Store Brawl Video: Fuming white women exchange punches at Bath & Body Works

Big brawl at Bath & Body Works/YouTube

Brawl broke out inside the mall.

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SCOTTSDALE — Law enforcement officials in Scottsdale, Arizona are investigating after a nasty brawl broke out inside Bath & Body Works. The bout of fisticuffs transpired Saturday evening at the store in Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a quartet of irascible white women exchanging punches after somebody didn’t wear a mask. Two of the combatants are customers and two are employees. “She attacked me,” one of the Karens told the manager.

“She f*ckin’ put her hands on me first, bitch!”

An eyewitness said the N-word was used, prompting store clerks to react.

Scottsdale Police Sergeant Kevin Quon said two of the women were criminally cited. Officials with Bath & Body Works released the following statement: “We are deeply concerned by the incident in one of our stores and are currently investigating the matter in partnership with local law enforcement.”

Is jail time warranted?

Are masks becoming a nuisance?

Watch the crazy brawl.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Zebra Karen is def. missing a few thousand hairs, glad to see the employees sticking up for one another. Such lovely times we’re in…….stellar.

  2. Why are all the combatants in this video overweight?

  3. Adrian Vasquez

    Don’t defile the Karen Temple like that!

  4. Karen Lives Matter

  5. Isaac Ferguson

    These were the white women that voted for Joe Biden 😂

  6. just another karen losing it.

  7. This is why billionaires are trying to colonize Mars.

  8. When conflicts erupt, we should all come together as a society and agree on this one thing: Shoot video in LANDSCAPE mode. This fight is too good for portrait mode!

  9. Karen goes wild again 😱

  10. sunburst strat

    Bed Bath and Beyond Comprehension.

  11. Christopher Gonzalez

    I smell a huge lawsuit

  12. So in This video the bath and body works employee hit first. Thats probably why they were letting her leave instead of calling the cops.

  13. Sword of Gideon 777

    As we get closer to the coming of Jesus!! We see people acting violent as more demonic spirits get into people!! We must repent !! The kingdom of God is at hand 🤚

  14. I’d fire everyone of those employees

  15. Alexander Nieves

    First and foremost I thought this was a Jerry Springer Special that I miss. Now no matter what its said to an employee they should never and I mean NEVER throw the first punch, now she needs to get fire or the store will be expecting a letter from the lawyer. So sad that some people are quarantine and staying 6 feet from each other and then we have this BS going around.

  16. Thomas Balades

    Better Team Tackling than the Chiefs…

  17. BoogalooBoy1776

    The rona’s gunna get us! but let me wrestle with this woman cause she ain’t wearin’ a mask! It’S fOr ThE gReAtEr GoOd!”

  18. Dang it now prices going up in B&B W im back to Johnson and Johnson lotion😡😭😭😭

  19. The lady in the white and black skirt was being racist to the girls in the back and cussing at the girls in the back saying racist stuff she was cussing at the employees pushing them they tried to get her to leave multiple times and then the lady in the black and white skirt pushed the employee hard and the employee self defended the girls in the back had candles thrown at them and were pushed so they fought back they tried to defuse the situation but the customers were pushing them and throwing candles at them I think the employees did the right thing maybe a little to much but I’d agree it be self defense

  20. Miranda Maples

    Happy women’s history month

  21. So you attack a woman because she’s not wearing a mask!? So how many people their being charged for assault, how many are accessories to the crime, and how many WILL be getting fired once arrested?

  22. Stanley Jenkins

    When karens attack

  23. Just came here to read the comments

  24. I wish I was there lol moving to Arizona now 😅

  25. Gustavo Goikoetxea

    Better security than the capital

  26. Karens are TRIGGERED in this comment thread!!! hahahahaha!!

  27. Now that’s a team! Congratulations 2 that young girl n her impressive tackle! She took that bitch DOWN! Then the back up was right there! B & B W’s staff could have saved Washington! Great Bath n Body Work! Trash ‘Get Out!’

  28. Shame on Bath & Body works, that woman was full on assaulted. It’s not funny, it’s criminal. Cancel Bath & Body Works, their soaps reek anyway.

  29. Sargon of Assyria

    Was this all because she wasn’t wearing a mask?! Get over it.. Bunch of losers..

  30. Maybe we should go back to normal now. No masks or lines. This is getting ridiculous. It’s been a year.

  31. The employees needs to be fired especially the fat employee that jump in. I’m glad homegirl with the black shorts help the older lady…smh😂

  32. Absolute trash. Those employees should NEVER have touched the customer. Never. Unacceptable. I hope they get sued.

  33. I would IMMEDIATELY FIRE the employees involved including the 2 female employees and the male.

  34. Philip Lambiase

    obviously the Biden presidency is taking its toll on people.

  35. I hate to see a Karen get a pay day, but those two employees just made that TPT rich!! Everyone is at the end of their rope and I can honestly say I’ve wanted to clobber someone in such a fashion way too many times of late. There is no amount of stimulus that’s going to solve this!!

  36. Avnerr Lacardey

    Oh look they still have the buy 3 get 3 free😭

  37. Salena Sheppherd

    I can’t stand people who throw objects during a confrontation.🙄 if you have the courage to throw things then have the courage to stand your ground and receive the consequences after doing so!! That chick who threw her bag at the black girl was one hell of coward b**ch! 🤬

  38. Mars And Melanin

    All this white on white violence getting exposed since the year started lmao. 👀

  39. Killsocialmedia

    So now corporations think they are the law. You let them enforce their own laws like masks they become a country and then you allow them to do this shit to you. I will not be shopping there…lol oh who am I kidding. I am a guy. I never shop there. Corporations are not countries. We are being oppressed. Stop wearing masks. I stopped in January. We are fighting a battle. You wear a mask you gave up. This is the Stanford Prison Experiment in action. Props to the tube top wrestler that came to her aid

  40. Alternative Facts

    Wow the obesity epidemic in America is a huge problem… every person in view is obese.

  41. Ugghh! Ladies, if you are fat, please wear something that isn’t going to show your gut in a fight.

  42. Wait, isn’t this the same company and store that fired an employee because she was swearing at a customer for wearing a mask supporting President Donald Trump back in june 2020? Now I see two employees started to get physical against two customers who had an loud argument with other customer to get them out of the store. They should have called security or the police. They handled it wrong again. Fired and a lawsuit in 1.2.3

  43. Welcome to Bath & Body works where our employees may or may not jump old ladies 🙂

  44. White ppl seem to be getting there asses kicked lately from Karen’s to more Karen’s

  45. Makiyah Meredith

    People are defending the customers when they cut a woman in line bumping into her baby’s stroller, threw a bag of goods at her, and called her the N-word 😭 This didn’t start over a mask the employees kicked the women out because of their behavior then it turned into a physical alteration.

  46. Oh no..I start my bath and body works job in a couple days 🙁 haha

  47. Becky, Karen and Carol. Real classy chicks!

  48. Is this a real thing? Fights over crappy, toxic, over priced body products? And what is that fat chick wearing??!!

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