Joe & Kamala’s reign begins

Biden sworn in as president/Getty Images

Biden officially president #46. 

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WASHINGTON — It’s official. Donald Trump is out. Joe Biden is in. The 78-year-old Democrat was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday and the ceremony transpired on the West Front of the United States Capitol, the same rostrum that was raided by pro-Trump insurrectionists 14 days ago. Biden removed his mask, raised his right hand in the air then placed his left palm on a family bible as Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts conducted the swear-in ritual.

Vice President Kamala Harris, 56, was sworn in by Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor — becoming the first black woman to hold the position. Biden and Harris took their oaths in front of a star-studded audience that included quondam President Barack Obama, whilom First Lady Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga (who performed the “Star-Spangled Banner”), Jennifer Lopez (who performed a mélange of flag-waving hits that included “This Land is Your Land”), poet Amanda Gorman (who captured the moment with “The Hill We Climb”), former Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton, John Legend and Garth Brooks.

Rev. Dr. Silvester Beaman delivered the benediction.

There were also 25,000 National Guard Troops on hand who, according to Chief Daniel Hokanson, were “trained and ready for anything” including insurgents. Trump, the first to get impeached twice, snubbed the event — becoming the only president since Richard Nixon to miss his successor’s inauguration.

Trump did, however, wish his rival the best of luck during his final remarks. “I will tell you the future of this country has never been better,” he said. “I wish the new administration great luck and great success. I think they’ll have great success. They have the foundation to do something really spectacular.”

Are you ready for Biden and Harris?

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  1. The great United States of America.
    Finally the beginning of the end … Harris/Biden will take us on a path that will cause destruction of the American wealth.

    The democrats told America what they will do?
    The great American people elected Biden.
    Now we all who didn’t vote for Biden also will have to suffer.
    God says” what you sow is what you reap”
    The American people want SOCIALISM to take over! HARRIS/BIDEN is just the start.

  2. I don’t know if Biden will be that much better than Trump. But I’m sure that if Trump had been re-elected, this country would never get together.

  3. Why did lady gaga and j lo perform 😂 everything is so holly wood in America.

  4. Here we go again! Another dose of “If we all unite, we will be the greatest country on Earth”, happy horse sh*t. And Garth Brooks sings amazing grace, so now we are all saved! This is not a message of unity and salvation, this is yet another episodic change of puppets in the elephant vs donkey saga of political theater. I have nothing against “feeling good” however to demand that the world must change, that we must eliminate anything that could cause us to “feel bad”, or have to deal with any dark realities, before we can have a sense of peace, is unrealistic. Take this for what it is, and don’t let it distract you, be responsible for your own state of being, be your own authority.

  5. Good luck, Mr. President.

  6. Amanda Gorman: What an incredible young woman 💜

  7. This is a disgusting moment in American history

  8. Dopey Joe!!!!
    Kamy toe

  9. Finally,the nightmare is OVER.. GOOD LUCK MR BIDEN!!

  10. Covid doesn’t exist now, right libtards?

  11. Wolf Alpha 900

    Well people, get ready for…nothing to change.
    Sure, the media will act like things are changing. Instead of reporting poisonings, suicides, heart attacks, and other non-Covid deaths as Covid deaths, the numbers will plummet. Joe “The Great Unifier” saved us from the virus!
    Instead of actual coverage of domestic terrorists like BLM, crime reporting will plummet and Joe “The Great Unifier” will have stopped the crime wave!
    Rather than using non-sourced, unverified approval numbers, his approval rating will skyrocket. Joe “The Great Unifier” will be the highest-approved president of the century!
    Rather than demand NATO nations pay their share, America will be back to carrying the team economically and bending over for nations a tenth of our size. Joe “The Great Unifier” restored our relationship with our allies!
    Rather than using our own natural resources, we’ll lose any shot at independence from Middle Eastern oil. Joe “The Great Unifier” will have saved the environment!
    Rather than stand up to a nation that committed an act of biological warfare on the entire world, we’ll be back to kissing up to China and expanding their job market rather than ours. Joe “The Great Unifer” will be the peacemaker of the age!
    Enjoy keeping your heads in the sand while it lasts. Joe “10% for the Big Guy” doesn’t give a crap about you.

  12. The sheer amount of troops protecting biden here makes it seem like a totalitarian coup… just me?

  13. Economic collapse soon

  14. I give him maybe 3 years before he can’t continue on and they rush Kamala Harris in as president. Going to be scary but let’s hope these next few years goes well and I am proven wrong. Reading the comments and seeing these dumb uneducated Biden sheep arguing and insulting already is laughable when Biden is preaching about coming together and showing respect to each other. This just proves in itself nothing changes, just a new puppet on stage and a lot of you idiots buy into it. Same thing with Trump. All of them are shady as shit.

