Obama reaches ‘Promised Land’

Obama celebrates black history/YouTube

Obama talks being ‘Black’ in America.

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WASHINGTON — In an effort to support African American businesses during “Black History Month,” quondam President Barack Obama effectuated an impromptu appearance at a virtual book club on Tuesday held by MahoganyBooks and The Very Smart Brothas Book Club. Both groups are in the Washington D.C. area. Book club members were originally told they would conclave with someone from Obama’s Administration to discuss his new memoir “A Promised Land.”

That’s why they damn near pissed their pants when President No. 44 crashed the party.

“I wanted to come on here because I thought, well, let’s see if we can find a way to support our outstanding African American independent bookstores,” Obama said after surprising the attendees. “I also just wanted to see who the brothers were who named themselves ‘The Very Smart Brothas Book Club.’

Obama also confabulated the intricacies that come with being Black in America.

“What happens, you know, when you see a George Floyd or an Eric Garner. That’s terrible. That should make you angry,” he vented. “You can’t just kind of say, ‘Well, it’ll take time.’ You have to feel pressed now, and angry now or sad now. Trying to keep those two things in mind at the same time I think is the biggest trick to not just being president, but just being a functioning Black person in America.”

Do you agree with Obama?

Is it time to get angry?

To learn more about the book club, visit Mahoganybooks.com.

Watch the Zoom conference.

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  1. I adore this man!

  2. Rossana Biancani

    What a pleasure to listen to this man!!! Thank you President Obama for your insight 🙏

  3. Barack is still so attractive to me. Just the way he carries himself.

  4. Where's My Stimulus Check?

    @James Hopkins: dude are you gay?

  5. what a beautiful human and his intelligence and thoughtfulness is much needed again.

  6. Mondial Art Academia

    Obama…..do you speak of your husband in your book ?

  7. Obama didnt crash a white book club. Isnt that racist?

  8. Such a well speaker…

  9. The only place you are going Obama is to the Lake of Fire no doubt!!!

  10. Up there in the top 5 worst US presidents.

  11. great leader!

  12. He’s so laid back and cool. Just an overall really great person to be around.

  13. The Great Divider, racist, worst president ever

  14. He will be exposed for the criminal he is.

  15. Susan Heidemann

    I would never buy his lousy book he’s a criminal at the highest level!

  16. Greg Rose Sykes

    Cool guy, terrible president

  17. Kristin Flugaur-Wessell

    So professorial and intellectual. And finely someone who likes our generation 🙏🏼

  18. Antichrist

  19. @Jonathan: got that right.

  20. Expat Lifestyle

    I got the book on Friday and I’m 80% done. ❤️

  21. Jesus Christ is Coming Soon! Amen!

  22. The realest President we ever had! Love Barack Obama served the country for the good of all of us!

  23. He will always be remembered as THE WORST President in the history of the US. Period💯🤮👎🏽

  24. Waffle House Worker

    I plan to buy his book. I need something to wipe my ass with.

  25. William Bishop III

    @24james: And Trump’s better? I’d love an explanation if you’d like to continue this farce of a thread.

  26. The Obamas are the best🥰 we miss them.

  27. Can’t wait for trump’s book. An easy read since the pages will be blank.

  28. there’s a lot of white book clubs obama can join….. but will he?

  29. TripleThreat CGA

    I am a working white man in his 60’s. Where is my promised land? Whatever happened to merit over politics? I’m sick of the political elite class telling the working class they need to pay more taxes!

  30. Obama, I miss your leadership and not being in the White House ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✋

  31. All the people who hate Obama, I feel sorry for them. (it make me wonder what kind of mindset they are in, or how much hates is in their heart).

    Looking back to the history of America (genocide of the native people, slavery as a norm, the discrimination and hanging of African in public spaces for children to watch).

    MAGA is a cruel joke.

    Donald is a cruel, lying 🤥 man.

  32. Cannot fucking wait for this Kenyan born shithead to have the title of President removed and to see it shipped off to gitmo, and Michael too. Gonna be epic. Get the popcorn ready.

  33. He’s so laid back and cool. Just an overall really great person to be around.

  34. TripleThreat CGA

    @Jason Gafar: My niece is cool and laid back too but you wouldn’t want her running your country. You would be broke and broken in a hurry.

  35. How did we go from one of the best presidents we’ve ever had to not only the worst president but the most horrendous human being ever? Thank God Donald is gone

  36. Shirley Rose Lee

    This PO💩, was very destructive for this country..,btw, I’m black.
    🇺🇸 As Founded
    🇺🇸 First


  38. Would be an absolute pleasure to meet him one day

  39. A promised land? Mothafka u ain’t God

  40. Chelsea Galloway

    Obama did nothing for black people.

  41. Maribel Flores

    I could hear him talk all day 😌

  42. This man is gay and married to a transgender. HE HAS PEOPLE FOOLED!

  43. people in this country standing in line at food banks and Obama’s doing a book tour. how selfish & crass

  44. This butter biscuit eatin’ bootlickin’ TOM…. anyway!!!!!

  45. He looks SOOOO GOOD with the Grey hair.
    So this what happens when 98% of the World’s weight is lifted of YOUR Chest, 😂😂

  46. Norman Muzic Wiz

    The Great Mr. President Obama

  47. Herman ten Klooster

    So nice to hear an eloquent president again. Missed you, mr. president Obama.

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