NFL running back Mark Walton is jailed ‘following’ big disturbance at Pizza Hut

Walton can’t stay out of jail/

Mark Walton is arrested, jailed.

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MIAMI — NFL running back Mark Walton was thrown in the slammer again, except this time over a damn pizza. Close to midnight on January 31st, the 23-year-old free agent experienced contretemps with a Pizza Hut worker over the phone then showed up at the Miami eatery to kick some ass. An eyewitness said Mark “started banging on the windows, trying to pull on the door to gain entry to the business to confront one of the employees.” Mark’s cousin tried to conciliate but got his ass kicked instead.

Yep, Mark pummeled his own kinfolk.

The embattled halfback was arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Mark told investigators the worker screwed up his order then copped an attitude.

That’s why he wanted to f*ck him up.

If you recall, Mark was released by the Miami Dolphins last season after he beat the sh*t out of his pregnant girlfriend. The truculent malefactor was selected (112th overall) by the Cincinnati Bengals in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft. But they fired his black ass because he couldn’t stay out of jail.

Mark sat out the entire 2020 season so his métier is clearly in jeopardy.

Does he deserve another chance?

Is CTE responsible for his deportment?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Realizniguhnit 1


  2. He should apologize to Pizza Hut

    he’s going to need a job there soon.

  3. One to many HITS to head, he mostly need help…… Football player know what i mean

  4. What a piece of crap person….thinks he’s entitled just cus he’s an NFL player or should I say ex NFL player

  5. BloodFacedBeeatch


  6. Best way to kick off black history month.

  7. CTE is not to be overlooked

  8. NFL players always getting a slap on the wrist

  9. jonuel rodriguez

    You are literally making it in life and you go and do something so stupid

  10. Tirso Gonzalez

    Lock him up and through away the key save the tax payers some money.

  11. I think sports teams need to tighten their qualifications & disciplinary guidelines, before signing Melanin individuals. 💯

  12. Cte victim

  13. Career flushed down the toilet

  14. Gangsta!

  15. as a white guy id like to apologize for this — my bad

  16. Ima KeepItReal

    Horrible behavior but I’ve got to say he’s cute.

  17. Not worth it man!

  18. KaiserSchnitzel

    If only the assistant manager of the Pizza Hut had been armed, this senseless tragedy could have been avoided.

  19. George Westinghouse

    1st round draft pick for FLORIDA STATE PRISON

  20. “My boyfriend beat me up…. I’m pregnant”… Yup, they love men like this.. Keep rewarding bad behavior by reproducing with them. Idiocracy was a documentary!

  21. SheerWill Survival

    My man hungry

  22. You Make Me Laugh

    pizza hut is gross🤢

  23. Dr. GoodHelmet

    @Ima KeepItReal: Naw he not that cute. Remember he beat up his girlfriend. What if he did the same to you? Would you still think he’s cute? You call that cute for what he did at Pizza Hut and his girlfriend?

  24. Mark Walton = piece of trash

  25. No surprise here. Just another thug football player.

  26. imagine your life having so little meaning that you pull up to a fast food joint to beat up an employee who gave you a bit of attitude

  27. UnknownFrequency

    Boy your first crime is ordering Pizza Hut

  28. Damn beating up your pregnant girlfriend.. doesn’t get any lower than that. What a bum. One day he going to meet the right one.

  29. Pizza Hut Is Horrible

  30. Beating up his pregnant girl? damn cold world

  31. This is what happens when people who skipped most of high school get venerated like gods because they can throw a ball and run around. They throw their own lives to waste and then claim racism.

  32. Total LOOSER

  33. NFL=National Felons League

  34. Gloria Maletta

    Making the money he makes and he has rage over a pizza of course the people making the pizza 40 hours a week for less than 400 dollars a week after taxes and have no rage l can completely understand his rage it must be so hard to live off a Professional NFL paycheck remember it was over a pizza what a mental reject can you say completely spoiled idiot let me guess he doesn’t stand for the National Anthem but he demand respect he’s a Professional football player there are just some people in this world who don’t deserve money or talent and have absolutely no idea how to be grateful for having such a wonderful life they are just to dense to get it

  35. Not Walton again 😔🙁

  36. Walton is suffering from CTE. Kid never had any run-ins with law enforcement, until he was in the NFL.

  37. Stephen Anagnos

    Cut by the Bengals? 😂😂😂 He’ll be working at a Pizza Hut soon.

  38. Richard Padget

    He should fit right in the National Felon League

  39. That’s not how you get back into the league.

  40. James Farrington

    This guy is wasting his life, he could have been great in my opinion, the talent is there but its unseen because he in jail all the time instead of the field

  41. He should use his anger on the field more-so than for personal confrontation

  42. For what people don’t know or haven’t heard Mark Walton never abused or put his hands on the mother of his child she completely told a false story claiming that he did and when he once went to jail she posted a video on social media floating how she looks and when she realized that they seen the video of her with no markings or bruises of any kind on her she took the video down no one that she would be questioning Court about it

  43. tried to outpizza the hut

  44. Dude got problems, he need Jesus

  45. Some Pizza Huts do have lousy service! I walked out of one because I sat waiting and waiting and waiting. So I left never got to order!

  46. Oh no it’s black history month

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