Wendy Williams Biopic: Talk show host conquered drug addiction, bad marriage

Wendy and Kevin weren’t a good fit/Daily Mail

Wendy Williams overcame abuse. 

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NEW YORK — “How you doin?” Here’s everything you need to know about Lifetime’s “Wendy Williams: The Movie” that aired Saturday night: For starters, Wendy’s biopic is as brutally forthright as she is. The “Hot Topics” queen was corpulent as a child. She suffered numerous miscarriages.  And she snorted lines of cocaine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. “This has been a year from hell,” Wendy said to open the documentary while strapped to her lymphedema compression machine. “[But] in a good way.”

Speaking of hell, Wendy’s relationships were nothing short of catastrophic. First, she was date raped by R&B singer Sherrick — someone she called a “one-hit wonder.” Sherrick tore that p*ssy up. He must’ve thought “no” meant “yes.” Then she opened her legs for rap artist Eric B. (né Eric Barrier) who proceeded to squander her funds and sabotage her credit.

Lastly, Wendy married Kevin Hunter — a womanizing asshole who would go on to become her manager and collaborator. To exacerbate matters, she gave the serial cheater a neonate after suffering several toilet abortions along the way. Kevin Jr. was born in 2000. After she caught her hubby cheating, Wendy got a tummy tuck coupled with more liposuction. She was trying to impress that n*gga.

But her sexy bod wasn’t enough to save the marriage.

A libidinous Kevin continued to stick his phallus into foreign nooky.

“I was an emotionally abused woman,” Wendy recounted.

“I was taken advantage of horrifically.”

Fortunately, Kevin never put his hands on Wendy. But he abused her verbally — sometimes in front of co-workers. “He’s not a woman beater,” Wendy explained. “He’s just a weird man with a lot of issues.”

While dressed as the Statue of Liberty on Halloween in 2017, a parlous admixture of hypertension and narcotics caused Wendy to collapse on TV. After undergoing a lengthy stint in rehab, Wendy finally woke up and fired Kevin. But, by then, he had already impregnated his paramour — Sharina Hudson.

Kevin bought Sharina a house too, prompting a pissed-off Wendy to vandalize the property by spray-painting “Kevin + Wendy 4 Ever!” on the garage door. The scuttlebutt star also glued their mailbox shut. Moments later, Wendy served Kevin dissolution documents and the marriage was over.

After the divorce went final, Wendy sold their New Jersey residence and moved into her “bachelorette pad” in New York to start life anew. She’s been happy ever since. “I love my building,” she gloated in reference to the Financial District apartment. “It makes me feel worthy.”

Wendy’s documentary is 2 hours long.

Her character is portrayed by Ciera Payton.

Blog King’s Rating: 4 out of 5 popcorn bags


  1. Karma is catching up to Wendy. Time is up.😂

  2. Lucretia Gutierrez

    Omg this is a hot mess, I didn’t enjoy it

  3. Sophia crazy about Noah

    Dannngggg Wendy was a real boss,a true grinder chick💯she went through some heavy mess and still came out on top💯that “how you doin”hit so much different now💯

  4. This has made me absolutely love wendy Williams. ❤❤

  5. Esther Hamalka

    There are women out there strong in proffession’ but weak when it comes to men or private life. These men take your kindness as weakness. Men usually use women’ they dont even realize. We should always listen to our instincts and signs’ they are there.

  6. I’ve never been a Wendy Williams fan nor liked her much but after seeing this movie, I have a whole new respect and admiration towards her ♥

  7. Shakti Priestess

    Damn, she is really spilling the piping hot tea

  8. M Thee Manifester

    The movie is good and the actress did a great job, but she didn’t give us (wendy watchers) anything knew, we have known most of the stories from her radio and tv! Funny how she said that mariah book didn’t bring anything new👀

  9. That Whitney phone interview gets me every time 🤣🤣🤣 Lawd … Whitney knew how to come back at her


  11. hurricane twin

    when she passed out I thought she overdosed on cocaine 😂😂😂

  12. Tawanna Watson

    Don’t waste your time movie sucks

  13. Omg she looks just like Wendy Williams

  14. She looks better than Wendy Williams

  15. I don’t like her but this movie did make me humanize her….I would watch it again and I watched the 2 hour after show…she is clearly still hurt about the situation I felt bad for her

