KU football coach Les Miles is out amid allegations of sexual misconduct at LSU

Les Miles out at Kansas/Getty Images

Les Miles leaves after 2 seasons.

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LAWRENCE — Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for the Kansas University Athletic Department. Amid allegations of sexual misconduct, Les Miles is out the door as head football coach of the Kansas Jayhawks. The concupiscent skipper received a pink slip after two losing seasons. The bombshell termination comes just days after school officials placed his ass on administrative leave. Miles allegedly got freaky with two female students while working at Louisiana State University. KU Athletic Director Jeff Long is pissed.

“I am extremely disappointed for our university, fans and everyone involved with our football program,” Long bewailed in a statement on Monday. “There is a lot of young talent on this football team, and I have no doubt we will identify the right individual to lead this program. We will begin the search for a new head coach immediately with an outside firm to assist in this process. We need to win football games, and that is exactly what we’re going to do.”

Miles believes he’s leaving the program in much better shape than when he arrived.

“This is certainly a difficult day for me and for my family,” the 67-year-old coach said in a press release. “I love this university and the young men in our football program. I have truly enjoyed being the head coach at KU and know that it is in a better place now than when I arrived.”

“To our (players), I want you to remember that you came to play for KU and earn a degree here,” Miles continued. “So, I implore you to stay and build on what we started and do all of the things we talked about doing together. There is a bright future for all of you and for KU Football.”

Miles leaves with a disappointing 3-18 record.

The moribund Jayhawks were winless in 2020 and haven’t won more than 3 games in a season since 2009.


Do you agree with the cessation?

Is it time to deep-six the KU football program?

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  1. Les was just trying to “mentor” those young women.

  2. the old man wanted some young pussy……….. is that really a crime????

  3. Miles did not do any of this at Kansas so it looks to me like KU wanted to part ways with him without paying his full salary. It would have been interesting to see what KU would have done if Miles had won more games.

  4. He should just declare himself to be a liberal democrat. Nothing will happen after that.

  5. Andy’s Cheeseburger

    Good. We don’t want Pedophiles on our team anyway

  6. he was fired because he didnt win enough games………. they dont give a fuck about those women

  7. Why in the world is Jeff Long still employed and making this statement? What an embarrassment

  8. Let’s be honest… If his name were Bill Self and coached basketball, he’d have been given a raise. A massive raise, one that could withstand scandal. It’s alright though….

  9. Might want to see if Jesus Christ is available because there is nobody that can fix this raging dumpster fire of a program.

  10. KU Athletics- get this figured out. Except for Men’s basketball the athletic program is a disaster. KU should compete for Big 12 championships in every sport every year. Get your act together. This is embarrasing. And quit asking for money until you get it figured out.

  11. THE_Uncle_Pecos

    So a National Title winning head coach chooses to go to KU instead of an actual Power football program. This didn’t raise any red flags?? I’m betting they knew but Miles told them he had an ironclad non-disclosure/settlement and it would NEVER come out. Shame if that’s true.

  12. Bill “Stripper Pole” Self is surely next, isn’t he?

  13. Next football coach:. Bobby Petrino. Next basketball coach:. Rick Pitino.

  14. Rather than just saying “we need to win football games” they should probably should say we need to be better leaders and set better examples for our young men in our program and community.

  15. I’m sure terminating the contract of someone who was gaining you nothing, after a season where your University lost millions in revenue, is just heartbreaking.

    Imagine the timing of it all.

  16. Kansas has a football program?

  17. All Day, Everyday

    Education always comes first at KU

  18. WOW. I can’t believe Kansas was dumb enough to let Jeff Long put out that statement. “We need to win football games and that’s what we’re going to do”? Wow.

  19. Tom the football coach

    But, Bill Self still has a job?

  20. Mike McCulloch

    I learned today that Kansas doesn’t have a good Public Relations school.

  21. How the hell does Jeff Long get a say in hiring anyone??

  22. 𝙾𝚕𝚍 𝙼𝚎𝚗 𝙸𝚗 𝚂𝚠𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚜

    KU athletic director Jeff Long has hired both Bobby Petrino. Two of the all-time worst hires in college sports. When does Jeff Long get fired?

  23. Can we please bring back Mangino. For the love of god it’s been 12 years and we have barely kept a coach for a season.

  24. Jeff Long should probably be next

  25. Christopher Gabriel

    KU is one of those schools I keep waiting to see emerge from the shadows and become a player in football. I thought Les Miles might be the guy to get it going. Boy did I miss on that.

  26. Brad McFarland

    Why the fuck is Long still employed.

  27. Jeff Long brought this problem to Kansas… parting ways with Jeff Long might be a part of the solution.

  28. Noah / sports are pain

    Has there ever been any program more cursed than Kansas football?

  29. Where’s the mention of the pain and hurt subjected on young women by MIles? Where’s the acknowledgment that KU conducted a failed search last time out?

  30. chiefwahoofan13

    I’ll coach them

  31. And now all my interest in the program is gone.

  32. Patrick Grassy

    Come on man. Dump football and use the money to pay our basketball recruits.

  33. notice how neither Long or Miles legitimately apologized . . . disgusting.

  34. Damn, how the fuck you get fired on your day off?????

  35. Les Miles lost his job on International Womens Day. What a coincidence

  36. People defending les miles how do y’all feel now 🤥

  37. As a lifelong Kansas fan… This sucks. Didn’t think we could get lower than we’ve been

  38. I was surprised they didnt fire him immediately after the season first. With a 3-18 record and 1 win in conference in 2 years, he should have been the FIRST coach out the door, scandal or no scandal

  39. Garrett Coleman

    I am sick and tired of people being fired for accusations. Put them on leave until you prove what they did. I would never work for any program who didn’t even wait to do it either. Kansas was a sinking ship and wanted an excuse. You suck, embrace it. I’m not saying anybody lied, but allegations don’t mean jack until proven and this is how I think allegations should be handled.

  40. Jessie Dunaway

    @Garrett Coleman: I absolutely agree mainly because so many peoples livelihood has been ruined by false allegations but I honestly don’t know anything about Les Myles situation but if it is false or true it’s sickening because if it’s true obviously nobody wants him as there coach and if it’s false then obviously it goes with the long line of people who’ve had false allegations ruin there lives which is very unfortunate.

  41. I’ve always liked him as a coach and I personally hope he gets another shot. I understand what Bobby Petrino did at Arkansas wasn’t nearly as bad but he was given another opportunity

  42. KU enabled this disgusting person by either not doing their due diligence or turning a blind eye to his previous behavior and still hiring him.
    Then you have the pathetic won/loss record that should have earned him a 1 way ticket out of town

  43. Christopher Huffman

    I only think Kansas let him go because they were already in hot water with all the stuff in their basketball program and if they have both these problems they’ll look super bad

  44. Cody Alexander

    Those girls had it coming

  45. Patrick Bateman

    A prolonged midlife crisis results in another case of chronic grabass

  46. Seems as tho when these men get much older they get creepy, touchy feeley, perverted


    What a dummy.. Div1 Coaches have 7 and some cases 8 digit yearly salaries. He can afford discrete escorts, which according to Kevin Samuels would actually help his career.
    I had to take a pass on Div1 Footballz, yes even Kansas recruited me. Trouble at home. I ended up getting an A.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology, specializing in Microprocessor Interfacing. Anyone impressed? ANS: No big Black Guy, go tackle somebody.

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