UCLA track star Chris Weiland called ex-girlfriend’s new lover a “stupid n*gger”

Chris Weiland hates Negroes/YouTube

UCLA track star loathes Negroes. 

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LOS ANGELES — Chris Weiland, who ran track at UCLA, was kicked off the team on Monday after he lambasted his White ex-girlfriend because she left him for a Black guy. It’s probably safe to assume Chris despises Oreo cookies. To exacerbate matters, his racist diatribe was captured on video. Instagram Live footage shows Chris calling the dude a stupid n*gger. “It’s because she wants to be with this f*cking faggot who has no future,” he told his mother over the phone. “She’s going to be with a stupid n*gger who’s going to be in community college all his life.”

Then Chris had the audacity to disseminate a series of R-rated text messages. “You really cuffed a f*cking bum ass n*gger with nothing going for him,” the beta male wrote. “A broke ass stupid ass n*gger. You have no standards so who cares, slut.” Chris was initially suspended then reinstated to the team.

But, after teammates and members of the athletic community blew a gasket, head coach Avery Anderson was coerced to give Chris the boot. “Chris Weiland has been dismissed as a member of the cross country and track and field teams,” Anderson said in a statement.

Do you agree with the coach’s decision?

Does Chris deserve a second chance?

Listen to his racist rant.

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  1. The pain of the beta male…….what you heard was not a man who has rage, yet a mama boy crying to his inept mother. 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. My wife’s ex found out I was black and his world collapsed. Her dad excommunicated from her. I’m so glad I don’t have to live with that kind of insecurity. No man can make me feel insecure. No one.

  3. Lmao!! Even his Mom knew that the dude would whoop his puny ass🤣

  4. bro, white women love black men annnndddd!!!??? get over it 😂

  5. After talking all that racist stuff he’s sound like he wants to cry

  6. blackwolverine1

    This is nothing, a few years ago an older white man wanted his white ex-girlfriends Black boyfriend to get killed. He went as far as hire a hitman can u believe it? This news is on the Internet. I think the white guy was from Texas.

  7. Walmart Cashier

    He’s crying like a lil bitch

  8. She did it on purpose knowing how he was going to react, however he truly showed his true colors

  9. Tekkenesha Patterson

    Rejected White Zaddy turned out to be a racist after all. Im so surprised.

  10. white women like their toes sucked…… he probably wasnt doing it right

  11. His mom is trying to check him for cheating and for his idiotic word choice and he doesn’t want to take responsibility and then he cries 😂😂😂 and he calling someone the “f” word??? 😂😂😂I don’t feel sorry for him at all

  12. 😂😂😂😂 poor snowflake

  13. If she is cheating with the black guy, then the black guy is a fool to wife her up…she is showing her character or lack thereof.

  14. House of Hung Realness

    Awwwww he called his mommy. That’s so sweet!

  15. Paul The Baptist

    Red pill is for all men

  16. Street Philosopher

    once you go black you never go back

  17. It will permanently affect him for the rest of his life. Lol 😂

  18. She wasn’t worried about losing his whiney ass for the #BD 🍆. That was her way out… #KeepItMovin

  19. She want the BIG DICK

  20. Joey Joe-Joe Johnson

    1. He is butt hurt.

    2. No self respecting man will want her

  21. From my experience as a black man most white men do have these insecurities. I’ve ran against them in cross country and I also compete against them in the STEM field currently. They are VERY insecure. There were the “cross country groupies” as well. This guy is just hurt his ex went to a brotha… Being that he’s at UCLA I’m sure there are women who like the cross country guys. Honestly though I think this situation will make his bigotry come out more and he will take it out on others.

  22. George Schneider

    I bet this guy used to make so many racist jokes around his girlfriend and that pushed her to find out what he was talking about ( the big black d***) 🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️👀

  23. dayuuuuuuuuuiiuuum

  24. Original Black Man

    I prefer black pussy but I aint hatin on the brotha

  25. She fucked his whole life up LML..

  26. white boys always get irked with a nigga fucks his woman

  27. But why are white boys “irked”, when they see a WW with a BM? Because according them , YOU and the bitter insecure envious BW say that BM can supposedly only get fat ugly WW that white boys don’t want, so what are they so “irked” about? 🤣

    It’s called a “coping mechanism” response when they see BM/WW together, it’s makes them feel better about themselves.

  28. She was never yours, just your turn. Women outnumber men so we have options, she was probably a drain on that man’s bank account so I dont see why he is mad, he took a problem off of his hands.

  29. I just hope the brotha she left dude for isn’t dumb enough to wife her up. How you met is how you’ll end. She cheated on Brad she gone cheat on Jermaine too.The next dudes name is gonna be Raj Abu and she gone play him too.

  30. she’s tired of pink weiners

    she wants that smoked bratwurst

  31. I tried to post this story in one of the “black” Facebook groups I’m a part of. The swirlers and divesters wouldn’t allow it. LOL!

  32. She wanted that SOUL POLE!

  33. Guess she wants 2 be a single mother

  34. EBT Cardholder

    The blacker the berry, the bigger the dick

  35. Shocker, they do not want you with their women, but brothers never listen. His point of view does not bother me at all. Most of them see brothers as subhuman I have heard this myself. That is not an issue, because most groups socialize their children to build their own communities this is not abnormal. Good for sport and music and not much else that’s a common point of view from other communities.

  36. SeventhkeyOmega'sGhost

    This is what happens when you make sex symbols out of other men.i guarantee he was always talking bad about blk men in front of his girl.

  37. Anthony Harris

    That brotha should have trolled him hard. 😤 yeah keep talking trash while she will be climbing this big chocolate mountain over and over and over.🤣 I would have had him in his feelings.

  38. Ingrid Jarrett

    Men have done this crap to women for centuries now it’s your turn. How does it feel?

  39. This university did not remove this student until the OTHER students on the TEAM got upset with the Athletic Administration allowing this student to stay on the team. So what does this tell everyone🤨

  40. So now he will become a cop & a proud boy , he fits the description!

  41. keisuke takahashi

    this is every white, fragile, insecure, right wing, man’s nightmare. losing his girl to a black man hahaha

  42. Aaah! Cut this guy some slack! He’s only speaking what many say, but weren’t caught red handed saying it on social media. The whole world, and America, is full of all types of racists, but we seem to seldom hear about what the “bigots” are saying and doing. Someone, please find and post the definition of “bigot,” and let us know what they’re saying and doing. Thanks. We’ll look forward to expanding our knowledge.🍎

  43. Wuteva The F Ever

    We Gotta Stop Shittin on
    Community Colleges

  44. It’s funny he says “cuffed” and that’s actually slang started by black people smh. I keep telling you it’s the racist that are always going to use our terms and say the n word with the a on the end. And y’all say it’s ok 🙄

  45. What that guy doesn’t understand is his ex is young and girls her age aren’t necessarily thinking about Mr. Right, They’re thinking about Mr. Right Now. That’s why you see girls dating bad boys, in their hearts they know that bad boy isn’t necessarily the right type of man they should be choosing, but they’re intrigued by the excitement of being with a bad boy. They could care less about your status or future at 20 years old. They want to have fun! Clearly she’s not having fun with him

  46. The fact he’s that comfortable using that type of language when speaking to his mom . . . Speaks volumes!!

  47. thats what the white man hates white women going for black men only and not white men because white women always love black men from the beginning

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