Lifetime’s “Salt-N-Pepa” biopic is super emotional, both had problems with men

Salt-N-Pepa went through hell/

Salt-N-Pepa is dramatic & sad. 

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NEW YORK — “Push it real good!” Here’s all you need to know about Lifetime’s “Salt-N-Pepa” biopic: Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton achieved hip-hop stardom while studying at Queensborough Community College and working at Sears as telemarketers alongside “House Party” stars Kid ‘n Play and comedian Martin Lawrence. Neither Salt or Pepa aspired to become rappers. They were cajoled by Salt’s boyfriend — Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor — who went on to become the group’s producer. “The truth is the truth,” Salt, 54, told the New York Times.

“[Hurby] started out being my boyfriend. Being an artist was something that he embodied and transferred over to us. … I didn’t know how to sing. I didn’t play an instrument. When hip-hop came along, it was an opportunity to realize something that I was passionate about — and that was through Hurby.”

Pepa, 54, echoed a similar sentiment. “When Hurby felt that I was the one that will be Pepa, I was thrown in the studio,” she recounted. “Hurby had his vision. He wanted it said, done — this kind of way and no other way. I had a difficult time in the beginning, jumping on the beat. Finally, I got it.”

The occupational adage “don’t mix business with pleasure” reared its ugly head throughout the film. Hurby cheated on Salt multiple times and he treated Pepa like a red-headed stepchild. The ladies were granted contractual manumission when a judge ruled Hurby no longer had proprietorship of the group.

Contrary to public opinion, DJ Spinderella (né Deidra Roper) didn’t belong. The 49-year-old disc jockey was a mooching landfill of time and money. Spinderella added nothing in terms of pecuniary value which is ironic because she sued Salt-N-Pepa in July 2019 — claiming she was owed unpaid royalties.

The trio ended up settling out of court but that didn’t deter Spinderella from lambasting the movie, saying she was disappointed to learn “a decision was made to move forward with a Lifetime biopic that wrongfully excluded me from every aspect of development and production all the while using my image throughout, given that I played an integral role in the group’s story and success.”

Salt, who suffered from bulimia, and Pepa both fostered shoddy taste in men and their mare’s nest was exacerbated by ill-advised deeds of gestation. The latter encountered domestic abuse under the hardcore despotism of her ex-husband, “Naughty By Nature” rapper Treach. Their relationship became so tempestuous, Pepa tried to lacerate her own wrist. Barbaric acts, however, were purposely omitted to safeguard Treach’s image. Word on the street claims he beat her ass every time the sun came up.

“Nothing was off-limits,” Pepa explained. “In the movie, I didn’t just want to focus on the negative things between us. I wanted to be fair to [Treach] and show that despite the bad, he was a good guy too.”

Lastly, Salt-N-Pepa’s 1993 hit single “None of Your Business” was deemed temerarious by critics who felt the lyrics disseminated an insouciant message to young girls who idolized the group.

Lifetime’s “Salt-N-Pepa” is a 3-hour biopic produced by Queen Latifah and directed by Mario Van Peebles.

G.G. Townson plays Salt and Laila Odom portrays Pepa.

Blog King’s Rating: 3 out of 5 popcorn bags


  1. I’m disappoint in Salt and Pepa they not include Spin at all in the movie. Salt and Pepa is a group means Salt, Pepa and Spin.

  2. Pepper has never been this small lol

  3. This movie was awful,awful. Spinderella dodged a bullet on this one.

  4. Maybe it was the acting that threw me off… trying to figure out where they missed it.

  5. After watching The New Edition docu movie these stories on these celebrity lives have to do better…. this was horrible. I just wanted to give Mario Van Peeples a shot. Plus I wanted them to get the views.

  6. Cutie Millatti

    Maaaann I watched this movie all those hours and it sucked.

  7. Richard Bishop

    First of all where was Spenderella ? If they gonna do a movie about a true story than it should’ve been all the members and better actors and better people to look like salt and pepper lol

  8. Ruthless Lover

    Blog King you trippin dog…….. Spinderella was valuable to the group. She mixed their records and helped with music composition. She deserves more credit than what you are giving her.

  9. Terrible acting…

  10. Antonio Holmes

    The homie Treach is a pure Legend. I hope his portrayal was false

  11. Shayla Washington

    The movie could have been much better, they should have put more into it & even though they have their issues with Spin, they should have included her in this she was a part of them

  12. Watching a Salt-N-Pepa movie without Spinderella is like eating macaroni with no cheese.

  13. blog king quit hatin on my girl spinderella

  14. Sorry, NOT feelin’ this. Much “RESPECT” to Salt ‘N Pepa’ tho’!! Ahem, changed my mind, i enjoyed it alot!! Had to give it a chance!👍🏽👍🏽

  15. For everyone going through something just know that God doesn’t make mistakes,you just have to let him take control. He has a purpose for you and he may still be working through you 🤎 Don’t forget that you’re loved sm and Jesus is coming soon

  16. The lady who played PEPA really was good wow 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  17. Life time fkn up with the wigs

  18. Amazing movie 🎥🍿

  19. Cutie Millatti

    BET should have done this movie. Lifetime be a hit or miss. I remember the Aliyah movie and it was horrible.

