Super Bowl LV: Poet Amanda Gorman is recognized as special honorary captain

Amanda lands Super Bowl invite/

Amanda Gorman honorary captain. 

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LOS ANGELES — Amanda Gorman recited a kick-ass poem at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Now she plans to do the same at Super Bowl LV. The 22-year-old poet, who captivated America with “The Hill We Climb,” has been selected as an honorary captain for the February 7th interleague matchup featuring our Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Amanda will participate in the coin toss and she’ll expatiate one of her lyrical oeuvres to honor town heroes Trimaine Davis (a teacher), Suzie Dorner (a nurse) and James Martin (a Marine Corps veteran).

All three busted their asses to help others cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

“The recitation of the poem will air nationally on CBS and be featured in-stadium,​” said an NFL official.

In case you didn’t know, Trimaine proffered technological succor to penurious individuals who aren’t computer savvy. Suzie, who lost her grandparents to COVID-19, worked overtime in her understaffed hospital to nurse debilitated patients. And James did his part to aid disabled veterans.

Like Amanda, they’ll be acknowledged as honorary captains.

“We are honored to recognize these three individuals who represent the best in all of us,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “During this incredibly challenging time in our lives, Trimaine, Suzie and James have exemplified the essence of leadership, each in their own way.”

Do you agree with the NFL’s decision to give Amanda a global platform?

Are league officials placing too much emphasis on social injustice?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Beautiful, talented young lady❤.

  2. Blah blah blah. Waycism

  3. Black Is black strong

    Amazing young lady. If I only had half her talent 😉

  4. none of your f*ckin business

    Hey look….. more BLM propaganda. Enjoy your mind control sheep.

  5. Regulatory Affairs

    Joe Biden is about to show America what a great president Donald Trump was.

  6. Obsessed with her!!!! She’s such an amazing role model for young women of color! So happy. 😭😭🥰

  7. Derrick Braithwaite-Mais

    She’s a breath of fresh air for the new generation.🙏🏿❤️

  8. I love Amanda’s confidence

  9. Amanda Gorman is a true inspiration.

  10. A beautiful human being. A black star 🙏🏿✊🏿✌🏿

  11. America is the greatest country on earth. If you are great, America will praise you. It doesn’t matter you are black or white.

  12. god she is ugly.

  13. God is not Done with this young Lady yet

    She is just getting started

    To God be the Glory

    you keep moving on Queen👑

  14. I’m boycotting the super bowl 🏈.
    You all should too…. boycott all sports and Hollywood….

  15. We now have a president with dementia holding the nuclear codes that’s more into sniffing kids and having them rub his leg that doing work for the country, Ohh, i’m sorry, he just let Males compete in woman’s sports. PATHETIC! That’s asinine and if that hurts some 🌈 person feelings, TO BAD

  16. Joseph Crispin

    Yay! A sexist poem during the Super Bowl.

  17. Affirmative action: real systemic racism

  18. It’s gonna be full of socialist cancel culture unicorn bs

  19. American football and poetry mix well 😒

  20. PropagandaBowl

  21. …And here come the racist jokes by a bunch of womenless, backed up like traffic, idiots. I swear…some of you really need to get laid.

    I wish you nothing but the best young lady. Unfortunately she’s being used as a pawn for the NFL. Nevertheless she’s amazing!

  22. Lots of angry, spiteful racist Whites on this post. Can’t stomach a level playing field,can you? The inner White Supremacy (pseudo white Supremacy that is) in you will not let you tolerate seeing the spotlight shared by someone as great as you. Your inner xenophobia moves you to make the hateful comments you’ve made in this post. My question to you all is how can you have an inner belief in your innate superiority when you fear competition and being outdone by others? I’ll answer that question gladly. It’s because White Supremacy is a myth intended to foster a false sense of superiority in those who espouse it.

  23. Thank God, I thought they were going to allow her to belch out her liberal fantasy dogma during the halftime bump and grind……..

  24. Yay Amanda Gorman! You are a very beautiful and strong woman! Keep up the great work!

  25. Emily Van Heukelom

    She is the dream!! So proud 💜💜💜

  26. What if she was White..or asian or middleasterns.. would she have getting the same publicity?? is it just because she is black.?? because her poem was garbage, nothing special about it..because black people really knows how to promote themselfs 24/7.

  27. rip superbowl

  28. James Anderson

    Just another reason to miss the super bowl

  29. Who cares! This time next Year no one will remember her let alone know who she is. Only reaon she is in the spot light is from riding Biden’s coat tail!

  30. Cringe AF…plus i cant watch due to it being RACSIST..not enough white people working in the NFL and thats against the law..tune out of this dumpster fire america..we are more than just black propaganda id rather watch the dukes of hazard

  31. Ok,,, a poster Child to show Black unity and Identity Politics again !

  32. Big fucking deal

  33. Man, there’s a lot of jealousy-motivated comments! She’s too smart & beautiful for you, get over it! Lol

  34. TikTok being involved with the halftime show now this? 😂 I’m still so confused on why everyone is busting a nut over this woman. Myself and everyone I asked have agreed that she was just mediocre.

  35. That’s Just Crazy Talk

    Another great way to DIVIDE America!!!!!

  36. F the superbowl

  37. Haven’t watched the super bowl in 19 years and couldn’t be happier 😁

  38. Only in white supremacist America could this happen

  39. Come on why can’t sports just be sports keep everything else out of it. Modern day sports continue to get more and more annoying by adding things like this. I just want to watch the SB and halftime show none of this bs

  40. American Marine

    I am a brown skin Muslim US VETERAN, I know white supremacists hates Muslims and everyone else who is not white , they call us terrorists…white supremacists are the biggest terrorists on earth…God bless Amanda Gorman 🙏

  41. Beautiful black Queen and Harvard graduate. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  42. @o0Avalon0o: we dont need bs politics in sports

  43. Moon Pie Face: it’s all racist diatribe

  44. Denise Higgins

    What an amazing young women, I get chills✨💥☀️

  45. As a black mother I AM extremely proud of her GOD GIVEN GIFT. She is a beautiful Black Model. Continue to be

  46. now the super bowl just became political. I wont watch it now. Thanks NFL

  47. Young, gifted and Blessed!! The fact that she is black… the “door opener”, for our young, black women and men to work hard, study hard, stand tall, fight through the challenges and trust your Creator to enable you to break out like Amanda!!
    More Blessings beautiful soul…..It can only get better!!

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