Dancing with the Devil: Demi Lovato’s documentary narrates heroin overdose

Demi Lovato tells her story/TMZ.com

Demi Lovato so lucky to be alive.

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LOS ANGELES — Demi Lovato released the trailer for her YouTube documentary on Wednesday titled “Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil” and to say she’s been to hell and back would be a vast understatement. Directed by Michael D. Ratner, the four-part docuseries — which premieres March 23rd — chronicles Demi’s struggles with drug addiction and mental illness. If you recall, the 28-year-old songstress damn near died from a heroin overdose in 2018. Turns out, the quondam junkie suffered a heart attack and multiple strokes as a result. Demi’s dope dealer, Brandon Johnson, wasn’t arrested or even investigated.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Demi’s overdose was so pernicious, medical professionals told her she only had a few minutes to live. The “Confident” singer is lucky to be alive. “My doctors said that I had five to ten more minutes,” she recounted in the documentary. Demi also spoke with media members on Wednesday as part of the Television Critics Association press tour, telling them she’s still dealing with long-term effects.

“I was left with brain damage, and I still deal with the effects of that today,” Demi said. “I don’t drive a car because there are blind spots in my vision. I also, for a long time, had a really hard time reading. I feel like they kind of are still there to remind me of what could happen if I ever get into a dark place again.”

Again, “Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil” premieres March 23rd on YouTube.

Watch the 2-minute trailer.

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  1. why with satan

  2. Isn’t this like her 3rd documentary or something damn so she’s just gonna make a documentary every time she relapses or what

  3. I really admire Demi’s honesty. ❤️❤️

  4. I just know I’m going to cry watching this.

  5. Heroin?

  6. Oh my god no-one cares

  7. Erikka Juvonen

    Holy fuck she had 3 strokes and a heartache I’m balling already…I know addiction to well overdoesd a few times but not to that extent..but there were times I shouldn’t of woke up..Demi is a soldier…just from this clip I know it’s going to be hard to watch..but I will

  8. This is so powerful, I am so excited I am so gonna cry over this documentary

  9. Yawn. Always looking for attention.

  10. Can we talk about how 🔥🔥🔥 the sound track is!!!

  11. This pink skin needs to over dose and not be saved already. Soo we can be free of this victim and victims like her

  12. Demi’s the one woman/music artists I’ve always found interesting, cute, creative, good voice, and watched since the beginning where she mentioned in a interview that she’d entered a rehab from being on drugs at 18. It’s really sad to see her at 28 still suffering from those same demons. Demi was lucky to survive but she’s going to die if she doesn’t get the help she needs. My advice, purchase 50 acres in the south to detox from fake people, and reconnect with the natural world to avoid the man man elements designed to destroy you before its too late. Explore and find new hobbies within yourself to supplement through the hard times. And maybe she’s finally found that place, and if so good for her.


  14. RatchetPatrick

    Funny how people treat her like a victim, but makes fun of black artists when they have drug issues

  15. Dancing with the devil. Don’t let that go over your head


  17. “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”
    ~Oscar Wilde

  18. Meh, I’ll just watch the next documentary after she relapses again.

  19. Dancing with the Spoon

  20. Chills literal chills

  21. SHE OVERDOSED WITH HEROIN? In general, I never knew what drugs she used besides alcohol.

  22. M y P r i v a t e s e x N u d e 💋!!!

  23. Working with the Devil.


    lmao get this shit outta here

  25. I have a eating addiction, I can’t stop eating even if I promise myself I will stop. I’m fat and everyone looks at me as if I’m not worthy. I feel so ashamed when people make fun of my weight. I pretend to laugh with them and tease myself. I feel dead inside yet nobody notices. Everyone thinks I have a tough skin but I don’t. It not always good to bottle things up. One day it’s going to explode. Thank you Demi. Love you for this and more

  26. Omg how much longer is she going to whine. Really CASHING IN 💸

  27. You go girll!!!🔥🔥🔥

  28. Breaks my heart………….. addiction is fucking hard

  29. sophia barrett

    Fuck I love this woman more than most people. Might be one of the only celebs that actually tells us the full truth about themselves. Great representation of recovery not being linear and the lifelong struggle of mental illness. Always one of my favorite warriors 💗

  30. Dancing with the Devil?

    No thanks, I’ll stick with Jesus

  31. When I say I know what she’s been through, I mean that. I’ve asked for help and lied through my teeth, pretending to be ok and on the right path. When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, you figure out how to function while still trying to please others. I wanted help, but I wasn’t ready. Until you’re truly ready on your own, nothing will matter. I couldn’t imagine having that platform and being put on such a pedestal. No wonder and I don’t mean that in an ill way. I couldn’t imagine!

  32. it could be similar to a documentary about Amy Winehouse.

  33. She doesn’t deserve any more fame tbh. Stop encouraging junkies she just wants more drug money

  34. Wait she has to make a documentary every time she is overdose or something happen to her?

  35. Dontwatxhme Watchtv

    She’s milkin this thing til the very end huh

  36. natalie nicole

    bro i didnt even know about the heart attack and three strokes….only by God’s grace is she even alive. she’s a living breathing miracle.

  37. “You ever Danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?” – Demi Lovato

  38. How many documentaries is it going to take for her to stop using heroin 😂 this is like the 5th one

  39. honestly the last thing she should be doing is profiting off of this for literally the 3rd time, every single time she makes these documentaries or opens up about her journey she has either been lying or on the cusp of a relapse, it’s okay to just keep some things private y’know, like everyone has to make a Netflix series about fucking everything now, just chill out and focus on healing its obvious she’s still going through it, shit like this feels like it was pushed by management and people around her just keep quiet instead of protecting her and her privacy.

  40. The nicest people are the most vulnerable. She seems to be a good person who needs someone to see her for who she is and what she is going through. 🙏🏾💕😘

  41. 🤣 Look at me, look at me! Probably the most attention seeking person. People literally pay to have what you got. Quit whining like we need to feel sorry for you. Apparently you are living for all their comments, and clout. Paaaathetic.

  42. Finally admitting she sold her soul maybe?

  43. Dude, WHO CARES!?

    Why are people so easily conditioned into idolizing other people? It’s so pathetic.

    Then when these manufactured “icons” hit a low, they still manage to pull in millions by exploiting themselves, and people buy it.

    I blame people for feeding it, and giving a shit. The celebrities are only playing devils advocate. Sheepy pathetic people.

    Wake up! They are only people! You aren’t going to get a where are they now segment or thousands of fan letters for a suicide attempt, or drug overdose! THEY ARE! They don’t relate to you! 99% of these people don’t even have talent! It’s a horse and pony show!

  44. thefisherman007

    She’s put on a few pounds.

  45. Why do they keep profiting off of her worst moments 🙁 I feel like this makes sobriety even more difficult

  46. love her but she needs to step away from the spotlight and settle down, not quit her career necessarily she could still make and release music and would probably be financially just fine , but she’s seems exhausted trying to keep a name for herself and staying in recovery. it is a daily battle that she’ll face until she dies for sure, but there has to come a point where she needs to put her health first .

  47. The Real Spartan

    We get it………… celebrity crackhead depression

  48. For those posting negative comments…
    Think about this…
    Where would Ozzy Osbourne be if Sharon had given up on him? How many times did he overdose? Is he still in drugs(one might wonder)??
    Anyone who watches this & sees her as an inspiration, another life may be spared. Not one of us is perfect. We all have flaws. In your time of need, who do you turn to??
    What would you do if you had no one?? We all need somebody at some point.

    Signed… Recovering Addict of 3yrs & 4mths. Keep trying until the day you realize “You are With It!!”

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