Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews welcome a bouncy baby girl to the world

Patrick and Brittany proud parents/

MVP and Brittany welcome a baby.

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KANSAS CITY — Patrick Mahomes ran for his life in the Super Bowl. Now he’ll spend the next few years chasing a crumb snatcher around the house. That’s because Patrick — MVP quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs — and his fiancée, Brittany Matthews, welcomed a healthy baby girl to the world on Saturday. The child’s name is Sterling Skye Mahomes and she came out weighing 6 lbs, 11 oz. The high school sweethearts made the announcement Sunday on Instagram with a maternal photo shoot.

One of the pictures shows mom, dad and the neonate holding hands with Brittany donning a sparkling diamond necklace that reads: “Sterling.” If you recall, Showtime Mahomes (with assistance from his dogs) revealed the baby’s gender back in October when he called himself a “#GirlDad.”

A few days ago, Brittany shared a gallery with the caption: “Ready to meet you baby girl 💕.” Patrick recently signed a contract extension worth half a billion dollars so he shouldn’t have trouble purchasing diapers, wet wipes and Similac. Congrats Patrick and Brittany on your new bundle of joy!

When can we expect baby number two?

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  1. Woohoo welcome to KC Chiefs kingdom little one Sterling Mahomes

  2. I hope he got a prenup

  3. half a billion dollars? no wonder she got pregnant

  4. Now he’s stuck with her for life she came up he went down sad

  5. Carrie Grosenick

    Congratulations! Patrick and Brittany on a beautiful baby girl Sterling. God Bless.

  6. Leonardo Raziel Chávez Rodríguez

    bad luck for him, that girl is a straight up 3 in looks and personality, he’s doomed

  7. She finna be living a rich life.

  8. I’m a Chiefs fan, but get married ! So tacky to have babies without marriage. Disrespectful the the child. Odd name. It’s usually a boys name.

  9. Charles Walker

    Congratulations! That’s a powerful cool name. She is gorgeous I’m sure.

  10. My boyfriend is already a dad 😍 how cute … haha ​​💞 I wish I was the mommy 😜

  11. Walmart Cashier

    she’s not pretty………… I hope the baby looks like pat

  12. Michael Jordan

    @Walmart Cashier: Just because the wife isn’t pretty doesn’t mean the baby will be ugly too.

  13. @Michael Jordan: They’ve been together since High School it’s not about looks for him it’s about loyalty.

  14. Michael Jordan

    @Callisto: Exactly!!! I am so sick of people saying she’s not pretty.

  15. Sir Rico Williams

    Malcolm X warned us about this . Pat Mahomes Sr. , a black man , had a baby with a white women and they produced Patrick the QB. Patrick marries a blonde white lady and in just 2 generations , the blackness has left the Mahomes family . Brother Malcolm thought it was very important for black people to preserve race , culture and tradition , so that is why he was against the races mixing .

    Brother Malcolm also taught us that mixed race people are not black , they are mixed . Malcolm said that if you have one black parent and one white parent , you are not black , you are mixed . Patrick Mahomes is not black , neither is Jussie Smolett , Colin Kapernick and Barack Obama .

    In case you were wondering , 2-21-21 marks the 56th year of Brother Malcolm’s death . RIP

  16. I dont know why everyone is saying Brittany Matthews is ugly she good looking

  17. Be a man. Marry her like a man. Damn

  18. Patrick, Patrick, Patrick-You are so young. You need to be out with your friends enjoying your 20’s. You have the whole rest of your life ahead of you. You need to be exposed to other women and just have fun being a young guy. You’ll never live through your fun 20’s again. You’re missing a whole developmental step in your life. Are you really going to ” ’til death do we part” with this girl. That could be another 80 years and you haven’t exposed yourself to anyone else. Seriously. Boy, she caught you by the hook and wasn’t going to let you know. She probably made you think that she was on OCP’s and/or she took advantage of you when she was on top.

  19. Christopher Casey

    Super Bowl baby

  20. This Channel is dead

    I loved that they stayed together from high school to super bowl mvp usually when nfl players go big they would leave their girl for a badder girl who probably just uses them for thei money but props to mahomes

  21. Thank god it was a girl. That would be a superhuman if he could play football😂

  22. John-Henry Smith

    Just came to read the comments

  23. Eww Patrick u deserve better lol

  24. He must not want to marry her if they been TOGEATHER since high school and now they got a baby..He’s real rich now and maybe don’t want to share..WHATS THE HOLD UP?OR IS HE JUST GONNA BE DA BABYS DADDY..TYPICAL…MAYBE HIS OVERBEARING MAMA HASNT TOLD HIM HE CAN GET MARRIED.😀

  25. jerome gilbert


  26. Should’ve been a son 👎

  27. Nicole Signor Creative

    Brittany’s so childish…. I kinda feel for Patrick. but then again, the way his mom acts is no better – I’m not surprised.

  28. Poor baby has to go thru life with a stupid name. Selfish parents make me vomit.

  29. Ugly wife 😒

  30. Terrible name but im happy for them

  31. @Laweh Paw: She’s Patrick’s baby mamma👍🏾 They are not married

  32. My chemical Reality

    Should have named it Brady Lynn mahomes 🤣🤣

  33. Congrats…Patrick mahomes needed this Gift pretty badly after Tom Brady just finished taking a HOT DUMP on him 🙁

  34. Susana Sunshine

    Sterling is a Soap Opera name.

  35. They’ve been boyfriend/girlfriend for only forever, and could have gotten married anytime, but it seems like they went out of their way to make sure their daughter was born out of wedlock, like so many celebrities, like Kourtney and Kim K.

  36. So did Tom Brady get her pregnant because what I saw Patrick mahomes couldn’t hit the spot if he wanted to.

  37. Remember to go soaring!

    Good God this woman moved fast.

  38. Congrats Pat… You’re a beast of a competitor.. Perhaps you can teach your children some humility, and to have good sportsmanship. “unlike their mother”

  39. Having children out of wedlock is so ghetto!

  40. Congrats to Patrick and Brittany for their little heiress to a considerable fortune. I’m sure Jake(from State Farm) has already been notified to make adjustments to the policy.

  41. Who gives a damn. She’s not special for giving birth. Humans have been doing it since the beginning to time.

  42. Fortune Teller

    she’s gonna divorce pat and take half his shit

  43. @Fortune Teller: Isn’t she still his baby mamma? When did they get married????

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