Friday’s Chris Tucker paid $10,000 for humorous weed puffin’ role as Smokey

Shannon and Chris discuss Friday/Facebook

Chris Tucker was grossly underpaid. 

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LOS ANGELES — Ice Cube’s “Friday” is a 90s classic. But if you think everybody cashed in, you’re sadly mistaken. During a recent appearance on “Club Shay Shay,” comedian Chris Tucker raised eyebrows when he told host Shannon Sharpe he was remunerated $10,000 for his weed-puffin’ role as Smokey. That’s it. A measly 10K. “It’s one of those things –it was just a small movie,” Chris recounted. “We filmed it in 20 days. I got about $10,000 for it or whatever, I didn’t care. I wanted the opportunity.” Directed by F. Gary Gray, “Friday” had a diminutive budget of $3.5 million. But it reeled in $27.5 million at the box office.

With a sizable profit of $24 mil, you would think Chris deserved a bump in pay. But that’s obviously not the case. “It was that small of a movie, but that was the beauty of it,” Chris explained. “It allowed me to get into character. It wasn’t no big distractions like big movie sets.”

“You got light people and sound people and everybody wanna be a star,” Chris continued. “But that movie was just a camera and me and Cube on the porch. Magic came out of it, thank God.”

By “magic,” Chris is referring to the number of cinematic doors that were subsequently opened for him. Shortly after bringing Smokey’s dramatis personae to life, the 49-year-old humorist went on to star in “Money Talks” with Charlie Sheen and “Rush Hour” alongside martial arts legend Jackie Chan.

Should Ice Cube come out the pocket and give cast members their fair share?

Was Chris vastly underpaid?

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  1. So what? Old news. Thats how independent movies work. Nobody knew it was going to be a hit. It was made for pennies. Only one person got paid for star wars because he took points. Everyone else got lunches and drinking money.

  2. That’s how they do people who are not HOT on the movie screen. They pay them LESS as possible. The makers Got PAID off that movie and eventually, Cube got paid pretty well…

  3. Rush hour 3 made him the highest paid actor in all of hollywood that year. Pretty insane.

  4. Dude that movie elevated his career. He’s doing right to not complain. They had a shoestring budget………. I remember the female producer doing an interview and she/husband like mortgaged their home to get it done. Friday is a classic. Everybody in that movie came out on top in the end. Everybody.

  5. Alhagie Daffeh

    Well that’s a lot of money because brother wasn’t working.


  7. Pops said everyone got $5000

  8. Damm Shannon talk as ugly as he looks.

  9. Who cares? the ngga went off to star in 3 rush hour movies making 20mil a pic then left the industry

  10. Wolverine Heat

    Only 10K for the YOU GOT KNOCKED TF OUT

  11. Michael Johnson

    Deebo be like “Shut the F*up”…..I be quiet but when he leave…I be talking again.

  12. Lavoris Frazier

    The greatest low budget movie of all time

  13. Hollywood actors are pure evil, Chris tucker know he played with the devil. Look at ice cube he learned the game from the jews name if the game is black mail and payola

  14. Not surprised about $10,000, the movie became a cult classic after the fact.

  15. 🍒jessica🍒

    Sometimes you gotta do that for the bigger payoff in the end.

  16. Rush hour paid him 20 million let that sink in!!

  17. Egyptian African

    Chris is one of the comedy goats, him and Charlie Sheen in Money Talks, watched that on Hulu last night, haven’t seen it in years, hilarious.

  18. @🍒jessica🍒: What big pay out is he getting now, he was just homeless awhile back. I have no respect for people who take advantage of other people. What you just said was put up with this abuse and disrespect for now smdh typical

  19. It doesn’t sound as if he is complaining, he’s just stating facts. But he should be getting royalties or whatever right? As much as that movie was and is still being played. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  20. @🍒jessica🍒: Tell Mo’Nique that. She tried to cancel Netflix three years ago because of a half a million dollar offer. If she took it, her second comedy special could have been way in the millions. She fought and loss a battle that she created herself.

  21. Funniest movie ever🍿

  22. Blog King is always tryin to stir up some shit

    Chris T used Friday to boost his career…….. he was not underpaid

  23. Damn ice cube didn’t pay no one. Pops did say the same thing before he died. Damn he didn’t give them more money now, the Damn movie is a classic and he still making money every time it’s on TV. THAT’S A LOT. It’s about respect and loyalty.

  24. $10K? That much? Didn’t Ice Cube film that movie in his backyard and his neighbor’s living room?

    Nobody expected the Friday movies to do as well as they did.

  25. Cornbread, Earl and Me

    Chris should sue Ice Cube for back pay

  26. Still waiting on a new rush hour !!! 😭

  27. No wonder he don’t wanna do another friday

  28. This man deserves royalties for that movie.

  29. He said it was filmed in 20 dayssss??? That’s the shocker for me

  30. He didn’t know the movie would blow up you can tell Friday wasn’t a major production comedy. But Chris is more than done well for himself in his career

  31. Sick as foo 213g

    Around here between normandie and Wester this here a twen twen twenn

  32. 10k? Keep it 💯 that Film is a hood classic

  33. Pay that man, Chris made the [email protected]

  34. “Saaame time mannnn, saaaame time. I don’t know yuuuuuu!” ~Chris Tucker

  35. Question I always had. Craig forgot to take out the trash Thursday night bc his father said something Friday morning. The trash was still out Friday night during the fight. How long does it take to pick up trash on that block?😂 it’s still my all time favorite comedy

  36. Jordan Francis

    10K for 20 days of work back then… that’s cashhh

  37. Roberto Mitchell

    people forget the value of 10k was a lot more than it is now

  38. Fuck Chris Tucker and any movie hes ever in again

  39. chris should take that nigga cube to court

  40. He parlayed THAT 10k to a huge career!

  41. Jeremy pelchier

    Tucker is my dawg

  42. He made the movie.he should have been paid more .

  43. Nigga nobody laughed at this nigga since Rush hour shit take away money talks ppl wouldn’t even know his real name

  44. John Witherspoon said they all only made 5k. 🤔

  45. Pay him. Make another old school Friday
    TITLED OLD school friday

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