“Saved by the Bell” stars are lamenting cancerous demise of Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond dead at 44/Getty, NBC

Cast remembers Dustin Diamond. 

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LOS ANGELES — “It’s alright ‘coz I’m saved by the bell!” Mark-Paul Gosselaar — who played blonde hair, blue-eyed Zack Morris in the 90s NBC sitcom “Saved by the Bell” — said he and his castmates felt like sh*t after hearing about the cancerous demise of co-star Dustin Diamond. The “Screech” actor passed away on Monday at the premature age of 44. “Well, it’s always tough when someone passes away,” Mark-Paul bemoaned during Tuesday’s episode of The Tamron Hall Show.

“I think it’s even more so when the individual is someone you know and the age of Dustin. It was only a few weeks ago that we heard about his diagnosis and for it to happen so quickly is shocking.”

Dustin, if you recall, was ostracized after he released his tell-all bombshell in 2009 titled “Behind the Bell.” In the book, Dustin lambasted his co-stars without leniency — claiming they f*cked each other on set and used drugs during filming sessions. Dustin later said a ghostwriter was culpable for the publication.

But his elucidation fell upon deaf ears.

The cast wanted nothin’ to do with his snitchin’ ass.

Dustin wasn’t included in the reboot that premiered on Peacock in November.

Lark Voorhies got the cold shoulder too.

Watch the interview.

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  1. Rest in Peace Screech

  2. They treated him like shit after the show… turned their backs on him.

  3. Walmart Cashier

    they did screech wrong

  4. I call “bull sh**t. Sorry but Mark has gotten together with Tiiffiani and Mario many times over the years. They iced Diamond and Lark out of their little click for years.

  5. Create Thought

    Fuck gosselaar


  7. BranBran Shenanigan

    🙄They weren’t even speaking to Dustin.

  8. Please… all of them pretty much shunned him…. terrible.

  9. They treated him like shit and now they consider him their best friend…… fake ass people

  10. RIP Dustin.

    Even though there is two sides to every story. I know Dustin wrote some shady stuff in his biography about his cast mates, probably half the reason they alienated him. Life is short.

  11. They excluded Dustin and Lark for years. Mario was the only one who showed compassion.

  12. Chrissy Stewart

    My Condolences goes out to the castmates & the family 🙏 Saved by the bell was so cool. It was fun back in the day watching it. Rest peacefully Dustin Diamond

  13. the greatest ever

    There’s so many people living in lala land in these comments.

    It’s sad and unfortunate that Dustin died so young and so suddenly but the cast don’t owe him anything. They were coworkers, just because we saw them as a close-knit group doesn’t mean they were. Idk why that’s so difficult for people to understand, why they can’t separate tv from real life🤦🏿‍♀️ we don’t all get along with our coworkers and it’s nothing wrong with that. You would think most adults could comprehend that. We don’t know everything that went on behind the scenes

  14. Captain Hogwash

    He went from talking about Dustin’s passing to laughing in just seconds.

  15. Floyd Quickley

    Zack Morris is still trash 🗑

  16. Shirlee Bostrom

    The cast was a bunch of dicks to Dustin! Now they care! Screw them all. Zack Morris Is Trash!

  17. Rest in Peace, Dustin “Screech Samuel Powers” Diamond!

  18. Acting like they cared about him now, they didn’t even keep in touch with him, didn’t even ask him to join the reunion shows now trying to make themselves feel better, screw those losers

  19. Where were they all when he was struggling to keep his house! Everyone loves you when you’re dead!!!! Give people their flowers while they are still alive.

  20. They didn’t care about him .

  21. Hey everyone talking shit. Are you still friends with everyone you worked with in high school? Probably not. He also released that book that put everyone in a bad light. He’s probably having mixed emotions. The show has been over for 30 years and life happens. People also cope with death in many different ways.

  22. He hadn’t spoken to dustin in years funny how it’s only now he’s dead that they are saying what a lovely guy he was

  23. MPG had beef with Dustin. They weren’t friends, hadn’t talked in like 25 years. The SBTB cast wasn’t really in close contact for a long time. Now that everyone’s all nostalgic, they are friends again. Lets remember they are in show business. Don’t ever forget about the business part.

