Divorce Court: Kim Kardashian & Kanye sundering after seven years of marriage

Kim is divorcing Kanye/Daily Mail

Kanye and Kim getting divorce.

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LOS ANGELES — You can stick a fork in Kim Kardashian’s marriage because it’s done. The 40-year-old reality TV star and rap artist Kanye West are calling it quits after 7 years of holy matrimony. Kim, who’s represented by disso queen Laura Wasser, filed dissolution documents in Los Angeles County Superior Court on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. She’s seeking joint legal and physical custody of their 4 kids (North, 7, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 1). But, a close source said Kanye and Kim are asunder on amicable terms.

The quondam lovebirds have a prenuptial agreement in place and they’re close to signing a property settlement indenture. Kanye, 43, and Kim have been living in separate homes for months so a cessation was inevitable. They even tried couples therapy but the sh*t obviously didn’t work.

Rumor has it when Kanye ran for president his bipolar episodes severed his bond with Kim. While campaigning, Kanye told voters he tried to coerce Kim to get an abortion when she was gravid with North in 2012. “He thinks that the presidential run was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” the source said.

“Before that, there was hope. After that, none. It cost him his marriage.”

Word on the street claims Kim is dating CNN host Van Jones.

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  1. This will be last nail to the coffin of Kanye’s mental health.

  2. Desiree Richey

    I’m actually sad about it. They did seem to be one of those iconic perfect couples. Like made to be together and had such amazing love. But I learned something sad myself the hard way, and that is,.. love sometimes is not enough to make a marriage work. It’s not. That’s a fairytale. Not reality.

  3. SHE’S ABOUT TO GET…..PAID!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$😳……

    They say…it’s cheaper to KEEP!!! HER!😳🤣✌️

  4. Diana Rodriguez

    “She take my money when I’m in need
    Yeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeed
    Oh, she’s a gold digger
    Way over town, that digs on me” 😭

  5. Good riddance, Kanye lusted over her and thats probably why they ended up getting married. He became a different man during their marriage and now realizes the mistake he made.

  6. I feel bad for the kids. I know they have these crazy amazing lives but I know divorce will still be hard to handle. It’s sad but 2 happy homes are better than one dysfunctional

  7. Michael Gaynor

    Best News I heard all day!

  8. Who cares where’s my stimulus check

  9. greta fernandez

    Wow 8 year’s ago he was proposing to her at a stadium and the whole clan went to Paris and Italy for the wedding and they had Northie ___
    These men loose their frickin mind’s with these Kardashian women. She got with him when she was still married on paper to Kris Humphrey he’s the one that bit the bullet and saved his mind.
    Kim was Kanye’s muse and she loved it…. Where did it go left 👈🏽

  10. KK still can turn around and
    became helpful to society.
    KOW will dissolve like a slug,
    when somebody pour salt on it.
    He is a sick man …
    he will lose everything.
    6 hours ago
    KK still can turn around and
    became helpful to society.
    KOW will dissolve like a slug,
    when somebody pour salt on it.
    He is a sick man …
    he will lose everything.

  11. Meanwhile in Texas a man was found frozen to death in his recliner due to having no power to stay warm, he’s one of 24 people who have died, but I understand, rich people divorcing is breaking news..

  12. Oh so sad too bad where’s our stimulus check

  13. Kanye suffers from Bipolar disorder. I’m not a fan of either one of them but I have personally seen the effects of bipolar. It has devastating effects especially left untreated. Remember Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift at the awards show ? Classic BP disorder behavior.

  14. Surprised they made it this far! 😕

  15. She just filed! This is a sad day for America 🇺🇸! Its royal family 👪 is breaking up!! 😶

  16. SmackItUp-FlipIt-RubItDown

    We knew this day was coming!! No way they were getting beyond the 7-year itch…🤧

  17. Yildiz Adiguzel

    She is too good for him!

  18. @Yildiz Adiguzel: No shes not.

  19. Bitches are always the one filing for divorce and they are always the ones that want to get married. Stay away from them and listen to Tom Leykis.

  20. Felicia Mangwani

    Wishing both of them the best ❤️

  21. This family suck the life out of every man who crosses them

  22. Why people are getting married in the modern era is beyond stupid. wanting a wedding but not the responsibility that comes after. Pathetic

  23. Way to break up a family and damage your kids Kim. Very sad.

  24. Tony Pitsacota

    I STILL say Kanye would have made a better president than Joe Biden. At least he understood economics.

  25. Kim is still fine she’ll find someone else quickly

  26. Bounndddd to getting diiiivorrcedddd ! Modern Women are filing at Almost 80% rate. Beware fellas

  27. Who fuking cares! She is the devil and he is a turd!

  28. Brendan Manwaring

    I believe kanye fell for Kim only because she’s beautiful, but then he got her and she turned into freddy krueger. Hopefully I’m wrong. Never judge a book by its cover…. maybe she’s beautiful and sweet. Only she knows.

  29. Medicinari Medicina

    WHO CARES?????

  30. I’m sure Kanye will handle this like a mature and responsible adult…

  31. catfishredneck

    if you care about this you a an idiot! WGAF?

  32. she aint messin wit no ccrazy …

  33. Kanye believes in GOD, Kim believes in birthday abortions. Republicans and Democraps don’t mix!

  34. Who gives a fart

  35. She did you a favor Kanye…now go find yourself a nice Christian gal

  36. Kim can’t stand his personal relationship with Jesus Christ 🙏


  38. I bet she is shopping for a new hubby.

  39. No one wants to stay married to a tRump supporter these days 🤣😂😋🤣😋😂🤭🤭🤭 #MAGA #idiots

  40. Joseph Bishara

    This is what I love about Kim. She has no time for rubbish. When Kanye exposed her abortion issues to the world, she promptly kicked him out. If it was Beyonce, she would have simply written a song about it and she would have tolerated the abuse.

  41. After four children. Whoo!🤦😩

  42. Michael Seidenberg

    Kanye is free to persue Taylor Swift now.

  43. Some things just need to be kept to oneself. Many people have thought about abortion, especially with an unplanned pregnancy, and later changed their minds I too was in that predicament. My son is now grown and is the most wonderful human being one can know I love him and would hate for him to know my thoughts at that time. Of course if he had turned out to be rotten it could have been a dart to throw in his face.

  44. I hope that Ye gets back stabilized on his meds. If he goes through this divorce unmedicated he may hit despair. When a bipolar patient reaches despair suicide usually follows. Without medication and therapy it is VERY hard to pull the patient out of despair. I hope the guilt and what ifs don’t drive him off the deep end.

  45. “can’t make a wife out of a hoe”

    ~Kid lario

  46. I mean, who’s surprised?!

  47. Lasted 7 years longer than we expected!

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