  15. If only we could live up to all of this pomp and pageantry!

  16. they all look so swag

  17. RIP America

  18. William Skelton

    What a joke

  19. Lady gaga’s singing is a bit pitchy.

  20. Mike Pence thinking as Kamala Harris takes oath: that could of been me again… but noooooooo i had to run with the orange clown.

  21. SATANS CALLBOY made it into the white house, the beginning of civil war in the usa

  22. I’m shocked at how civilized this comment section is

  23. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. America is officially over.

  25. Finally A Real President!!!

  26. Melissa Reddington

    Stolen election.

  27. The media really convinced you idiots into hating trump so bad you voted in someone who actually is so unqualified due to his disabilities. It bothers me the lengths people will go to feed there own ego instead of just accepting they were wrong.

  28. Great another rich old dude as president

  29. The day US democracy died! Sad sad day!

  30. The worst president in America history has officially been replaced. After causing thousands to die, dismantling spy planes, taking money away from climate control communities, ordering the drawdown of nearly all U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, He pardoned war criminals, His reluctance to embrace masks cost lives, He lost a election and then refused to accept the results — or his own responsibility for losing, He discussed imposing martial law at an Oval Office meeting to try to stay in office, he withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, he made the Child Separation Policy, His Use of the Treasury to Line His Own Pockets, His Lies, His Attacks on the Affordable Care Act, using Russia to win the election, and His…and there’s no other way to say it…Racism, he is gone. To be honest, today should be celebrated as National good bye Trump day.

  31. @ethan mariani: No, Satan’s Callboy lost the election. Now he can take his MAGA ass home.

  32. J.Lo was simply fantastic! Great voice! She nailed it! ❤️

  33. Samantha Freesi


  34. Beautiful ❤️.

    With young people like Amanda, there is hope for the world

  35. To President Donald J. Trump supporters , “You have an oath registered in heaven to destroy the United States government, while President Joe Biden shall have the most solemn one to ‘Preserve, Protect and Defend’ it!” CHANGE IS COME TO AMERICA!

  36. I just wanna know who in the meeting said I want J-Lo to sing at this inauguration. 🤦🏾‍♂️
    Beyonce got tired of doing it??
    There was so many more options.

  37. Joe Biden is NOT my President

    I’ve seen hostage videos that were more compelling and convincing than this. This poor man has no idea where he is or what he is doing.

  38. TecTonic Exodus

    Coming from the supporters of anti-fasism through facism! We now bring you…. the thing you’ve all waiting for… fascism shoes!!! 👞👠, This is a one size fits all, once in a lifetime offer. Republicans get a free pair, while democrats can get their second! Don’t miss this chance for everyone to walk in someone else’s shoes and see all sides that are important!

  39. Canishia Sledge

    Now that’s how you sing yass lady gaga 🙌💅

  40. Antoinette Skeens

    Amanda Gorman keep winning! So proud of her & elated that she was the chosen one! #blackexcellence

  41. michelle warner

    Demons on display.

  42. china Joe is a TRAITOR TO AMERICA!

  43. They don’t even try and hide the blatant tier, hunger games system, look at gaga. The only spectators at the ‘capital’ were the troops.

  44. Fuck you Biden.

  45. Michael Wilson


  46. I am deeply concerned for our children and the generations to come.
    Biden is just a portal for the devils behind him. I don’t think he will make the four years. Than the real trouble starts….. I wonder if there will be a civil war… 😬

  47. This was a stolen election and everyone with 1/2 brain knows it. This isn’t America. We have a “president” that was installed and not voted in by the people. We have massive fraud in our election system by the Democraps and the corrupt media. Where’s the investigation into Stacey Abrams’ sister who’s a Judge in GA and didn’t recuse herself? Why was ballot harvesting permitted and illegal drop boxes allowed? Why did some states disregard the constitution allowing governors and judges to change their state’s election laws? Where’s all the investigation into the countless illegal votes in the numerous states that suddenly and in concert stopped the counting? How do we have so many “over votes”? Meaning ie. 139% turnout?! How do we have thousands of deceased people voting? Why wasn’t there signature verification? Why weren’t the votes thrown out that were submitted by underage voters and illegal aliens? Why were Republican poll watchers denied access to meaningfully observe? Why wasn’t Ruby Presley Turner and daughter, Tera Jay taken into to custody and questioned in GA about their suspicious actions recorded in TWO different incidents during the election? Why wasn’t the guy in CO who recorded himself ripping up Trump ballots taken in for questioning? His name is Dale Harrison. Glad the woman in TX was arrested thanks to wonderful AG Paxon but we need more than that to fix this corrupt system. Go educate yourself and stop being sheep lead to slaughter. The corrupt MSM aided and abetted in this coup and now we have this illegitimate administration. If you choose to be uninformed you’re just as guilty. No one will ever convince me corrupt Biden won 81M votes from 509 counties, more votes than Hill and Obama all while campaigning from his basement with his inability to form a coherent thought LOL And btw, how you liking those gas prices? Welcome to the Great Reset. Are you awake yet?

  48. Beijing Biden cheated his way in.

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