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Coming 2 America sucks/Prime Video

Coming 2 America downright ‘awful.’

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HOLLYWOOD — It took 33 years for Eddie Murphy to concoct a sequel to “Coming to America” and, as far as I’m concerned, he should’ve waited 33 more. Eddie’s woke film “Coming 2 America” is a cretinous rehash that ain’t worth its middling $60 million budget. It’s not the worst movie in the world. But it’s bad. It’s very, very bad; especially when juxtaposed against the original. “Coming 2 America” is a cursory production. Unlike it’s predecessor, it’s rated PG-13.

It’s a money grab.

Eddie’s new flick reeks of unfunny slapstick saturated with risqué humor and fart jokes. It’s a fast food conception that’s greasier than Cleo McDowell’s french fries. It’s an on-screen ignominy. It’s nothing more than a dookie stain on the underpants of cinematography. Damn, we waited 33 years for this?

Viewer requisites should entail the procurement of marijuana and malt liquor instead of an Amazon Prime subscription. The movie is really that deflating. Sometimes we forget Eddie is fathering ten children so maybe he’s in dire need of remuneration and he’s using nostalgia as a pecuniary wellspring?

Directed by Craig Brewer, “Coming 2 America” tells the story of Prince Akeem of Zamunda (Murphy) — a naïf who returns to America three decades later to locate his bastard son Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler). Akeem has three daughters but, according to his father’s deathbed revelation, he was drugged and date raped in 1988 while sowing his royal oats in Queens, New York. Lavelle was conceived shortly thereafter.

Now he’s the heir to royal autocracy.

Where’s Maury and a paternity test when you need ’em?

To call Lavelle a mama’s boy would be a vast understatement.

The nigga is over 30. Yet, seeks his mom’s approbation before doing anything.

Akeem’s eldest daughter, Princess Meeka Joffer (KiKi Layne), is pissed because (like your quintessential feminist) she believes she’s more meritorious and deserving of the throne. But, somebody should tell Meeka in order to have a kingdom a king is required. Otherwise, let’s rename it “queendom.”

Perhaps the biggest nodus with the film is its hodgepodge, long in the tooth cast which explains why most of the comedy is annoyingly démodé and obsolescent. You can tell everybody’s still stuck in the ’80s. Eddie is 59 years old. Tracy Morgan (Uncle Reem) is 52. Leslie Jones (Mary) is 53.

Shari Headley (Lisa) is 56.

Wesley Snipes (General Izzi) is 58.

Paul Bates (Oha) is 62.

Vanessa Bell Calloway (Imani who’s still barking like a dog) is 63.

Arsenio Hall (Semmi) is 65.

John Amos (Cleo McDowell) is 81 and James Earl Jones (King Jaffe Joffer) is 90.

That’s an AARP lineup for your ass. Not to mention 83-year-old Morgan Freeman emceed King Jaffe’s sepulture and entombment concerts were delivered by ’80s divas En Vogue and Salt-N-Pepa.

“Whatta king, whatta king, whatta king, whatta mighty good king!”

76-year-old Gladys Knight performed too.

Hindsight’s 20/20 but the sequel came at least 25 years too late.

In conclusion, “Coming 2 America” sucks and you’d be sagacious to get inebriated prior to watching. The royal bathers are back to scrub fetid genitals but there’s no sign of the rose bearers. The women are absolutely gorgeous and picturesque views of African panorama and exotic animals are void of paucity.

Eddie and Arsenio also do a somewhat adequate job of reprising the iconic roles of Randy “Sexual Chocolate” Watson, Reverend Brown and the barbershop clique. But the long-awaited sequel is an anticlimax by comparison and Eddie should be mortified. He and his castmates vitiated a classic.

Blog King’s Rating: 2 out of 5 popcorn bags


  1. Did not match up to the first. Definitely disappointed. This felt more like a kids movie than anything else.

  2. I tried to like the movie, but it relies too much in nostalgia, they even brought back the twin girls and inserted most of the Murphy characters just because reasons. The propaganda is unnecesary and the plot basically transformed Akeem into an idiot who forgot how his father changed the law, so all the problem of searching a male heir is pointless since as a king, he always could’ve changed the law. Wesley Snipes is just a comic relief, he’s presented as a dangerous general, but most of his scenes are from Simon Phoenix if he got a proper reeducation (I don’t get how a warlord can be beaten by a girl and still had the respect of his men). And the prince’s mother… well… I hated her, she was very annoying.

