Suicide Farewell Video: TikTok star killed ‘herself’ after trolls said she’s very ugly

Dazharia Shaffer commits suicide/TikTok

Dazharia Shaffer commits suicide. 

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BATON ROUGE — Law enforcement officials in Baton Rouge are investigating after TikTok star Dazhariaa Quint Noyes committed suicide because she thought she was ugly. The prepossessing 18-year-old, better known as “Dee,” was browbeaten by Internet trolls prior to hanging herself on February 8th. She even shared an au revoir video with her 1.4 million TikTok followers. While lip-syncing Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock,” Dee experienced contretemps with cyber-bullies who called her “ugly.” They also told her she was only pretty because of cosmetics.

A melancholic Dee eventually concurred with their assessment then warned this would be her “last post.” She killed herself shortly thereafter. Dee’s father, Raheem Alla (né Rodney Andry), confirmed her quietus with a TikTok conception of his own. Turns out, his baby girl suffered from mental illness.

“I just want to thank everyone for their love and support of my daughter,” Raheem wrote next to a slideshow of Dee’s photos. “Unfortunately, she is no longer with us and has gone to a better place.” Shane Evans with the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office reported Dee’s demise was a suicide.

Is it time to place tighter restrictions on social media?

Are Dee’s parents partly culpable for her death?

Is there a correlation between suicide and satanism?

Watch Dee’s farewell video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. How did she kill herself?

  2. creativemind225

    Bruh I cannot stand when people pick on others just because they don’t feel good about themselves and then they think that picking on certain people makes them feel better.
    I crack jokes to make people laugh, smile, and to help people have a good time but I would never bully someone and as a whole they unfortunately kill themselves. I would be filled with guilt, pain, disgust and shame.
    I am really hoping that all of the people who left ugly comments are reevaluating their lives.

  3. George Floyd 卐


  4. This Technology is killing y’all. She wanted some attention and daddy didn’t give it to her. Sad

  5. Society is making these kids punks n to soft…These kids r going out to get as many followers as possible which will bring tons of comments which will be good or bad..if u can’t take the bad comments stop accepting all the follow requests ..u could control who comments n what u see..if u don’t like what others r saying simply block them or delete the comments stop falling the notion that every body is suppose to like u n support what u do n say

  6. JULIE Ann maloney

    This young tiktok and you tube stars are so disconnected to reality because they are famous for nothing and thats not good because they dont have a chance to develop character and realize that all the attention is superficial and shallow and none of their followers are truly their friends

  7. Judging by how attractive she is, we already know which group of women were probably hating on her

  8. she’s in heaven looking down on all of us


  9. You want “FAME” fame cost. These parents forcing they kids out in the public. And these kids weak AF. These girls be buying followers and likes. They really never earn those million followers.

  10. i used to watch her videos on youtube before she started Tik Tok , i still cant believe it 🙂

  11. SuperSaiyanGod

    People need to just stop. Sometimes parents need to really, and I mean really talk to your children.

  12. Oh my gosh is this real I’m literally teary eyed right now 😞

  13. People on Tik Tok really care about what ppl they don’t know think about them. Here I am not giving a F#%k about anybody but who’s in my circle.

    Embarrassing really.

  14. World of jayjay

    Rest in heaven prayers for your family


    Suicide isn’t a joke, I hate when people say they’re in heaven now looking down us, NOT TRUE, this life is a test and suicide is an automatic fail, you will be judged on your ACTIONS

  16. This SUCKS ☹️☹️☹️

  17. Unfortunately the trolls that caused her to commit suicide are like “YES WE DID IT!” and they’re seeing who else they can troll… The world is full of these wicked people, there’s no remorse they’re laughing their asses off.

  18. You ass Put ur mom on the phone

    Why is it the pretty girls that do this stuff. Who would fight for this girl if she was still alive

  19. mrknowitalllt1


  20. Why would they bully her 🥺🥺 .

  21. teyannaa meriee

    omg so she actually gone🕊😩💔

  22. Unfortunately when you suffer from
    untreated mental illness, your sadness becomes depression and the depression becomes despair. Once you reach despair and remain unmedicated it often ends in suicide. I wish she would have disabled her account once she saw her comments were toxic. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and you HAVE to preserve your sanity. Condolences to her family and friends

  23. Zenilda Montrond

    R.i.p fly high angel🕊🙏❤️

  24. marshawn-lynch-a- cracker

    R.I.P to that beautiful young lady. smdh

  25. Such a big loss! So unfortunate. May she be in peace now ❤️🙏🏻 so sad

  26. brown__sugar.♥. .♥. .♥.

