Student Taser Video: White officer tased belligerent black female in the cafeteria

White cop tased black student/YouTube

White cop zaps black student.

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EUSTIS, Florida — Law enforcement officials in Central Florida are catching hell after a White resource officer used his taser on a Black female student in the school cafeteria. The disturbing ordeal transpired in front of dozens of pupils at Eustis High School. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Deputy Billy Brown tackling the brawny chick to the floor after she thwacked him in the countenance multiple times with her fists. The recalcitrant damsel wrestled the officer then rose to her feet to walk away.

Brown warned her to stop, yelling, “Hey, come here!”

Seconds later, he zapped the 15-year-old with 50,000 volts — causing her to collapse.

Sergeant Fred Jones with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office defended Brown.

“This deputy was struck over 18 times total between being on the floor and when he was standing up,” Jones explained. “He used the least amount of force necessary to quell that incident.” 

In a separate scholastic debacle to come out of Florida, Ethan Fournier — a White resource officer at Liberty High School in Osceola County — was caught on video body-slamming 16-year-old Natalie Jackson — a Black female student. The teen hit her head on the concrete so hard, she was sprawled out unconscious for several minutes. Fournier was put on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith is calling for litigation. “I guess I was just shocked and also saddened that this is becoming such commonplace in our public schools that we’re seeing use of force by school resource officers — especially against students of color,” Smith bemoaned.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who’s representing Natalie, echoed a similar sentiment.

“The BRUTALITY of an @OsceolaSheriff deputy body-slamming a student at Liberty HS in Kissimmee FL, hit [her head] so hard on concrete she likely lost consciousness!”  Crump tweeted. “This was NOT a ‘minimal amount of force necessary’ as dictated by the Dept’s use of force policy! We must demand justice!”


What’s going on in Florida?

Watch graphic footage of both incidents.

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  1. GOOD FOR HIM. She needed tased at school and whooped at home. I’m so sick of the disrespect!!! BACKING THE BLUE😃

  2. I think that is so effed up I know the pig cracked her skull that’s a lawsuit and she will have problems they just don’t want to talk about it cuz it’s a full investigation

  3. Black student? Why do u have to include race in this # reverse racism

  4. Officer need 24hr protection after this. He only did his job. I bet 100% it be switched to a race thing by the lowlifes of society.

  5. I think the cop did a good job and my skin color is this 💪🏿 she was punching him in the face, kicking and floundering around, and she didn’t follow his instructions. Best of all, he didn’t murder her or choke her out – and he could have. This could be worse, good job officer.

  6. Big girl down!

  7. ꧁josselin cornejo꧂


  8. So what she threw punches. Well done cop.

  9. Look like to me he was way away from that girl when he shot that gun parents need to look into that I wouldn’t even necessary I think he did it purposely just to try his Tayser

  10. She got tazed cuz she didn’t listen to the officer lol. She did this to herself

  11. Can’t wait for the war against pigs to start

  12. I thank God everyday I have no children in this world. What is happening with the school system? If the kids aren’t being sh.ot at by other kids, they need to avoid being maced body slammed or tazed by school security. 🤯

  13. She could’ve just listened to the cop and this whole thing could’ve been avoided. Poor police officer

  14. Why are cops so afraid of kids? Maybe if you’re that scared of everything you shouldn’t be a cop.

  15. @wendigo 6660: Attila the hun was a kid once too.

  16. The cop said he couldn’t get her to stop? Looked like he got a decent amount of distance right before he lit her up…

  17. President Elect CoCo The Monkey

    Oooo she thick, took 2 cartridges to bring that chunky one down!!

  18. Punching, slapping and kneeing a resource officer is going to get you the zap!⚡️ Duh 🙄

  19. What happened to kids behaving properly at school ?

  20. How many people guessed it was a white police officer and black student?

  21. The cop did his job correctly and gave the girl multiple times to comply. She chose to be combative and was taken down after repeated efforts. Girl needs to learn to be a young lady and not get aggressive when given lawful orders.