    It’s a funny movie, but a mediocre one. The nostalgia wasn’t enough and I laughed with many scenes, but I’m used to laugh at bad movies.

  3. An agenda-driven film, the barbershop characters do bring a smile to your face. Wesley’s Snipes character is the only hilarious new element of the film, but he does not have enough screentime. You can predict the ending from a mile away, Eddie’s daughter will end up being next in line for the throne. Also who was the genius that came up with the idea of Akeem being drugged and raped lol, I mean if that was a female character the outrage, but the double standard society finds that it’s hilarious when it happens to a male character. Personally, you can watch it once for the nostalgia but it ain’t the original film which you can watch over and over again.

  4. 💩💩💩💩

  5. It was great seeing the old characters, but I found the film kinda boring.

  6. This movie blows chunks! I couldn’t get past the first few minutes of terrible acting. The plot points are so weak and of course political preachy garbage from the Left. What a shame. On their own the cast are usually first rate actors and actresses. 30 years after the first film? Why??

    One to two years after their smash hit would have been the proper time to make a sequel. So I tried to write a review on Amazon but they won’t let me. I tried to hide it in Amazon Prime and again Amazon won’t let me. I had some difficulty getting it taken off my free for me watch list but finally was able to. At least for now. I’d swear they are desperate to shove this down everybody’s throats at any cost. But before my free 30-day Prime trial runs out I will cancel the “service”. I’m not keen on how Amazon is handling this.

  7. Oh It’s bad. Like Reaallyy bad. Too much Hollywood. My Childhood is ruined 😅

  8. This movie is a steaming pile of elephant dung. There I said it for all of you who are too afraid of the politically correct police. Grow a pair.

  9. Marcella Upton

    This is the funniest movie I have seen in a long time love it 🥰

  10. Caribbean Bound

    sucks they had to throw some woke crap in there, but it was still decent. Woulda been better without it. When that thing falls naturally in a movie, it is fine, but the audience doesnt need to be force fed an agenda

  11. Where are the asians and whites in this movie? Not enough diversity.. we.are not being represented.

    See how ridiculous that sounds? Yeah.. stop converting white characters to black. Thats racist..

  12. 😂😂😂 coming to America 🇺🇸 still golden

  13. Might as well call it “Coming back to Propaganda” so dissapointed in Eddie Murphy. I’m only 26 minutes in and they covered, black face, transexuals, discredited problems with fatherhood absence, and of course racism. Cant fkin escape politics on tv anymore but with half the SNL cast in there not exactly surprised. Sad day for movies.

  14. Why is no one talking about how the whole plot is based around date rape and then it’s played off as a joke?! So disappointed by this movie made in modern times I couldn’t watch it any further.

  15. Trevor Noah playing an African is like blackface. His dad is white. The only thing he’s an heir to is the “white privilege” that liberals constantly cry about. Cancel Trevor Noah.

  16. The movie was a huge disappointment. The actor they chose to play Akeem’s son was terrible. The entire plot was bad. Really sad to ruin a classic 😞

  17. Michael Jackson The Guilty White Pedophile

    After only getting through about half this stupid movie, I had to turn it off. IT WAS THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN…. EVER!!!!! And now Ed says he’s going back to standup comedy??? BY GOD HE SUCKS SOOOOOOO BAD AND ISNT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT FUNNY ANY MORE!!!

  18. Worst 1h:48m i have spent. They managed to bring the ghetto to Zamunda. Couldn’t leave well enough alone. Story line had no imagination. The jokes were even worse. Could not find one redeeming value in this farce of a sequel. IMHO.

  19. Just watched this at a watch party at a friend’s house; 1 amazon subscription, 20 ppl watching. Good for us, bad for amazon LOL.
    While we had fun and laughed a bit, I still prefer the 1st one.
    Good thing? I did not pay for it. LOL

  20. Well at least we still have the first one..🤷‍♂️

  21. Confucius Smith

    Garbage. A movie for people of color. No drama, no jokes, not funny.

