Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow is incarcerated for raping homeless babes

Winslow Jr. lost his wife after rape conviction/Daily Mail

Kellen Winslow receives sentence.

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SAN DIEGO — It’ll be a minute before Kellen Winslow Jr. purloins copulation from female vagrants again. That’s because the former NFL tight end was sentenced to 14 years in prison after copping a plea deal. Kellen, 37, made a virtual appearance in a San Diego courtroom on Wednesday. San Diego County Superior Court Judge Blaine Bowman showed no mercy, telling Kellen he can be described with “two words and that is sexual predator.” Judge Bowman also said “the vulnerability of the victims was no accident” because of their ages and living conditions. Kellen — despite being married — preyed upon old, cracked out, homeless dames.

If you recall, the University of Miami alum once masturbated in front of a 77-year-old woman at a gym. Kellen also raped a 54-year-old hitchhiker who saved her semen-stained panties as DNA evidence, he raped a 59-year-old vagabond he abducted outside a train station, and he pulled out his dick in front of his 57-year-old neighbor who was watering her garden. Kellen’s wife, Janelle, divorced him pronto.

One of the victims gave a statement prior to sentencing.

“It’s affecting my life every day and every night,” she bemoaned while calling into the hearing via videoconference. “I don’t ever feel safe inside or outside. You brought so much damage to my life.”

There’s speculation Kellen is suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

Would this explain his lewd deportment?

Do you agree with the sentence?

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  1. Under Your Skin

    hardly enough…should’ve been 35 years…

  2. CTE sucks ? 🤣

  3. P.O.S. Only got 14 years!?

  4. Don’t drop the soap Bubba

  5. ferreirarobert94

    What a POS this guy is. Holy cow!! His dad must be really proud. Should of gotten 24 years, he’s a menace to society!

  6. 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  7. They lying


    When you combine CTE with the neglect of addressing severe childhood traumas. Sounds like a nanny or older family member had their way with him and he’s fixated on their age group. Sad, and crazy as hell man!

  9. He’s lucky 🍀 it isn’t 140 years to life. Get yourself some professional help and some psychotropic meds

  10. BagchaserTy 06

    Bro bout to go thru hell in prison.

  11. really something

    He had to have some severe concussion aftermath

  12. What an idiot unbelievable 🖕🏿👎🏿still bout the U

  13. Damn starting TE to 14 years locked up

    damn what a life

  14. He’s going to hell yo …..

  15. But no one wants to talk about the brain damage from taking hits not defending the guy but it could play a part and shit needs attention

  16. Pathetic Circus

    It’s just so hard for me to believe this about him he has money he’s not bad looking he can’t find a woman that would have him I mean damn bro

  17. Is that where he is??? I NEVER knew what happened to that asshole!!!

  18. What’s to stop him from doing this again when he gets out in 5 years for good behavior?

  19. I have good news and bad news. The BAD news is that they sell condoms in prison now. The GOOD news is I just saved a bunch of money by switching to GEICO.

  20. Cte guaranteed

  21. barbara gobert

    and that ladies and gentlemen is what internet porn is good for…wtf is wrong with Kellen Winslow.

  22. I often wonder what makes a dude with the world at his feet tick 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  23. John VanderMolen

    Crystal Meth? Also he’s not gonna survive on the mainline, he’s going into protective custody.

  24. LaTaurus Bovan

    I think the State must’ve been lacking something in their case so they offered a plea hoping that he takes it. There must’ve been a chance he could’ve walked.

  25. He got SUPER LUCKY to only get 14 years in prison. He’ll rot for the next 14 years and even after he is released.

  26. NihilTimendumEst

    Rapists don’t do well in prison. Especially, within California state prison system. Just saying smh

  27. 14 years! That’s it?? What about all this talk about systemic racism within the judicial system? Jared from Subway got more time than that for only having pictures. SMH

  28. Dee Marie Dubois

    He looks so confused in court…creepy all the way through. Kellen had something seriously wrong in him. What happened with this guy?

  29. Kellen has been in trouble since his college days. It is a shame he went down that road because he had amazing pedigree and talent when he was on the field. Could have been one of the best ever. But, had to do stunts on a motorbike after getting his huge rookie contract and bust up his knees. Then there was all the off field problems he had.


  31. I thought Daren sharper was creepier but GOD DAMN

  32. Djizzle Datake8over

    Could be those hits to the head in the NFL…CTE head trauma..sad’s funny how it’s always a former NFL guy that wigs out..just saying 💯

  33. Many years ago, I remember reading about the clashes Kellen Winslow had with his Hall of Fame father, over time, regarding his direction. This dude clearly had some daddy issues, plus some other stuff, as well, which may have led to a life of wilding out, off the field.

  34. PTSD, Mental illness, Brain injury from playing football, True definition==Weak ass excuses to defend bad and for many criminal activity and not having to take responsibility for their actions.

  35. That look on his face during trial, as if he’s thinking “this can’t happen to me!” Yeah, ahole, it can, and did. Dude had some major arrested development issues, roid problems, and, now, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. What a horrible family this guy musta come from….

  36. This guy had it all. Rich family, grew up in California living the easy life. Blessed to be born into a good (relatively) family, genetically gifted at 6’4,fast strong and objectively good looking. Threw it all away. What a waste of talent. Most of us aren’t lucky at all and still manage to go through life without committing sick, heinous crimes like this dude.

  37. He took a 14 year plea deal. He’s sick. No head injury was ever found. 14 years is ridiculous for what he did to these elderly women. No excuses for him. He’s straight up a POS.

  38. RequiemForABuckeye

    Winslow Sr. is a piece of shit too

  39. Don't Provoke Me

    Its amazing that this young black man gets “14 years in prison” for committing the same act several so-called white boys committed but only getting a slap on the damn wrist . Too damn bad justice in America means JUST US white folks and the hell with you if you’re NON-WHITE !!! White privilege is alive and well and justice for us could go to hell is the MOTTO .

  40. Wedding plans are in the works for Kellen and Big Bubba his cellmate.Never made it to the NFL hall of fame,but they do have a RUMP RANGER hall of fame at the prison.Anyone wishing to send a gift,I suggest knee pads,Chapstick,or Vaseline.

  41. This guy does not have one redeeming quality, I know plenty of ppl to grow up in broken homes and terrible parenting that have went on to be productive humans with nowhere near the opportunities he had…This guy is a straight up sociopath

  42. Long Duck Dong

    Harvey Weinstein

  43. Carl Schreffler

    @Chris Pap: Hey I seen my Dad beat the shit out of my Mom ,and I have it inside me I don’t get piss off I snap ,but you need to learn how to control yourself ,I’ve never went around and raped Woman and I grew up in the intercity so I don’t buy copouts when others say well I ended up in prison because where I grew up BS YOU PUT THE GUN IN YOUR HAND SHUT UP DON’T BLAME YOUR SHIT ON YOUR HOME!

  44. Jake From State Farm

    14 year sentence, cut to 7 with good behavior. Being a sports ‘celebrity’, he’ll be out in 3. No justice served.

  45. Winslow should have asked the judge if HE could get a shorter sentence if HE has his penis removed.

  46. Guess he won’t be a “TIGHT” end much longer. I hope he runs into a relative of one of the granny’s while he’s locked up. Sweet justice.


    I’ll bet he was abused by a older woman when he was younger, not trying to make excuses for him, and I use the term “abused” loosely, you could also phrase it as introduced to sex by an older woman at a young age, just a thought, what a waste to have achieved so much to tarnish it like he has, terrible.

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