    They only bullied her because she’s beautiful fk those bullies your days are numbered

  27. Can’t let people online or in person drive you to killing yaself. Sad

  28. How tf do you get bullied on social media? Turn your phone off. These kids wouldn’t last a year of the 90’s.

  29. I’m sorry to say but she is going hell because it is god who kills and give life their was no reason to do it people are starving dying of cold struggle everyday remember this life isn’t over after death I was just think about her imagine killing your self and seeing angel of death coming to rip her soul out ya Allah have mercy on us their is consequences for everyone’s actions

  30. The most beautiful people in the world think they’re ugly, and the ugliest people in the world think they’re gorgeous.

  31. Principal Lewis

    She was ready to die. Suicide isn’t some outta nowhere solution.

    It isn’t a weak way out.

    It isn’t selfish.

    Suicide is a noble act. It is a definite act. It is the most certain a person can be with self.

    I’ve read majority of the comments.

    Most of you don’t understand the act and could never comprehend the pain associated with it.

    Social media didn’t kill that child. She was dead before she created the account.

  32. KangzandKweenz

    Lol… Look at the dumb niggr with 1 million followers now. We can only wish and hope those 1 million followers will follow her example and run right off the cliff like the lemmings they are… SM raised them. Thank her niggr PARENT

  33. Sassylady89 4Ever

    Unfortunately, there’s no peace for her as she ended her own life. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Life now is sweet and my joy complete because I am saved.

  34. this proves looks are nothing, you should never assume someone’s life is all peaches and cream because of what THEY only show. May she rest in paradise.

  35. Teyona Roberts

    She didn’t kill herself because cyber bullying 😒 she killed herself because everyone she ever loved abandoned her. Her mother is a crackhead and she’s tried for years to get her mom clean. Her mom continued to choose men and drugs over her own child. Daz has plenty of videos up depicting her pain. But noone expected suicide.

  36. Rosalee Kundert

    @Gomeslima: Stop bringing up hell and christianity, grow up and learn to have respect. Suicide isnt about who ever passes goes to hell, theres no hell and theres only heaven whether or not how someone dies. This isnt the 1400’s so stop following into those paths of the past. This isnt about religion so stop talking about religion and pay your respect, mental health is a real thing and you people are heartless to skip the true message of mental health. You guys dont know her story and what she went through behind social media and its sad that your parents are letting you on social media when this is how yall act. Rest in peace to bbygirl 💔 i give my respect and condolences to her family and fans. Quit being heartless and learn to grow up.

  37. Omg I followed her on tt 😢😔 rip love ❤️

  38. Just sad, I often remind my daughter that majority of people on social media isn’t as happy as they put out for others, It’s just sad that suicide was her way out, I feel for the parents and will definitely keep them in my thoughts n prayers.

  39. I remember seeing her very first video on tiktok 😩🦋

  40. but why would someone kill their own self thats so dumb

  41. Monica Simmons

    Well i be damn…she took her own life dammit..She looks so happy…My deepest condolences to the family..I know it is a very hard pill to swallow…

  42. Why are these young people killing themselves so often? I guess having everything at your fingertips ain’t shit!!

  43. TechIsaac Isaac

    This why we need to seek and come closer to God before is to late. Life is just to short. Ooooh God help me.

  44. Tik tok is 90% trash.

  45. You can have 10 million followers, fans, subscribers, but if you never truly feel love from the ones who brought you into this world or experience true unconditional love from the Most High, then a person may always feel empty and void.

  46. OMG i thought this was a joke , rest in peace gorgeous🙏🏻❤️

  47. A life without Jesus-Christ is a wasted life , people!
    Believe in Christ now while there’s still time, and get your sins washed away by His redeeming Blood.
    You are being lied to by this satanic self-deceived world, the devil is lying to us
    Only Jesus Christ The savior is going to get us out of this whole mess. No one else can, not even ourselves
    The Bible says in Mark 8:36 ”For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? ”

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