President Trump pardoned 143 convicts ‘including’ his favorite rapper Lil Wayne

Trump pardons Lil Wayne/Twitter

Lil Wayne gets Trump pardon. 

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MIAMI — Looks like Lil Wayne won’t serve a decade behind bars after all. That’s because President Donald Trump has decided to make the embattled lyricist a notable beneficiary of a presidential pardon before his successor, Joe Biden, officially takes office. Last December, Weezy (né Dwayne Michael Carter) pled guilty in Miami Federal Court to illegally carrying a loaded, gold-plated handgun during a peripatetic commute to Florida on a private plane 12 months prior. Because he’s a convicted felon, Weezy was lookin’ at a maximum of 10 years in the penitentiary. He dodged a bullet, figuratively speaking.

“Your honor, I plead guilty to the charge,” the 38-year-old artist told the judge.

Weezy is an avid backer of President Trump so the push for clemency is hardly a surprise. If you recall, the twosome once posed together for a photo op and Weezy endorsed Trump in the final days preceding the 2020 presidential election. The Commander-in-Chief also lauded the “Lollipop” rapper as a community activist, calling him a “really nice guy.” Weezy was the target of vitriol for supporting Trump, with many fans labeling him a “sellout.” But kissing ass has its benefits and that includes manumission.

In addition to Weezy, Trump pardoned 142 convicts and many are African American.

Do you still think he’s racist?

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  1. So a president can just pardon whoever? Murderer, rapist, it don’t matter?

  2. He should pardon C murda

  3. If Rump is pardoning Lil Wayne, best believe he did not do it for free. Rump needs money to pay off his loans and upcoming legal fees.

  4. Amerikkka is a business and every move they make is a business move, trump isn’t dumb he’s keeping his connections strong, he did however pardon some people that were victims of unfair drug laws in the beginning of his term

  5. Michael Wilkerson

    He shouldn’t need a pardon in the first place! His 2nd amendment right gives him that. Even if he is a felon it shouldn’t take your 2nd amendment right away. He is being infringed upon. Honestly he is a millionaire and really does need to carry, people would try to rob him all the time if he wasn’t. Felon gun laws gotta change.

  6. First Trump will pardon his family and close associates who kissed his 🐖. I doubt he will issue it on black folks. We will see.

  7. Democrats want us disarmed and defenseless

  8. Everything is for sale. This should not indict little Wayne but rather open eyes into politics. If a man can openly ignore genocide and racism for self interest and has kids, how real do you think the process is on both sides?

  9. Free Joe Exotic

  10. Every president pardons a ton of people on the way out the door. I wanna see who is on this list of pardons though. We will all be surprised by the celebrities on here…

  11. TomSmithIsBackAgain

    @Prime time: That’s right.. Barry’s favorites were embezzlers and general degenerate druggies (coke, meth, weed) distribution/import/export.

    And oh by the way, Barry pardoned Bryan Scot Sandquist for “Felon in possession of a firearm”… the same thing that Bobo Wayne may be pardoned for

  12. Rafer Singleton

    kiss enough cheetoass you get a pardon.

  13. SteelWarriorOne

    Plan worked to perfection.

  14. ♥Sugar&Spice♥

    Thank God!

  15. I absolutely love that Lil Wayne is a Trump voter. He knows whatsss upp

  16. Brother Ashanti ✔™

    President Trump take care of people who take care of him.
    We’ll miss his leadership in the Oval Office.

  17. Shows what clout and money will do!

  18. Well played Lil Wayne…

  19. This ugly n!gglette junkie trash should be killed, tied to the back of a pickup hitch, set on fire and dragged around New Orleans until his body falls apart.

  20. thats why he plead guilty so fast. lil wayne is a smart man. life is all about who u know. not what u know

  21. There should be a valid written 5-page at least explanation paper that needs to be submitted and approved by Congress in order for a president to pardon someone. Otherwise a president can just abuse his power and pardon anyone like Trump is doing right now

  22. Chema ChakMo'ol

    Paying top dollar for pardons. Money def going to Trumps lawyer fees lol

  23. @BLACK_ONE®: The founding fathers never could have imagined that a POS grifter like Trump could have been elected to office. They assumed (wrongly of course) that the American people had more sense.

  24. Breakfast 4 Dinner

    All of these pardons are ridiculous.

  25. Shawn Connolly

    The only pardon I know is a old way of saying excuse me = pardon me 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  26. Good for Weezy

  27. Deff knew lil wayne had an agenda 👁 take a couple pics and post them with a statement vs 10 years 🤔 c’mon now who wouldn’t to possibly stay free?

  28. Artistic Genius

    Trump is an amazing person!😁 Weird how a white supremacy leader will help out a black man. Hope this wakes some people up.

  29. RatchetPatrick

    Lil Wayne deserves the pardon. He has been a sellout to black people for years.

  30. @Breakfast 4 Dinner: Yup… it shows how corrupted the man is and how he only surrounds himself with criminals

  31. @liquidnut: Get off that junkie c00ns dick already. Damn lol

  32. man i’m a big fan of lil wayne i can’t lie but trump is such a piece of shit and is only president for personal reasons.

  33. He had a firearm, Coke, Codeine, Heroin yes Heroin, oxycodone….. any regular person would get SMOKED for sure!!! I felt from the beginning he wasn’t doing any time…had a weird feeling….hope he gets the pardon and Trump dosen’t pull the okie doke on him

  34. It’s gonna cost him A Milli

  35. Can I get a pardon? I don’t need one or anything. But like..always good to have a get outta jail free card.

  36. Pardon everyone.

    Of course no one wants to work with Trump. His name has become a symbol of hate.

  38. Worst news of 2021. I’ve been wanting Wayne to pay ever since he said “He beat that pussy up like Emmett Till”. Disrespectful punk should rot in prison

  39. He should pardon that $2k stimulus check!!

  40. Can we all stop with the Trump is racist BS now.

  41. Trump still racist asf
    Don’t let him fool y’all ass

  42. Guess all that steppin and fetchin paid off for LIl Wayne

  43. Darrell Williams

    Trumps little bitches

  44. erin zephaniah

    Should’ve pardoned bill Cosby and r kelly and Larry hoover

  45. TRump trying to collect points from the black community for his future politics! Pretty straight forward!

  46. Kenioni Malupo


  47. Emerald Emerald

    He only pardoned people who paid him . DUH.

  48. 10 years for illegally carrying a gun!? WTF! I’ve seen people getting a lot less for killing

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