Australian Open: Naomi defeats Serena, ‘retirement’ becoming a real possibility

Naomi spanked Serena again/

Naomi Osaka has Serena’s number. 

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MELBOURNE — Close, but no cigar. Just moments after getting her ass kicked by Naomi Osaka in the Australian Open semifinals, Serena Williams choked back tears then abruptly concluded her press conference — raising speculation her métier has finally reached cessation. Serena, who was seeking a record-tying 24th Grand Slam singles title, took it on the chin Thursday morning — losing to Naomi 6-3, 6-4 in straight sets. As she exited the court, Serena placed her hand on her embonpoint to show appreciation for the social distancing crowd of 7,000 (half of capacity thanks to coronavirus).

When asked if the gesture insinuates her eagerness to retire, the 39-year-old tennis legend replied: “I don’t know. If I ever say farewell, I wouldn’t tell anyone.” If Serena does decide to call it quits, hell, who can’t blame her?  After all, this ain’t the first time Noami beat her ass in a major tournament.

If you recall, the 23-year-old wunderkind spanked Serena in the controversial 2018 US Open final. Not to mention Naomi is 16 years younger, she’s practically immortal, and she’s won a ridiculous 20 straight matches. Yikes! No wonder Serena fought back tears. Naomi won’t let her achieve G.O.A.T. status.

“I don’t know,” Serena bemoaned when asked to elucidate the excessive quantity of unforced errors she effectuated during her match with Naomi. The inquiry must’ve struck a nerve because Serena suddenly jumped out of her chair and said, “I’m done”… before sauntering off.

A damn shame.

Serena’s presser lasted 3 minutes.

Naomi’s presser lasted 23 minutes.

Has Father Time caught up with Serena?

Does she have anything left in the tank?

Watch highlights and interviews.

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  1. Congratulations Osaka you are number one ☝️

  2. Richard Jn Baptiste

    Naomi is a cold blooded killer

  3. Serena should still keep competing. She is still very competitive. So why retire?

  4. Trevor Handberry

    The torch is being passed.

  5. Whoever is designing Serena’s outfit sure has a sense of humor.

  6. Father Time is undefeated……. Naomi keeps taxing dat azzzz…. Getting serena fitted for her HOF jacket 🤣🤣

  7. Yo she got whooped 😭😭😭😭

  8. The passing of the torch just happened

  9. Antoine Christopher

    Father Time is undefeated!!!🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. I predicted this outcome when I watched Serena Williams play Simona Halep in the quarter final. She won the match but during their rallies, her ball placements on the court didn’t put Simona in too much difficulties. Just look at the kind of punishment she receives from Naomi every time that she returns the ball practically in the swinging area of her right hand.

  11. I know Serena will come back to claim her 24th grand slam be prepared!

  12. i love it!! 2 big leaguers CHOPPIN IT UP…IRON sharpens IRON!!!

  13. Serena is Not in Her Prime her power is there but her lateral movements were too heavy and don’t get me wrong her body is sculpted Olympic beauty but the game is too fast now. Osaka is the best now and rightfully so but hey Serena has had a 20 year run she’s the greatest ever

  14. michael jasper

    This was really tough to watch for Serena she was really outmatched the torch has been passed

  15. Her energy is poor & conditioning needs to be better

  16. This is a great day! The cheater is out. Im surprised she did not try to do what she is best at : make a scene throw a tantrum and pull every victim card in the book.

  17. Osaka is the truth.

  18. Serena will always be the GOAT for me but Osaka was in top form in this match. I’ve watched her game get stronger and stronger since that US open grand slam win. She’s about to dominate this game the way the Williams did. Watch. I don’t mind Serena losing to Naomi Osaka. And I love that Osaka still bows. Her bow for me feels like the head tilt black people do to acknowledge each other.

  19. liberte matter

    Naomi osaka for next 10 years

  20. Excuses, Excuses and more Excuses. That’s why Serena Williams is the LeBron James of Women’s Tennis with a toxic excuse making fan base to match.

    Serena Williams isn’t the GOAT. The goat woman of tennis is actually Steffi Graf. Steffi is the only player in the history of tennis to have won at least 4 times each Grand Slam title. Graf also played with better competition and more parity.

    Steffi is the only player in the history of tennis to have won at least 4 times each Grand Slam title.
    Most single titles
    Steffi Graf has 107
    All surface single winning percentage
    Steffi Graf 900-115 88.67
    Most singles matches won
    Steffi Graf 900
    Best annual singles winning percentage
    Steffi Graf 97.7
    Most consecutive years winning at least one singles title
    14 – Steffi Graf (1986-1999)
    Most singles titles won in a year
    14 – Steffi Graf (1989)
    Better competition and greater parity.