  22. The plot is literally because he has been raped wtfff

  23. This movie was complete CRAP…PC correct low budget garbage that they bet on the name to “sell”
    It lacks the “comedy of the original”….by far THE WORST SEQUEL I have ever seen………. the new Ghost-buster’s 3

  24. Lizanne Leonard

    I’m sorry but this movie is absolutely garbage, its true what they say “if it ain’t broke dont try n fix it” this was soooo disappointing, dont waste any mins of your life on this movie its rank rotten. I am a massive fan of the first movie but this was sooo bad the funniest bit was…….oh no wait there was no funny bit either political correctness has killed comedy coz everyone is scared to make ppl laugh through fear of offending someone or this is just bad writing either way its terrible. I love Eddie but he shoulda left well alone sorry guys no wait just seen John legend singing she’s your queen to be right after the credits that made me chuckle only coz the lyrics is funny and John is handsome and sang it on point other than that it’s just bad the storyline is awful.

  25. LittleKing Archery

    This has to be ranked now as Murphy’s worst ever movie. Its terrible. Many so called jokes were either not funny or made no sense. The happiest person in the movie had to be James Earls Jones as he was able to get out of it after 10 minutes, while the rest of us had to watch the rest. The film was basically a stitched composite of SNL sketches on a 1970’s quality cardboard set. SNL is not funny anyway as it now relies on people laughing simply because it is SNL and are expected to laugh. This was the same. No reason for this after 33 years. It was an excuse to get every black actor some screen time and they seems desperate to do anything. Don’t bother with it.

  26. Anonymously Loud

    #Coming2America was not meant to be better than the first. Eddie made this for the culture. Seeing us on screen and it NOT BE ABOUT SLAVERY or police killing us was a refresher. Seeing Arsenio Hall and John Amos was a treat. Seeing Wesley Snipes on screen again looking like fresh coco butter was great. Hearing James Earl Jones voice was music to my ears.

    33 years ago movies were setting trends. We get excited over gorilla glue now. So yea.

    Reality tv and shock news like the shade room has us messed up mentally on how we view shows.

    Omg….. having an all black cast, black writer and then filming it on Tyler Perry studio was icing on the cake. Eddie did this for the fans. We needed this. We needed this movie to watch laugh and relax to.

    We so used to us being killed on screen, or assisinated or trapped in a fake slave camp. Infidelity. Yall dont get tired of that okie dokie bs?

    Oh and shout out to Peaches and her sister haaaaaaaaaaa I loved it. Eddie went looking for them. The black skin the black the black skinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I love it

    Also Bella Murphey did a great job on her acting debut.

    The hair the attire, everything was on point

    Black excellence.

  27. This is going to be an unpopular opinion but that has got to be one of the most racist, feministic movies I have ever seen. lol

  28. I just watched it! I was 8 years old the first time I watched this. I have waited 30 years for this. I must say the wait for this was killing me! They always say the first one is always better and in this case I must agree. While it was funny in some parts is seemed to focus a lot on nostalgia for the most part. It was great to see our old favorite characters back like the Barber shop boys, Sexual Chocolate, The Reverend and so forth. However, the plot was ridiculous! I’m not a writer and even I could have come up with a better script that would have been more appealing to all of us that grew up on this movie. The movie was worth watching just to see what could have been a great movie. However, I’ll stick to the first one and pretend I never saw this one. For all I’m concealed they can throw this back in the can and burn it. I’m sorry folks! It was not good nor does it have the cinematic quality’s the first one brought us. It is not even worth the first free month of Amazon Prime just to watch it. In fact I wish I never watched it! It kinda makes me mad because it could have been better if they would have just stuck with the basics! Dammit! Sorry Eddie and Arsenio!

  29. Live From Grand Portage

    So Eddie Murphy, who made tons of money off of comedy about gay men dying of AIDS for years, gets rewarded with movies like this, and others like Rush Limbaugh, who, let’s face it, are entertainers, are social pariahs after death? Both of these men are disgusting people. But it just doesn’t make sense. If Eddie Murphy were white, would he still have a career? Is homophobia and hatred of gay men okay if you’re black?

