Patrick Mahomes’ mom and his fiancée lambasted referees of Super Bowl LV

Randi Mahomes calls out the Bradys/

Patrick Mahomes receives support. 

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KANSAS CITY — Patrick Mahomes’ mother, Randi Mahomes, and his gravid fiancée — Brittany Matthews — excoriated media coverage of Super Bowl LV and they were equally pissed at the referees for calling a bunch of bullsh*t on the Kansas City Chiefs. The two most prominent women in Patrick’s life vented their exasperation during Sunday’s championship game via Twitter. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers pummeled the Chiefs by the lopsided score of 31-9.

“Cool ESPN, love the support of a major sports platform for one of the best players in the league… 🌽🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 yyyy,” Brittany wrote after the network disseminated several photos of Patrick looking discombobulated and flustered. “Y’all are [trash] for this too, but he looks damn good to me.”

Randi echoed a homogeneous sentiment.

“Love our chiefs!! Heartbroken to see how @espn @SportsCenter tried making fun of my son,” she tweeted. “But i know his heart and love for his team and chiefs nation! Thank you chiefs fans… don’t forget these are someone’s sons tv. #godisgreaterthanmyhighsandmylows.”

Randi and Brittany also lambasted referee Carl Jeffers and his officiating crew for giving preferential treatment to the Buccaneers. The normally prolific Chiefs had more penalties (8) than points (6) at halftime. “If y’all call one more weak ass flag,” Brittany wrote. “That was bullsh*t!”

A frustrated Randi tagged Tom Brady’s supermodel wife — Gisele Bundchen — and accused them of putting the officials on their payroll. “If you have to have the ref on your team is that really winning!!! @giseleofficial lol,” she wrote, adding a string of chortling and tongue-out emojis.

Travis Kelce’s black girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, also tweeted her two cents.

“YALL FORGET WTH A HOLDING CALL IS!?!!!!!!! @NFL,” she wrote.

“If yall wanted to see the Chiefs vs the refs just say that.”

Following the gut-wrenching defeat, Brittany let Patrick know she’s “forever proud” of his billion dollar ass. “Not how we wanted it to end, but 15 played his heart out and I’m always and forever proud of him in everything he does!” she tweeted. “Now let’s have a baby.”

Do you agree with Randi and Brittany?

Did referees determine the outcome?

Was the game rigged?

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  1. All these people in the comment saying bad stuff but I don’t see a problem. Just two people who love and adore their husband and son standing up for him. Y’all just salty because he probably beat your team lol

  2. Does she realize this was a really big game and regardless of the outcome , the media was bound to talk about both teams? I hope she finds peace and gets some therapy before this marriage doesn’t work out. Girl he is only getting more famous and he will easily find someone else that will be able to carry themselves when he doesn’t win a game. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be looked at as problematic. Woman up, or don’t be with someone that is famous

  3. If mahomes hit rock bottom in the nfl it’s because of his girlfriend.

  4. She a snow bunny

  5. Leave people alone worry about yourself worry about your life with Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior, tomorrow isn’t promised Repent Today Seek a Life with Christ turn from your sins Have a GoodDay whenever your seeing this Jesus Loves You🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️

  6. Jacqueline Perry

    I hope she didn’t get pregnant to secure her bag but they seemed really happy together prior hope the pregnancy was him being okay with a kid now to and not just her.

  7. Mushroom Hatters Adventers

    shes jist a gold digger ..



  9. Donae Blackmon

    Damn the internet is full of haters OMG🤦🏾

  10. Damn Patrick, can’t money buy you love!!! NOT very cute!!!

  11. But on some real shit mahomes got himself a gold digger

  12. I hope the $500,000,000 was guaranteed, Patrick will lose most of that when that gold digger leave within a year of getting married

  13. Mahomes could literally have his pick of cheerleaders and supermodels and he stuck with this girl and now soon to be a baby momma? Didn’t Mahomes get any advice from other players on how to deal with girlfriends? if not then he is DAF

  14. Team Ain't Nut'N Aka Baldhead Boy

    His momma white people, HE’S MARRING A WHITE WOMAN…
    Give up…🤣👆

  15. My only thought on her is she got pregnant real fast when he signed that big contract. Interesting timing after dating for 8 years. She is set for life.

  16. She’s tweeting the truth….

  17. Let’s all be honest Brittny a basic everyday looking white girl that y we don’t like her lol 😂

  18. Lance Williams

    Brittany Fugly lol 😂

  19. This is a bunch of bullshit

  20. I really don’t care what she said

  21. Am sure she USED the N-WORD before 💯 💯

  22. patrick deal with her😡

  23. That divorce settlement will be huge

  24. Mushroom Hatters Adventers

    @Daddy Diesel: she’ll get 80% of his worth

  25. WHO CARES!!!! 🗣

  26. My boy patty slipped up on this one

  27. Just SORE LOSERS. In any game, there is going to be winners and lovers. Unfortunately ur husband was on the losing side. Don’t hate if the truth hurts and don’t take it personally. They’re suppose to be pro athletes. They get pay alot regardless or winning or losing. You’re just showing ur true colors. ESPN are bunch of guys that just calls it like it is. Ur hubby and his KC team didn’t do much and they called it. So, suck up n just be supportive of them reaching the Superbowl.

  28. DARTH VADAR swgoh

    If i was Patrick i would tell my mom and girlfriend shut up you are making me look like a ass hole Travis Kelces girlfriend too 🤣

  29. Patrick Mahomes must be a mama’s boy if he has to have his mother fight his battles. I’m not a fan of either team and I know the issues Tom Brady had in the past when he was with the Patriots. But don’t be butt hurt when Tampa Bay puts a whoop ass on Kansas City. It was like watching a college football team playing the NFL. I Know Kansas City had some star players not playing, but that’s no excuse to have your mother post some stupid shit on the internet. At least Mahomes stepped up and said ” they were just better than us” .

  30. Rich Farfugnuven

    Mahomes is a class act, his mom needs to STFU. If I was Patrick I would take her Twitter away from her. Her son got stomped by a superior defense.

  31. Gisele Bundchen is a super model with her own line of fashion designs and accessories. Her salary/income is more than Mahomes’ salary combined with Tom Brady’s salary. She a big time CEO. I can’t imagine she would dip so low to banter with Mahomrds mommy.. Her son lost, get over it! Brady has lost many Superbowls and he pouts when he loses, for sure, but he doesn’t go after the winning team.

  32. Thats the only reason people hate him. Mahomes’ mom is an embarrassment. I hope everyone rides this shit hard so she can realize she’s the one whose making it easier to make fun of her son. Like thanks for painting that target on his back ma

  33. Lmao his white mom

  34. She probably still wants to make his lunches…

  35. Brady family=class, Mahomes family= trash

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