FBI and NYPD are reportedly behind the assassination of Malcolm X, family livid

Malcolm X killed in front of family/NewYorker.com

FBI agents, NYPD under microscope.

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NEW YORK — Here’s something to ruminate during Black History Month: Malcolm X’s family released a missive at a news conference on Saturday that alleges the FBI and New York Police Department masterminded his assassination in 1965. Malcolm was fatally shot in front of his wife and kids while delivering an oration at New York’s Audubon Ballroom. Three Nation of Islam members — Mujahid Abdul Halim (aka Talmadge Hayer and Thomas Hagan), Muhammad Abdul Aziz (aka Norman 3X Butler) and Khalil Islam (aka Thomas 15X Johnson) — were convicted and thrown in the penitentiary.

The letter was transcribed by deceased police officer Raymond Wood who claimed he was coerced by his supervisors to lure a cohort of Malcolm’s security detail into effectuating “felonious acts” just days before the speech so that their arrests would prevent them from managing door security. The plot, according to Wood, was concocted by FBI agents and crooked cops to have the human rights activist murdered.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance released a statement saying a “review of this matter is active and ongoing.” Malcolm’s daughter, Ilyasah Shabazz, wants justice. “Any evidence that provides greater insight into the truth behind that terrible tragedy should be thoroughly investigated,” she told reporters.

Do you think the FBI and NYPD are culpable for Malcolm’s demise?

If so, what should be done?

Watch the presser.

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  1. Abdulweli Ahmed

    They (NYPD and FBI) killed him and Media did the rest, changing everything and lying as usual

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent.” Media has been a tool that has proven to influence the minds, ideas, behaviors and attitudes of the masses.”

    _Malcolm X

  2. Why February? I hope that cop burns in hell.

  3. Spencer Williams

    This is BS. One of the shooters was released from jail years ago. He knows who he worked with. He worked with other members of the Nation of Islam. The police were constantly infiltrating these groups and stoking divisions. The people who actually killed Malcolm X were zealots of Lois Farrakhan. Their actual identity does not even matter. It will just give them publicity. Do not trust the Nation of Islam. And do not trust people who claim to have the real story but they can’t tell you because it’s a secret.

  4. Limited quantity Sufiyyah Expired with no evidence

    May Allah give the nation of “Islam” what they deserve.

  5. ruben gutierrez

    The Feds and NYPD killed Malcolm X, like they killed Fred Hampton four years later in Chicago!

  6. If you notice, Malcolm’x daughter Ilyasha Shabazz is always the one who is invited on all these different podcasts and TV shows even though she was too young to remember anything. While Attallah Shabazz , who was 6 years old when she saw her father Malcolm X murdered, is hardly invited or mentioned in the news media. That’s because Attallah Shabazz is uncompromising when telling the truth like her late great father Malcolm X was.

    Attallah says the FBI probably had something to do with her father’s murder but it doesn’t excuse the fact that adult black men between the ages of 20 and 40 chose to unload bullets from their guns into Malcolm’s body until their guns were empty. They HAVE to be culpable.

  7. I guess Spike Lee didn’t do his homework before making the movie Malcom X

  8. The Bold Point

    His followers have known about this for decades. It’s a shame that men have to take the secrets of treachery to their death beds instead of doing what’s right. But I’m glad this is happening, regardless.

  9. The United States feared Malcolm would not only succeed in black segregation but a black rebellion. He was way too knowledgeable and inspired blacks. He told blacks that they were the superior race being suppressed by the weak. After all the strong leaders were knocked off and paid off the black community became the biggest spending, most unorganized and most incarcerated race in the country. This was what they wanted

  10. I often wondered how do Pawn black people feel or is their self hatred so much, they’ll do anything for white people and never have a conscience.

  11. Mikey Westside

    Either way it doesn’t matter we are all better off without him.

  12. I’m glad this police officer finally admitted the truth about who killed malcom x wish he gave full names and detail but I guess he rather take to the grave

  13. This is a Duh!!! Moment they killed Martin too and Huey and Fred Hampton and likely Nipsey Hustle they’ll use they’re mainstream media tool and sweep it on under the rug …us so called conspiracy theorist been knew this but they label us and call us crazy …no you sleep sheep are the crazy one’s

  14. If Trump was the president of USA when Malcom X was assassinated, he would have tweeted how NYPD and FBI killed him.

  15. We all knew the government did it .

  16. We are WAY past the point where we should have stopped denying our true history and began teaching TRUTH in our classrooms.

  17. Just wondering if all those people who unjustly accused The Honorable Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are going to apologise???? I’m wondering if they will harass the FBI and NYPD like they’ve done the Nation of Islam???