  22. If that’s my kid that’s a dead man when ever I see him

  23. Skyye W. Rempart

    I hope that Cop gets his ass beat for that shit.🤬🤬

  24. Brian St.bernard

    They really don’t like black people

  25. This is why we homeschool


    Why would you put the cop on paid leave ? Screw that don’t pay him for not working

  27. Why does the color of her skin matter ?!?!

  28. Here is my opinion – if your gonna have cops in school – then we need have lawyers too – students should the constitutional right to an attorney – and officers are not to ingage a minor with legal or parental consent – unless emergency – yes breaking up fights – and legal emergencies – and even then detained – as in anything can say be used against – I know this – these officers are talking to kids saying cooperate or be charged for Ed scared to comply with what might be arguable cases – scared or uneducated kids do not they’re rights – and cave – put hidden cams – you will see this – cops have no business legally interacting with kids – even the hellos are questionable – no one minds that – but still saying – I recommend – students have legal counsel – the solution – just like guidance counselor – oh and the leagal representative – has to be for the student – not the school and or law enforcement – that’s the law – that’s my opinion – lawyers for students – who’s in –

    I bet things would change quick

  29. No excuse for attacking the cop or anybody. However, the atmosphere right now in the USA between black and brown folks towards the folks in blue is at an all time high. Question yourself, if you saw on the news on the daily, people that looked like you being murdered without consequence, would you have any kind of respect for a police officer. Before you bite back I’m not condoning violence but it is a pressure cooker out there!

  30. If I was that girl’s parents, that cop wouldn’t be able to walk. Just speaking truth.

  31. Maladys_Way_Tarot

    And people wonder why we are angry. WTF!

  32. clownreefing maui808

    Im so sick of seeing this crap, as bad as it is to say, it won’t stop until one of these racist cops have the same thing done to one of their precious daughters then they will realize she’s a child they look at black and brown as not being human. But we all know the ending another racist cop will be cleared from using excessive force it will be justified even though there were two cops surely they couldn’t handle that teen girl weighing probably 100lbs.

  33. That’s just wrong. A fully adult man can over power a young minor girl

  34. They need to investigate if force was excessive??? He spiked the girl head first into the concrete??? There should be severe life altering consequences for this cop😠

  35. To all the good Officers “ Be careful and be safe. This behavior by an officer makes your contributions to the community worthless. Have you EVER witnessed an officer slam a white female to the ground in this manner. No you have not. No excuse . This is why your job is even more dangerous. Why. No community will just except this. Watch yourselves. Sad. Very sad. We better change. We do not want a racial explosion. We need to move forward not backwards.

  36. Good Looking Honkey

    Great job officers! Get this trash under control!

  37. Sheriff’s office: “He has no history of misconduct”
    Correction: “we don’t keep the history of misconduct on officers”
    Referenced by: US history


    In these times we are suppose to be making things better, especially on Bidens watch and not making things worse… but we still have those that still don’t respect other races at all and with that said that is why we need new legislation or something added that should have been added and in place a long time ago to stop this type of hatred from flourishing!!!!😡💯👍

  39. I thought this wasn’t suppose to happen anymore since bidens the president now…😆

  40. Wow,…makes you wonder how he treats his wife.

  41. Reginald Guillory

    SOOOOO! We can’t spank our children in discipline BUT White cops can slam their heads on the concrete? Something is seriously wrong with that, I think people who do that should go into Slavery 😉 Waiting Patiently For Christ’s Return…

    👇 ANSWER


  43. What I find DISTURBING is the student did not follow the cop’s orders and did comply with the cop’s orders. Because of that, the student got herself hurt. If the idiot student would have followed the orders she would not have been hurt. Would she?

  44. All these angry people.
    Y’all are angry over the wrong thing.
    She was fighting. Teachers were telling her to break it up. She didn’t listen.
    Police intervened and she STILL continued to fight and resist even after the police tried to restrain her.
    But nooo…
    Nobody wants to talk about what lead up to this.

    Just like police shootings. Nobody wants to address the actions of the person up until they got shot.

    Everyones a victim but no one is accountable for their actions.
    No one takes responsibility but everyone wants to point fingers.

    Today she is a “little girl” and is a “victim”.
    Rest assured if she commits a crime she will be tried as an adult.

  45. brandon maness

    He probably just slammed her because shes black, im sure she wasn’t doing anything wrong 🙄🙄🙄😒 black people dont do anything wrong cops just target them for no reason and they never resist arrest as history shows soooo

  46. Wreck it Ralph

    That’s what we call Gender Equality! You wanted it, you have it! Too late to complain.

  47. defuck the police

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