  30. Just watched it and its one of the worse movies I have ever seen. I loved the first one, cried from laughing but now? Absolutely NOT! The only slightly funny actor was Murphy indeed but Snipes? Or Arsenio? Cringingly bad! I also noticed they made the effort for only real dark skinned actors. Before it was very mixed, now its obviously not and I understand why these days with the BLM movement.

  31. Honestly if I wanted to see woke people and politics, I would watch woke people and politics. Why do people always have to ruin movies by shoving politics and woke ideas down people’s throats. As a female i don’t need to constantly have a movie shove in my face how oppressed I am, my opinion does not stand for others, but sometimes i just wanna watch a movie the way it is, especially classics. And at the same time as an african, i was disappointed with this rendition. I get where the movie was going, we do need movies where change can be seen, but sometimes it just comes off as coudling and there’s a point where it’s overdone and u lose the audience. You ruin the humor of the show. It feels like in trying to show wokeness u make women out to be weak, like saying we can’t add those jokes it’ll offend them, we have to protect them. I mean sure, but some of us get the humor in these, and don’t get offended really easily, doesn’t mean we let things slide if it were really targeting us, but we just laugh it’s like dark humor.

  32. Leftist tears are nice

    This movie is woke school. It’s funny for like 5 minutes then woke class begins. This is sad. I’ll keep the memory of the first Coming to America in my heart forever and RIP to the men and women those actors used to be before becoming woke educators.

  33. Mohamed Ahmed-Yahia

    Good God….this was a terrible movie. I made it halfway through and then I couldn’t take it anymore. The storyline is ridiculous, the Leslie Jones, Wesley Snipes and whoever the hell the son is characters are intolerable. This movie is not even a little bit funny…I mean…jeez. Everything about this stupid sequel is an insult to the excellent original film. What a disappointment.

  34. You are 1000 percent correct with your review!!!

    I was disappointed it breaks my heart lol. It should’ve been rated R like the first one. Making it PG-13 was a stupid decision. At times the film felt too Disney. Also the production looked cheap. Major plot hole. In the original there’s a scene in the restaurant with Akeem and Semmi cleaning the windows and Semmi says he hadn’t had sex since he’s come to America. Yet in the sequel a flashback is shown with Semmi having sex with one of the girls from the nightclub lol. Lazy writing. They left the bar and went to the black awareness rally where he fell in love at first sight with Lisa. There was no going back to anyone’s place and definitely upset that Akeem was raped. Not right.

  35. Finally!!! Someone With Balls To Really Call this movie for what it is.

    It’s 2021!!! How the hell Eddie going to bring this stereotype bullshit to us?!? He needs to NEVER do another movie again. DaFOH with that….making us look bad and ghetto. Now we have to deal with this shit from corny white people cracking jokes. I WILL NEVER SUPPORT EDDIE MURPHY AGAIN😡

  36. its sad really. Big fan of Eddie Murphy and his ol school movies. Golden Boy, Coming to America, Beverly Hills. 48 hours. Amazing movies. Movie makers are so bent to not want to offend anybody, they are making shit movies. Comedy is MEANT to be offensive, period. Its meant to be to laugh at our stupid humanity and all its shortcomings. If you make everything SJW and make everything tame all you have left is slapstick goofy sht and fart jokes.

  37. 💜💜This movie was so great to me, that I laugh more then I have ever laugh…I liked it better than the first…Well done…I love everything about it..I have invited my friends to come over so we can see it again.. It was funny to me then the first one…It was all up to date with what’s going in this life time..The wedding dance “We Are Family “is the same one that Tyler Perry did in his movie…The costumes were “Beautiful “..Great job Eddie,,Here are your ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🦅🤗🤗🐻👍🏼

  38. Turned it off after 15 min. Knew it would not be as good as the iconic original. Thought it would be like a nice class reunion seeing all the old faces. It was nothing but a white bashing hollywood hit piece in disguise. When I heard ‘we had a black president who brought peace to the world’…. click, off.

  39. Worst remake of all time. For the love of God. For the love of remakes,, please don’t watch this atrocity.

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