Florida burglar flirts with sexy judge in ‘courtroom’ during virtual bail hearing

Burglar hits on Judge Blackmon/TMZ.com

Florida burglar ‘flatters’ judge. 

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MIAMI — Florida burglar Demetrius Lewis, aka “Courtroom Romeo,” set the Internet ablaze on Thursday after he flirted with the judge during his bail hearing. Due to COVID-19, his mack daddy attempt transpired remotely inside Judge Tabitha Blackmon’s Fort Lauderdale courtroom. The virtual hearing went viral. A handcuffed Demetrius kicked things off by spittin’ game to the prepossessing magistrate, telling her, “Judge you are so gorgeous. I just had to tell you. I love you, I love you.”

Judge Blackmon cracked a sexy smile, then politely shot him down.

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” she replied.

“But maybe not here.”

Can’t blame Demetrius for trying to butter up the judge. After all, she’s hotter than fish grease and she gets a “3” on my finger scale. That means I’ll cut off three of my fingers if God lets me f*ck her. Demetrius is also facing charges of attempted burglary and ecstasy possession.

That n*gga was almost charged with contempt when he blurted out “Whaaat??!!” Lil Jon-style while the prosecutor addressed the court. Give Demetrius credit. The larcenous malefactor was funny as hell.

But I’m sure his lawyer wasn’t amused.

Demetrius was granted manumission in 2019 after serving a four-year prison stint for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. There were three children in the residence he recently burglarized.

Watch the crazy video.

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  1. it damn near worked

    you can tell she liked it

  2. Lol she is pretty though

  3. Ruthless Lover

    I would fuck her doggystyle

  4. She was lowkey flattered

  5. Anal Eyes Analyze Anal Lies

    She blushed.

  6. Wouldn’t mind being sentenced to house arrest at her house

  7. What a loser.

  8. she can sit on my face in court

  9. She was flattered for a moment though.

  10. Might be the sexiest judge Ive ever seen

  11. Mr Lewis: “WHAT?!! ….
    Lol Jon: Okaay!!

  12. You can tell she has pretty feet

  13. She can handcuff me to the bedpost anytime

  14. Chrissy Lovinmylife

    She is gorgeous I must say!

  15. I would’ve tried to holla at the judge too😂

  16. she might try to pull some strings for him on the low

  17. She is beautiful

  18. Everything that glitters aint gold…… she probably cant cook or clean

  19. Sweet Dick Willie

    she can be my next baby mama

  20. She knows she wanted to give him some pussy

  21. XxGodIsBlackXx

    @000 Sun God: It was a harmless flirt joke. She obviously didn’t not take it seriously. She’s a woman, she’s allowed to blush over a silly compliment.

  22. It’s worth a try lol

  23. Shiiiid do you blame him?

  24. What he got to lose lmao

  25. He’s got some serious game in those cuffs😂😂😂

  26. I feel like he meant that genuinely

  27. Roarin Twenties

    She will be waiting for him when he get out

  28. This is why our weakness will always be a fine ass woman. Dude hollering at her in COURTFace with tears of joy

  29. He’s a hero deserves a medal for courage.

  30. I like how she said, thank you. And didnt flip out how other women might, she took the compliment, and smiled.

  31. At least the judge smiled

  32. I am mortified for him

  33. Judge said I don’t care you still a felon 😂

  34. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!😂😂😂

  35. Maybe actually he thought she was just beautiful.
    All compliments are not flirting.

  36. Man, I just can’t believe she didn’t fall madly in love with him right there. #justdontunderstand

  37. Eternal Optimist

    she said “maybe” that means she’s leaving the door open

  38. Blog King’s finger scale gives her a 3.

    Fuck that, Im giving her a 5.


  40. She liked what he said she was moving around and smiling

  41. Dammm she is super beautiful 😍

  42. I’m sure the husband doesn’t tell her those swwwt words at home you could tell by the smile on her face. Instead of him saying i love he should have said will you be my valentine

  43. She is sexy as fuck…

  44. His girlfriend can’t wait for him to come home and beat his ass

  45. He hasn’t seen women in a while give him a break judge.

  46. that’s one coochie I would love to eat

  47. Sh!t I’m about to holla myself!

  48. She can lock me up any time and throw away the key 🔑 😌

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