  24. Luigi Rnotyourbusiness

    Mark Paul no offense but you didn’t even seem sad and you didn’t even cry

  25. Zack Morris IS trash. Dustin himself said in a recent interview with Lopez that Mark hadn’t spoken to him since he was 16. People drift apart after wrapping a show? SBTB is an iconic show. How do you just “drift apart”? Lopez didn’t. He cared to stay in touch over the years. You didn’t care. You have your reasons and that’s fine, I don’t judge what they are but don’t try to help yourself sleep at night by now trying to act “hurt” by the news of his death.

  26. All the Sbtb cast were fake. All those years they treated him like dirt. Even before the book came out. He wasn’t even in the reunion or a reboot. Everyone is human. That’s why Dustin was so frustrated he wrote a book about them but deep inside he was hurt. Rip Dustin, you don’t have to worry about people hurting you now. He’s in a better place.

  27. Come on. Mark Paul didn’t care for him. Dustin said he hadn’t seen him since he was 16.

  28. Reginald Durley

    It’s easy to say nice things to say something about someone who passes. They didn’t include him in the reboot Saved by the bell on Peacock. Dustin Screech Powell RIP

  29. oh please, these people treated Dustin like shit when he was alive and how they’re like, oh he was like a brother to me, I loved him so much – shut the F up

  30. All of their statements with the exception of Mario Lopez, came off as very disingenuous. I don’t care if you had beef with a coworker, all of you are grown-up enough now that you can let bygones be bygones. Dustin was just as much if not more a big part of the success of SBTB as any other cast member. They should’ve included him in all post SBTB projects as well as Lark Voorhies. They can save the crocodile tears for someone else. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  31. Yall do realize Dustin was his co worker right? Are you friends with your Co workers? Not all of them and I’m sure once you leave your office you don’t think twice about your co workers.

  32. I hate Mark Paul Gosselar

  33. Instant Horror

    LOL mark paul almost acted like he gave a shit for a second. hes about as affected by dustin’s passing as i was affected by passing my stool this morning. laugh it up, zachie!

  34. Where were you “ZACK” after all the shows were over!? Your a hypocrite! AND THE REBOOT SUCKS!! I hope it flops. Stop talking about Dustin when you know DEEP DOWN you didn’t care.

  35. Man fuck everyone but mario and lark they actually forgave dustin before he passed sad how they couldnt forgive him after the fact he went on to say sorry rip screech rest easy.my guy

  36. Honesty the best policy! Mark kept it real and I like. They weren’t close and he didn’t say anything about being friends. I believe he’s close friends with Mario and Tiffani. If I were in their cast shoes I’m not sure I would want to associate with Dustin again after trashing me in a book.

  37. Mikelitoras izichy

    Fake as fuck they all hated him but mario. They didnt involve him in anything

  38. They didnt give a shit about him while he was alive and now they act all sad. So fake but that’s Hollywood for you

  39. Ernest Johnson

    Everyone’s defending Dustin in this feed like he isn’t the one that burned those bridges when he was alive. Mario only dealt with him for his show and even in that interview he treated him like someone he didn’t know personally. We all loved Dustin’s time as Samuel Screech Powers. But the guy wasn’t very well liked because of his repellent behavior. May he Rest In Peace. But it isn’t fair for people he wronged to be expected to swallow those feelings because he passed.

  40. It seems like Mario Lopez was the only one of the cast that really gave a hoop about Dustin diamond I know what he did wasn’t right but he is a human being and we should all forgive because he’s gone now. You can never get that time to make it right back so sad.R.I.P 🙏🙏🙏🕊️🕊️🕊️🌟❤️

  41. What a lying pathetic piece of crap Gosselaar is in this interview. Clearly, he’s trying to act as if he cared about Dustin’s passing. He hadn’t seen or spoken to Dustin in years. The entire cast of SBTB treated Diamond like dirt for years. Possibly, with the exception of Mario Lopez. The re-boot will fail most likely. No one’s interested at this point with all the darkness that’s come out of this tragedy. Rest in Peace, Dustin. You are missed.

  42. Mark-Paul Gosselaar made the show SBTB what it was.

    Mark-Paul Gosselaar was also on the original show Good Morning, Miss Bliss.

    Mark-Paul Gosselaar didn’t owe Dustin Diamond anything. Dustin made his own bed and burned his own bridges.

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