El Chapo’s wife Emma busted, jailed for international drug trafficking at airport

El Chapo’s wife Emma busted/Abogado

El Chapo’s wife arrested, jailed.

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WASHINGTON — Give her credit. El Chapo’s prepossessing wife is truly a ride-or-die chick. Now she’s gonna suffer a homogeneous kismet as her incarcerated husband. Emma Coronel Aispuro, star of VH1’s reality TV show “Cartel Crew,” was busted Monday in Washington, D.C. for international drug trafficking. Federal agents tracked down the 31-year-old popsy at Dulles International Airport and threw her ass in jail. Emma is charged with participating in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana for importation to the United States.

She’s lookin’ at a million years in prison with no chance of manumission (unless she snitches).

Emma’s better half, 63-year-old Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, is the leader of Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel.

The narcotics honcho was sentenced to life behind bars two years ago (July 2019) on similar charges.

In addition to drug trafficking, law enforcement officials are also accusing Emma of working in cahoots with henchmen to help El Chapo break out of a Mexican penitentiary in 2015. He was eventually recaptured and extradited to the United States in 2017 amid trepidation he would abscond again.

Do you think Emma (a mother of two girls) planned to break El Chapo out of prison again?

Will she rat out the cartel?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Good. Put that dirtbag in prison where she belongs

  2. Wtf….
    They just can’t leave them drugs alone.

  3. Bitch thinks she’s a Kardashian!! How on earth did she live here without constant surveillance?!?!

  4. RCU&HYLICSTDCO Thereviewdude

    el chapo should have committed his crimes in Europe. He would have gotten a “”””””life sentence”””””” and a couple of years but nah. We don’t play that bs here. You going to federal pound me in the ass prison buddy

  5. Christian Williams

    United States government the biggest drug dealers in the world

  6. Any American, who is also a dual citizen with another nation, should automatically have their US citizen revoked upon conviction of any felony. Anyone who believes she is not involved in El Capo’s business is stupid.

  7. Johnny Potseed

    How fast do you think it’s going to be in till Biden throws that out of court I mean after all we’re not allowed to do anything with the illegal people coming over she’s got US citizenship and Mexico citizenship so maybe Joe Biden’s going to jump in and let that woman go before anything happens garantia what she won’t face any charges

  8. She was very involved but can’t smuggle a few ounces? Bitch wut ?

  9. El chapo is amazing, and now his poor wife arrested😢
    It’s ok though, in a year they will escape

  10. Wow really it they were looking for anything for her they married she don’t have to say shit

  11. I dont understand why these people keep coming to the U.S….If you are involve in crimes in another country, America is the last place you want to visit.

  12. This country has become such a joke.

  13. “Fresh meat”- female inmates

  14. Pradeep Gurung

    She kinnda Thicc tho!

  15. Francisco Gonzales

    leaver her alone. she was just trying to help her man.

    they cant even arrest the white ppl who stromed the capital much less stop drugs….. lmao

  16. SHE T H I C C 🔥 🔥 🔥

  17. Good , get her off the streets , she thinks she’s a celebrity🤣 bringing drugs to our country… you ain’t Kim kardashian boo….

  18. Why she came back to the US…WHY..smt

  19. Payton Prichett

    Free that lady 💯🙏🏿

  20. She stupid for even coming anywhere close to us

  21. Marcus Zachery

    How the fuck America can charge her for helping chapo escape Mexico prison…

  22. End the War on Drugs, NOW!

  23. build the wall

  24. Delling Conley

    Her arrest looked like a publicity shoot. She was posing for pictures with people like a celebrity.

  25. Thats what she gets thinking ahh its the United States its easy to break him out of prison..yeah right..good luck..its only the most elite escape proof prison in the world..you can’t escape from a super max here in the good ol US of A…

  26. Randy Cleveland

    She looks like AOC

  27. She’s a mexican American citizen, you people coming with the racist shit ,she was born in California you dumb asses smh,😆just because your mexican it doesn’t mean your illegal, 🤦🤦

  28. savana georgia muddypaws

    Go straight to jail! You have ruined millions of lives.

  29. When the queen is caught you know it’s checkmate game over

  30. What the Kartrashian is going on around here!

  31. she also should be charged with impersonating a Kardashian

  32. I would’ve told on his ass the minute I found out he had a side bitch 💁🏽‍♀️😭

  33. She was in DC to meet with biden on a trade deal.

  34. She probly hasn’t seen cocaine once in her life these types of guys don’t let there women near that stuff they are trophies after all

  35. No designer panties in prison……..” Just chanklas”.

  36. Richard's World Traveler

    WTF is she still in the US? She should be hiding in a luxury cave in Mexico or something. The US government will just use her to get El Chapo to talk.

  37. What a fucking set up

  38. Wow 😳 if they waited all this time before taking her down they must have some heavy stuff against her

  39. She should have remained hidden and humble but no she wanted to be in his trial wanted the world to see she wanted the celebrity tv show appearance so dumb

  40. Comrade Moist Nugget #0101

    She’s hot.

  41. Martha Caldera

    She looks terrible without make up

    she looks like a man

  42. Scarlet Frances

    Oh She Really Looks Like Kim Kardashian
    Hope She Enjoys Being in American Jail
    Justice Needs 2B Served 👍👍👍

  43. This is what happens when America doesn’t get its cut.

  44. Swear to god the USA is emptying the ocean with a teaspoon 😂 Do we really think taking one kingpin is changing anything? And like my man Chapo said I’m not the problem the US is, because the US is the largest buyers of drug in the world 😎😂

  45. This woman was 17 when she was presented to 49 year old El Chapo. She was presented to him by her family with the thought they would be a match, and El Chapo sure liked her. She was a minor, imagine being 17 and having a 49 year old fiancé. She can have so much money, but I imagine that she can’t leave or divorce her husband who possibly has enough connections to have her killed if she so much as thinks of leaving him.

  46. Cassandra Akinde

    A family of drug traffickers 😥
    I hope her girls won’t follow that legacy as well

  47. Why did it take 2 years to arrest this bitch?

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