  16. Sharina Hudson has been lucky that there is a pandemic going on. But this is her life long after it is over, the life of a pariah. What goes around comes around and Wendy will rise like the Phoenix!👊🏽

  17. That was the worst piece of crap I’ve seen in a long time it wasn’t nothing new it was just all put together everything they did we already knew I mean y’all be talkin like it’s the best thing since sliced bread

  18. Nhlanhla Ubisi

    Its kevin + wendy 4 ever for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. I honestly think Kevin cared for her

  20. I love when they cast people who actually look like and also embody the person they are playing. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  21. Samantha Segarra

    I think the actress did a great job and she looked like wendy

  22. Miss me with that thug and a heart of gold shit ! Women what’s wrong with us ?

  23. Jordanne Williams

    I never knew wendy was raped 😥 such a good movie, the actress was amazing as wendy. What a great movie during the pandemic, love yourself guys and rely on no one but yourself in life.

  24. Sherina’s daughter will always be the product of an affair. Her mother will always be that one side chick, aka homewrecker. Kevin is probably cheating on her now.

  25. “And without me you will starve on your table”! PERIODTT POOH! He needs you in order to eat!

  26. Any drag queen can play wendy 🙄🙄🙄

  27. Tionne Johnson

    Wow!! I absolutely love this movie. I was already a fan but now im an even bigger fan. Nothing but love and respect for Wendy Williams. A hustler and innovator. A true BOSS. HOW U DOIN?


  29. Jay the Gemini bae

    I can now see why she ain’t go to her funeral 😒 and that rehab place was such bullshit if someone is saying a person is fucking up her head and she wants him gone you try to force her to talk to him? Wtf

  30. They should of got Rupaul to play her

  31. I Watched it last night and it was so good

  32. Lmao Eric B. Broke???? Stop it I can tell most of this story was lies.

  33. I would like to know Kevin’s side of the story

  34. Tay Tay Razors

    @karma: Why? He is Full of Shit Anyways.

  35. I’m so proud of Wendy 🙏🙏🙏

  36. Stellah Nantumbwe

    I feel like she had a lot to tell. It should have been a 6 part series or something. He life is too full to put into an hour and a half.

  37. I still don’t fuck wit her. Reporters will never tell the real truth if they’re going to look worse than they really are. She didn’t even really spill all the real juice. But shit that’s the way she wants to explain her life🤷🏾‍♂️. Great actress tho.

  38. Niylah JayPheonix

    The got a good person to play her. She actually resembles Wendy

  39. Ballesca Vachon CAW

    Wendy is a icon & its about time people are putting some respect on her name

  40. Christian Stylez Inc

    i wish people would just move on from her and take her off the air

  41. Wendy dropped the mic with a movie and a documentary. She’s such a strong and confident woman for sharing her lifetime story. She put all her dirty laundry out to air and She’s so brave for everything She’s went through. You can tell She was broken. Wendy has always made her Audience her confidant and We as audience have seen Wendy grow through victories and fails. She’s such a Diva for sure and I hope one day She is no longer the hot topic and entertains leaving her personal life out of the show. Karma will always keep receipts remember that!!! ✨🦋💗💝

  42. Movie seemed really rushed

  43. The actress favors Tasha Smith

  44. I don’t care what any one person says..Her..She…Just Wendy is a Survivor! Her childhood was filled with criticism over her weight, loud mouth and talkative self. However, Not one Family member told her to stop once she hit it Big..on her own merit! Thank goodness, she got rid of the trash in her life. He wasn’t her protector at all, just a security guard focused on the coins..just to be somebody else’s ATM! Ladies, don’t put up with that mess, even for the sake of a child/children. Be the Best Happy you can be! PeriodT!

  45. Rhonda Richardson

    Yessss I Loved 🥰 Wendy’s movie 🎥 I keep up on what She saying everyday on Her show so it all make very good sense how She behave, bless Wendy and She made it big great 👍🏼 for Her 💕

  46. Shaundra Toney

    Kevin is a free man now so why hasn’t he married Sharina yet?🤔 Probably because he never will..?!!

  47. The lady that played Wendy was phenomenal! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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