  24. Antifa and BLM burned America all summer just for those with selective memory let me remind you the average American has not forgot. Have a peaceful day and remember violence is never the answer 😉

  25. All I seen was one man and 10 media/ people with cameras behind him. Also why is there a camera man filming the whole thing behind the policeman? Staged…….

  26. Wait, what happened to defund the police?

  27. Good old HYPOCRITICAL DEMOCRATS… 8 months of DEFUND THE POLICE saying cops are bad and they should dismantle ALL police departments…..
    the police officers are being called heros, you left wingers really need to pick a side and stay there.
    By the way UNARMED “WHITE WOMAN ” KILLED BY POLICE where are the protests and riots for her? Why is no one demanding justice?

  28. No doubt brave man…balls of steel…

  29. This man is a hero. He saved a lot of people that day. Those guys could’ve gone into that chamber and killed those people or taken hostages. It take a huge amount courage to do what he did. Bc they could’ve very easily swarmed him and beat him until he died. Respect to this man.

  30. I personally would have shot them outta fear for my life 😉but thats just me

  31. I nominate Officer Eugene Goodman for the Congressional Medal of Honor for police officers, for Courage above and beyond the call of duty in the face of an angry white mob. I would like to meet Mr. Goodman and shake his hand, now there is a Patriot!

  32. Amazing how a camera man just happened to be there to capture it all. Scripted

  33. Cheryl Jeffries

    that Police Officer deserves the highest medal that can be given by the United States like the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That man saved countless lives, thinking of others before himself. At any time the insurrectionists could have tried taking him hostage. The police forces NEED more men like Eugene Goodman. God Bless you, Mr. Goodman, you are most assuredly a hero!

  34. Baron Boyscout

    He was in a terrible situation. What is worse is that he’ll be remembered for running away from protestors up those stairs. It doesn’t matter who tries to spin this.

  35. it is also clear that officer Goodman is also following his camera man … Goodman is taking his ques and following whoever is taking the video … someone knew what they were doing … Goodman is a good man … so is the camera man …

  36. It was clearly staged! The mob could’ve easily overpowered 1 officer but they were instructed not to, only act like it. The officer is NO hero, he’s part of the swamp!

  37. That officer was brilliant. Even a hillbilly like me can see that.

  38. first token black man used to make a fake sick political statement

  39. Absolutely planned.

  40. I’m proud he is BLACK

  41. So he nearly led them to the Senate chamber? Why is there a cameraman behind him the whole time? Why so many photographers walking around with the cops at the end of the video? This looks weird.

  42. mudfossil student

    Give me a break. He is no hero…he was letting them in ..hell other cops was waving people into the building.. people are so naive

  43. Working out for Jesus

    Wow. BS.
    Tell you what i see. I see a fake cop leading “protesters” up the stairs. No gun drawn!? If that were me I would have tazed the first guy. And then draw my weapon on anyone else coming forward- i would shoot the leg(s) if anyone came forward at me, this is the CAPTIOL, defend it! Someone was shot in the HEAD. This isn’t my solution but shoot the leg?? At least.

    That cop in the capitol was paid off.

  44. Thank goodness for Mr. Goodman’s heroic action. I noticed he pushes the guy because the guy had glanced over to the open room. By pushing him he broke the guy’s attention to the room so he didn’t head that way. Had Mr. Goodman not face them and lead absolutely the surrentionists would have broken up and been all over the place. Mr. Goodman is a hero.

  45. Thank God for Him🙌🙌🙌‼️

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