  21. Serena has not won a grand slam since having her daughter, she could have easily beaten MC’s record, and then some, if she waited to have kids, congrats to Naomi

  22. Good thing she didn’t lose her cool the same way she did in 2018! Osaka was living rent free in Sarena’s head throughout this match. It was OVER before it started.

  23. 1018miamidrive

    It’s crazy because Serena doesn’t need 1 more to be the best ever in woman’s tennis or both genders. Serena winning in this era far more difficult. Naomi is this generations Serena and Serena knows she’s facing herself. Naomi is young Ali and Serena is older Ali. Great and can pull out another win but will have to outsmart Young Ali to do that. Naomi is just better now. If Serena was the same age I’m taking Serena in her prime.

  24. Stanley KRUPINSKI

    Serena should quit before she embarrass herself

  25. Naomi is the future 💙🙏🏽

  26. Maybe Serena was too exhausted, or was under serious pressure to get the 24th title, or has not practiced enough.

  27. I am Serena’s greatest fan but this is what I said when she lost to Naomi in the US Open Finals 2 years ago : Serena will never win another slam unless she loses 25-30 pounds . Martina Navratilova and Francesca Schiavone were in top physical shape with no excess body fat when they played in their 30’s. Serena could get away with carrying those extra pounds when she was in her 20’s but not now. Can you imagine Federer playing in a Grand Slam against Nadal or Djokovic while being 30 pounds overweight? No way!!!!

  28. Kodwo Ampiah-Bonney

    Naomi the most beautiful black I have ever seen

  29. Scorpion777 Silvermoon

    Serena you do toooooo much. Commercials…being a wife ….a mom…plus a super tennis star. You cant do it all.

  30. I dont see a lot of These so called “Unforced Errors” from the diva serena , All I see is Naomi’s World Class Winners 🤣

  31. Naomi Osaka = Polite and humble person
    Serena Williams = Drama queen and sore loser

  32. Serena created her own biggest enemy, herself. Ever since she swore “social justice” on Margaret Court(for her beliefs), she’s put herself in a spot she doesn’t know the way out of. Serena’s energy has been consumed with some cosmic injustice to her and her racial identity. This creates a dissonance because she’s obviously a winner and a success story. Both cant be true and she’ stuck in a limbo. I don’t like her(for whatever reasons, its not relevant) but I am not blind and I see she’s the only real factor there ever was in the women’s game. I want her to get what she deserves, wins,trophies, recognition etc. Nevertheless, until she matures enough to check herself, maybe reconcile with M.Court,admit her own shortcomings and stop the drama of the “me against the world and all injustices against me” I will not support such thing to happen. I’m glad Naomi is around so Serena has no sjw narrative to spin and fool herself and the world with. Naomi is black, female, and smaller. No excuses. The 24th wont come without the personal growth Serena is refusing and running away from.

  33. Time for the ” old lady” to retire. Thank goodness Serena cannot blame the umpire for losing this time to Naomi. Thinking back to U S open, it was a real sore loser behavior by Serena and it robbed Naomi the happiness and elation she would have felt by winning her first grand slam

  34. Osaka is a great tennis player but when she talks about BLM and politics it becomes quite apparent she has the intellect of a door knob.

  35. It’s been a long ride. There is absolutely no shame in winning 23 grandslams and being considered the greatest women tennis player.

  36. Setsiba Malose

    I’m a fan of serena but she just have to admit that naomi was better..

  37. Serena Williams is an old lady, she’s old enough to be Naomi’s mom

  38. When Serena got her 23rd Grand Slam title s couple years back, it was thought that she’d be at 28 to 30 by now. Having a baby, age, good younger players, and doing a lotta commercials, & she’s still “stuck” on 23. Maybe give the cat suit a rest, Serena.

  39. I felt sorry for that old black lady Naomi beat. She looked really disappointed at the end. I think if she lost a bit of weight, she could be quite good, but not a bad effort for an auntie to reach the semis of a grand slam.

  40. Serena got beat down. Time to retire. She’s done.

  41. People keep saying that this was a ‘beat down.’ It wasn’t. A ‘beat down’ is when the score is something like 6-2,6-2 or 6-1, 6-2 or 6-0, 6-0 or 6-1, 6-1. The fact that Serena got to 6-3,6-4 at the age of almost 40 is VERY impressive! Think about it: she’s nearly 40 and getting to finals and semis of GS. In the history of tennis, who has done this? Male or female…I’ll wait…Serena is getting into much better shape and she’ll get there. I don’t quite understand why this was seen as a ‘beat down’.

  42. Reynold Fleming

    Serena does not understand that there is a new Queen on the court

  43. Serena needs to lose some weight, the days of relying on her power hitting are done, Osaka is on a rise and she’s mighty fit and moving.. I know Serena wants #24 but it won’t come through power hitting, her opponents have figured that part out, she must drop on the weight and get moving and start placing those balls, Osaka is the image of a young and rising Serena.. Give her room!!

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