Senator Cruz and his family took Cancun ‘vacation’ while Texans froze in the dark

Ted and Heidi on vacation/ABC News

Senator Cruz catching hell.

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CANCUN — Republican Senator Ted Cruz is under fire after he and his family jetted off to sunny Cancun to escape the power outage that’s ravaged the state of Texas. In case you’ve been asleep the past few days, a winter storm unlike any in Texas history left millions of people in the Lone Star State without sustenance and utilities. “[The store] was out of meat, eggs and almost milk before I left,” Cristal Porter, an Austin resident, said about her local Target which she patronized on Monday. “Lines were wrapped around the store when we arrived. … Shelves were almost fully cleared for potatoes, meat, eggs and some dairy.”

Due to hypothermia, many residents burned furniture to stay warm.

Others were spotted drinking out of swimming pools.

While ravenous Texans were relegated to shivering in the dark, Ted took his wife and kids to the Ritz-Carlton Cancun where they obtained shelter at an exorbitant rate of $309 per night. Ted’s wife, Heidi, even texted a couple of neighbors, asking them if they “want to leave for the week?”

Ain’t that a bitch?

Speaking of bitch… Ted and Heidi left their small poodle Snowflake at home in gelid conditions.

To add insult to injury, a video surfaced on Friday that shows Heidi soaking up the Mexican sun while wearing a red bikini. She also bragged about leaving the “freezing” weather. Ted, who received backlash from constituents and colleagues, must’ve felt guilty because the vacation was truncated by two days.

“It was obviously a mistake,” he explained to reporters.

“In hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Ted, who used police resources to get to the airport, claims he was dropping his daughters off in Cancun.

But nobody believes him and voters are pissed.

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  1. What kinda of an elected idiot abandons their constituents & dog amid deadly weather & pandemic? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. He was huddled around the fire place in cancun paradise. Says he felt guilty immediately yet didn’t come back untill he got caught. He only came back because people realized he was in paradise

  3. Poor example of leadership. He’s not the type to “go down with the ship,” for sure. Vote in someone that can “weather the storm,” play an active leadership role and set a good example for others (including the kids) until disasters a corrected.

  4. Meanwhile, AOC Visits Houston Food Bank After Raising $3.2 Million For Relief Efforts in Texas

  5. lolll he is a typical trump worshipper rotten to the core a p.o.s. just like trump and his follower

  6. Ted Cruz is a father before he is a politician.

  7. Drop off in Cancun really. No weekend trip with friends and family during a pandemic. Disgusting

  8. Sooooo, there were no places in America he could’ve took his kids to spend American money? 🤔

  9. Lol he packed a bag full of swim shorts. Lol

  10. Ted Cruz treated his dog worse than Agatha Harkness treated sparky in WandaVision 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Liar liar pants on fire Ted cruising to Mexico comes back with a tan and a yellow streak and wearing a Texas face mask how appropriateit just didn’t feel right when I was in the jacuzzi sucking on a margarita I had to come back 🤪

  12. and Texans voted for this guy who doesn’t care about them or his state. remember people next election vote to remove him.

  13. Every Texan should demand he be removed and receive NO benefits. He is a disgrace

  14. Ted Cruz is inhuman .

  15. ryukenshin55 k

    If you’re surprised by this POS’s behavior then you’re an out of touch idiot and if you’re a Texan who voted for him you need to wake the fuck up and vote for someone who gives a shit about you!

  16. Build the wall. Lol.

  17. Agent Rob USA20

    I would’ve taken a vacation too

    I’m not staying behind to freeze LOL

  18. Get him out of office.

  19. Irish Diva Jeffries

    What kills me is Dummy Donald Jr said its okay for Cruz to do this.

  20. JRizzo Platizzo

    You’re still the Man Ted. You still have my vote 👍because I would’ve left and went to Mexico too

  21. What life lesson is he teaching his children.
    If there is a problem in life get on a plane and leave..

  22. Spending tax money on vacations instead of aiding money to helping citizens with a power outage. Shame

  23. Give him a azzz whooopin

  24. So what!! If any of you white people had the same power and resources…you would have did it to for your kids and wives…that’s what white people do…..he only did what all of you would have done…your just made because your suffering…welcome to reality….your not GODS you can be touched…white privilege cant save you from everything. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. He’s in front of a cozy fireplace!


  27. Lord Of The Skies

    Roast his assssss 🤣

  28. Nabhan Abdullatif

    Why is anyone surprised by his actions? He supported Trump’s lie, of course he would choose to act selfishly in a crisis, it’s within his character to do so.



  31. f u cruz

  32. Politicians suck.

  33. Ted is a piece of 💩

  34. texas can go to hell and i will go to cancun

  35. You just can’t make this shit it up!

  36. What’s he supposed to do lol change the weather hahaha

  37. Tequila Ted is a low life. Then he blamed his kids

  38. He wanted to go somewhere hot,
    I am sure he will go somewhere hot in the end, a damn hot place.

  39. Ted Cruz sunbathing, swimming & drinking Tequila with friends in Cancun while his constituents are dying of Hypothermia!!!This is the public servant that you voted to make Texas Great Again.

  40. let’s face it, if cruz had stayed in texas, the news would say: while texans struggle, cruz sleeps soundly in his mansion.

  41. Zoom Shaka-Laka

    Fleein’ Ted Cruz exemplifies why you should never vote Republican. For all their grandiose talk, they always abandon their voters.

  42. You leave when you are needed the most.

    Position in the government is to serve the people and not to be served. A public servant is the first to lead and the last to leave. If your people suffer from arctic blast, you suffer too. If they stay in cold freezing temperatures, you stay. They voted for you because they trust and believe in you. You won not because of who you are, but what you can do to the people. You do not abandon them, you join them. You listen to them and not turn your ears away from them. You don’t run away for your own comfort. The people pay you to take good care of them. As you serve, your family is secondary because your priority is the family in your state.

  43. Ted Cruz is a hero! I swear, you guys always wanna judge before knowing the story… truth is Ted was on a mission! Biden hired Antifa to build the faulty windmills, so Ted Cruz flew out to Cancun to lasso the sun and bring it back to Texas 🤠☀️🇨🇱

  44. One thing is for sure – his wife looks much better with her clothes on than in a bathing suit! Seeing her in a bathing suit is a crime in itself!

  45. Wizards in the Mist

    Has Ted Cruz always been that fat or has he been hitting the pork rinds?

  46. Instead of running away he could have tried to help the situation. Coordinate some relief supplies, line up some generators or something. Hell AOC gave more of a response than Ted and she doesn’t even live in Texas! Hard to believe the voters in that state are ok with this.

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