  18. Murderous thugs ran America in the 1960’s. Richard Nixon was at the head. Then J Edgar Hoover. They used the FBI and CIA for surveillance on whomever they wanted, domestically and internationally. Then the FBI or CIA would hire the mafia if they wanted to assassinate somebody….This network of MURDEROUS THUGS were responsible for the assassinations of John F Kennedy in 1963, Malcolm X in 1965, Robert Kennedy in 1968, Martin Luther King in 1968, and Fred Hampton in 1969

  19. BeStill Patience

    Go figure when you play with GOD …JESUS is the only way, not praying to some god in one direction “east” ….💯🤷

  20. It’s so obvious now. America is scared of the Truth that is Malcolm X.

  21. Andrew Simon Jr

    So the fbi and the nypd killed him America is no democracy it kills its own people

  22. Fucking pigs and fbi cunts!

  23. Olend Crabtree

    Malcom x warned everyone about the liberals. The department of justice has been corrupt for decades

  24. Yet the people in the fucken media say that we should respect and believe the FBI.

  25. They plotted to kill him because they had an evil agenda to destroy Islam but Allah is the best of planners, and Allah will humiliate (in this life and the next) those who try to extinguish His light (if they did not repent).

  26. Wasn’t the people who shot Malcolm X black? I thought the Honorable what’s his name was behind it?

  27. charmedlilsis1

    I know this comment is wayyyy off topic but Malcolm was fine af! 😂

  28. Every black person know this, the government is involved with every black leaders death nothing new CO-INTEL-PRO. Happy black History Month brother Malcolm

  29. Andrei Poletaev

    FBI is a dangerous terrorist organization, assassinating a Civil Rights activist is definitely a crime against humanity.

  30. Lmao!! This is nothing new… Wake up folks.. This kinda thing still happens today.

  31. @Andrei Poletaev: He wasnt a civil rights activist, he was a freedom fighter and human rights activist.the truth will always come to the light no matter how hard they try to hide and bury it .

  32. Unfortunately officer Ray Wood is not the only man who has been forced to keep silent for horrific crimes committed by the FBI and the USA Government. He did the right thing by penning down the actual truth. He never spoke of this for the safety of his loved ones. He can’t be hurt or silenced no more by the FBI. Rest in Eternal Peace both Ray Wood and Malcolm X. Stay safe everyone worldwide against the Covid-19 virus 😷🥰😘💜💙🦋

  33. MrMiddleFinger804

    The coward released the letter after he was already on his way to Hell!

  34. Robert Dorrington

    Jesus i get he was symbol but damn let this shit go it like jfk second gunman somewhere in bushes sick of racism shit

  35. News flash 🤨 ain’t nothing new here. The Police and the Government have been killing our heroes for years since the beginning of time..

  36. Stephen Greenberg

    Not shocking at all. The black man, who speaks truth to power, and cannot be “bought” or bullied, will always be targeted, by this corrupt country and her death squads.

  37. On February 19, 1965, Malcolm X told interviewer Gordon Parks that the Nation of Islam was actively trying to kill him. The Shabazz family are among those who have accused Louis Farrakhan of involvement in Malcolm X’s . In a 1993 speech Farrakhan seemed to acknowledge the possibility that the Nation of Islam was responsible:
    ‘Was Malcolm your traitor or ours? And if we dealt with him like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours? A nation has to be able to deal with traitors and cutthroats and turncoats.”
    In a 60 Minutes interview that aired during May 2000, Farrakhan stated that some things he said may have led to the assassination of Malcolm X. “I may have been complicit in words that I spoke,” he said, adding “I acknowledge that and regret that any word that I have said caused the loss of life of a human being.”[ A few days later Farrakhan denied that he “ordered the assassination” of Malcolm X, although he again acknowledged that he “created the atmosphere that ultimately led to Malcolm X’s assassination.”

  38. Makes me think if Tupac was killed the same way. He too was becoming a leader. Son of a Black Panther. Songs “Changes” and “Keep Ya Head Up” definitely show a lot and what he talked about in life too. Clips of him went viral during protests last year. Some conspiracy theory are rather realistic based on how black people have always been killed for leading. Harriet Tubman was one who they couldn’t get. Hell even Michael Jackson’s death seemed the same cause of his massive influence. His privates tapes with Rabbi says a lot.

  39. And the conspiracy continues…I’m gonna give you a letter but don’t release until after I die.😩

  40. Come on man, this stuff doesn’t happen in america🤔🤔just like Joe Biden won the election fair and square🤔 or Jesus supposedly walked on water. It’s all just FAKE NEWS. FAKE FAKE FAKE🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂and who da fuc cares anyway

  41. Maryanne Fields

    Do not be baited. That is what this is. We knew this. They knew we knew. Nothing has changed. DO. NOT. BE. BAITED. He would tell you not to believe a word these major news outlets say on the matter, whether true or not, because their intentions are not “true”.

  42. The Nation of Islam is who pulled the trigger . I’m sure the government was also involved . But do we not remember when the nation burned his house down ? Do we not remember Elijah Muhammad’s jealousy of Malcom ? Do we not remember elijahs son warning Malcolm that he was ordered to kill him but couldn’t ? How quickly we forget .

  43. Guys it’s not about “we already knew this” it’s about actual/potential proof of someone saying it ACTUALLY happened. That moves it from a possible conspiracy to a real probable allegation or idk some cool word or something. It’s alleged evidence. You get what I’m saying?

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