Al Sharpton and Kathy Jordan ‘divorcing’ following 41 years of holy matrimony

Al and Aisha are an item/Getty

Al Sharpton is gettin’ a divorce.

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NEW YORK — You can stick a fork in Al Sharpton’s marriage because it’s done. The 66-year-old pastor and his estranged wife, Kathy Jordan, are calling it quits after 41 years of holy matrimony. But, it should be noted, they’ve been sundered since 2004. Al filed dissolution documents in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday amid assertions of irreconcilable differences. The quondam lovebirds hooked up in the ’70s when Al was on tour with James Brown. Kathy was a backup singer for the “King of Soul.”

Al was James’ manager.

After years of copulation, the couple got hitched in 1980. Al and Kathy were legally separated 24 years later. They have two adult daughters (Dominique and Ashley) so child support won’t be an issue. Alimony, however, could come into play. Even though he wasn’t bangin’ his wife, Al still managed to keep his phallus wet. The PoliticsNation host has been knockin’ boots with Aisha McShaw since 2013.

Aisha, 42, is 24 years younger than Al.

But there’s no shame in their game.

They’re often seen canoodling at Al’s East 65th Street condo.

Lord have mercy.

Are you surprised it took Al this long to get a divorce?

Is Aisha after his money?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Sellout… Bootlicker

  2. okiseethisthatdumbshit

    al is wack as hell and his girlfriend is madd corny wack and tacky

  3. Freakishly strange looking race baiting LIAR.

  4. he’s been separated 17 years and just now getting a divorce?

  5. al sharpton is the flag bearer of an angry old black man. He is always angry. Angry. Angry. Angry. But get little done.

  6. Proof women will sleep with ANYTHING that has money

  7. Al Sharpton is one evil man. Fanned the flames of hate for decades. Hell is waiting Al…..Hell is waiting

  8. Sharpton is a Poverty Pimp and Race Hustler who has lined his pockets at the expense of the Black Community. Dr. King and Malcolm X will turn away from him if Sharpton’s soul ends up in the next life.

  9. The blm community are a bunch of losers and criminals.. And al Sharpton is their leader that says a lot

  10. Walmart Cashier

    Al traded her in for someone younger & sexier

  11. Ignore al sharpton

  12. Jack in the Box

    sharpton should marry kamala harris

  13. Sellout

  14. Jothanette Meeks

    This man is crazy as HELL


  16. TomSmithIsBackAgain

    @shyla: With that big ass bobble head of his

  17. this dude is a clown. Only hear of him when high profile cases are be addressed.

  18. Pizza Delivery Guy

    I feel sorry for any woman who marries Al

  19. People, stop listening to these celebrity puppets! They’re playing their parts by keeping you distracted with divide and conquer psyops while the elites continue with their agenda. Wake up.

    They’ve shut down the world, made people paranoid and ignorant towards each other in regards to the fake COVID-19 virus, psychologically targeted the younger generations by isolating them from grandma and grandpa to introducing “social distancing” (predictive programming for when 5G is up and running) to finally introducing crisis actors (George Soros is the puppet master for this) for the staged George Floyd death. When you destroy someone’s ability to critically think and react over emotions, you can continue to control an entire populous.

    The globalist elite are using psychological warfare on people to further push the NWO AGENDA. It’s amazing how people cannot see or read between the lines…..

  20. All you Uncle Toms and Bed Wenches coming for Al, know for sure that when your time comes, Al will be fighting just as hard for your justice.

  21. Little known FACT.
    Rev Al got BUSTED in an FBI COKE DEAL in 1983
    A REVEREND….Anyway he been on the payroll ever since

  22. Aisha McShaw dont give a shit about Al……… she’s using him for his money

  23. Democrats are wasted space in our government

  24. Al Sharpton is in Bed with these Demon Crats

  25. Steven Rodriguez

    Fake pandemic
    Untested mass mail-in ballots 2 months before the election during the FAKE PANDEMIC LOCKDOWN 📬📭🗳️🤷‍♂️

  26. Al Sharpton was a undercover FBI Informant that set black people up Jesus

  27. Ruthless Lover

    Never trust a nigga with a perm

  28. I know damn well Aisha aint with him because of his looks!! he already looks like a dries up California raisin!

  29. Girlfriend or daughter? That has to be his daughter…right?

  30. He ain’t hittin it right 😂

  31. I’ll take 300 for who gives a fuck Alex 😆😆😆

  32. Mannn… fuck Perm Sharpton

  33. Mr.LeBrickJames

    A 24 year age gap is a lot, especially with a “boyfriend” not a husband.
    Chances are he probably won’t marry her… and she’ll look back one day and feel that she wasted some of the best years of her life with this man.

  34. 🙅🏾LordHell2DaNaw🙅🏾

    Really Aisha😒you fuck him?

  35. As I said before NO MAN especially a man of means wants to marry an older woman!!! MOST thinking men want a younger, model without all the phallic mileage and wear and tear!

  36. Rev Al getting divorced is not entertaining. I give this story…1star.😏


    They got tired of fighting over the relaxer

  38. Jayde da Blade

    Some ppl look better fat. Al Sharpton is one of those ppl.
    Al Rocker and Randy Jackson. Them to

  39. Hypocrite… if you can’t make your marriage work then don’t preach to me on what I should be doing

  40. You know that your race is bad when al Sharpton is the leader

  41. Sharpton is a disgusting , racist, liar !

  42. 👎Al Sharpton the most race baiting angry pathological liar with his own TV show on fake news CNN ❌ this guy is nothing but a troublemaker and makes $millions$ doing it.

  43. Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger

    Aisha is gonna marry him and take every penny he got

  44. larry schmaltz

    Aisha must be blind and stupid to hook up with that pos skank face

  45. Ignore his stupid a**!

  46. How u gonna be a REVEREND and got a MISTRESS ???



  47. They haven’t been together for 20 years. He’s finalizing things because he’s going to marry the younger women. More importantly if you do what the Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:15 you would be able to see that he’s not a man of GOD….. so let him do whatever he wants to do.

  48. Didn’t know he was married, but I did know about the other woman.

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