  20. So you show Pepa about to slice her wrist 🤔 and didn’t think there should have been a warning before that scene or a helpline number after it…

  21. Spiritual Medium Virgo Goddess Psychic Empath

    I had no idea that pep got pregnant first cause I know she has a daughter by Trench but now after watching this I remember Pepa’s daughter doing a Live interview on The Breakfast Club and if not mistaken I think she mentioned something about having a older brother so now we know ok 🤔

  22. Considering how these two have treated Spinderella the same way Cinderella was treated by her stepsisters, I won’t be watching their biopic.

  23. Not supporting!!! Spinderella wasn’t just the DJ…she produced on ALL of their albums with the exception of Hot Cool Vicious. She was on every album cover, even rapped on almost every album. So that doesn’t sound like she wasn’t an important part of their success.

  24. SALT-N-PEPA!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. I’m so disappointed in Salt and Pepa movie they not let Spin tell her side of story. They left Spin out on everything they do and the only thing Spin do is show up Spin records that not included her as friends/ sisters. I feel like they was using Spin. In the movie Pepa said We don’t need a DJ then my question is Why you hire Spin if you don’t need her so therefore y’all hire her and not included her on anything so therefore Salt
    And Papa USED HER PERIOD. And they are so so wrong for that. Spin need to do her own biopic movie of Lifetime too to tell her side of story. Called DJ Spinderalla from Salt and Papa. Salt and Pepa is one group means Salt, Pepa and Spin.

  26. Spin really needs to get some help. IF they did not show her, she would have been pissed off. People really need to stop entertaining her and her fooliness. YOU are being one-sided, Salt said she reached out to Spin, but she did not respond and I believe Salt. Spin is always the victim. Well she can always tell her OWN story.

  27. Thank you Lifetime I loved this movie and Salt don’t worry you shared enough. 💘 💘 💘 this movie. 🙏🏽💃🏿🖤

  28. Pamela Thigpen


  29. Another fk up from this network…they doing the most to our artists by doing the fkn least. I feel bad with anyone seeing this who either didn’t know or was not really familiar with Salt and Peper. They’re getting robbed of the whole experience. This does the group no justice. Neither does leaving out Spinderella. Recent problems don’t take away her presence from the past…. 😡

  30. Learningisfree

    what do you people not understand spinderella was not a group member, she was one of the 3 djs Salt and Peppa had over the years.

  31. Love Salt 💘

  32. Always Blessed

    No Salt N Pepa without Spinderella 😠 their Salty for this movie without Spinderella 😠

  33. A Shady Queen named Nique

    I agree with Blog King. Salt-N-Pepa was established before Spinderella jr. was apart of the group. She was an employee for the record label. She wasn’t apart of THEIR group. You remember when your parents would make you include your younger sibling? That’s the relationship of SnP & Spin lmao! Let’s be honest when you think of SnP you think of Sandra & Cheryl 🤷🏽‍♀️ and their dj who always inserted herself. She is a legend in her own right however this is SnP biopic

  34. Horrible movie smh cant believe they put this out….Salt is high yellow peppa is brown and both these ladies in the movie are light brown and not to mention the story was hard to even follow i skipped through it

  35. LIFETIME HAS FINALLY CREATED A DECENT BIO/MOVIE!! loved it!1 brought back so many memories!!!

  36. I can’t believe this they should have taken more time with it and they left a lot out of this movie I love salt and pepper but I’m not feeling this movie

  37. Ras Anthony Wiggins

    So Herbie was a piece of crap!

  38. Twizzled Dreamer

    Yo the only dope ass thing is salt pepper Martin Lawrence and kid and play actually all did work at Sears together that’s sooo crazy and dope at the same time cause all 5 of them ended up super successful damn thats crazy

  39. It Is What It Is

    I love Salt n Pepa, but that’s fucked up how they did Spinderella. I can’t wait til her tell all comes out. Oooo it’s about to get even more messy!

  40. I love Salt N’ Pepa!!!💯🤞🏾💖 But this Movie did them no justice.😒 It was so rushed. They left out one of the main characters.💔🥺 It was like the first 2004 chopped and screwed mix, it was a fail!!! 🤷🏾‍♀️😕🤦🏾‍♀️🤔Ijs!!! My Girls, Will Always be the Truth tho, On Me💪🏾💯🤞🏾💖🤗🥰

  41. Who the hell casted Martin Lawrence character lol

  42. They should have gotten an actual lightskin chick to play Salt.
    Cheryl and Sandy were never the same color, never had the same facial features. These actresses look like sisters.
    And the guys playing Kid n Play and Martin Lawrence, that was just tragic.

  43. OhPlease GetoverYourself

    This movie blows. No Spinderella?… and they left out all the good stuff from the early days. They made it more about feminism than about what really happened. total bullsh*t.

  44. Pepa’s actress would make a good kelly rowland in the destiny’s child movie

  45. Victor Mccaskill

    Similar to Heavy D and the boys, things similar to this have been done in the past. Ultimately Spindarella was a big part of Salt & Pepa’s success. She should be honored as such and should be included in any group benefit. As a young kid I always acknowledged her in the back spinning records and always considered them a trio. She also rapped on their tracks. Something tells me it’s the $$$ they have a problem with. Salt and Pepa only has to divide their precedings between them two. In order to make a deal with Spinderella they will have to divide things by 3 and we know how people are about their coin. Salt and Pepa has enjoyed the luxuries of their proceedings with this method. They are accustomed to it and feel like they are the original duo and shouldn’t have to divide it by 3. I hope they will work this out because all it’s doing is putting division between an iconic rap group.

  46. Raynite Corbin

    The Salt and Pepper was movie was great 👍🏽. I love ❤️ it.

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