DUI Bust: Johnny Damon, former Royals outfielder, jailed for driving while drunk

Johnny and Michelle went to jail/Daily Mail

Johnny Damon thrown in jail.

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ORLANDO — Former Kansas City Royals outfielder Johnny Damon had his inebriated ass thrown in jail for drinking and driving. The DUI bust transpired around 1:30 a.m. on February 19th in Windermere, Florida. It was also captured on video. Police body cam footage shows a drunken Johnny and his wife, Michelle Mangan-Damon, experiencing contretemps with a cop after they were pulled over for swerving and driving erratically. Johnny and Michelle were initially ordered to remain sedentary in the vehicle.

But they spurned the officer’s behest and a scuffle broke out.

After backup units arrived, Johnny was given a series of sobriety tests for which he failed. He did, however, show love and support for law enforcement officials by saying, “Blue Lives Matter,” repeatedly. The retired Major Leaguer also said he’s a staunch supporter of quondam President Donald Trump.

“Hey, bro, I’m a good f*cking guy,” Johnny told an officer.

“I know people are trying to target me because I’m a Trump supporter.”

Johnny, 47, was arrested and jailed on multiple charges, including driving under the influence and resisting arrest. Johnny’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .30, almost four times the legal limit.


Michelle was also arrested.

Watch the squabble.

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  1. White Lives Matter..?? 😄

  2. Morons

  3. If he was black he would’ve been dead

  4. Travis Poindexter


  5. Pizza Delivery Guy

    this is what happens when you leave a fine town like kansas city

  6. Everyone makes mistakes, no ones perfect. At one point in their lives everyone makes a stupid decision and some get caught and have to deal with the repercussions and some get away with it. Anyone that tells you they haven’t is a straight up liar.
    I know it sounds corny as hell but you live and you learn and hopefully Johnny & his wife learned from this and better themselves

  7. The epitome of stupidity!

  8. The wife looks Thai or Filipina.

  9. Cops were way too nice to them based on their bad behavior. Thats why people are angry, certain people get preferential treatment

  10. Johnny was drunk on another level…his BA was .30. Far far above the .08 limit.

  11. Stephen Koenig

    The dude made 84 million bucks playing baseball. You would think he could afford a cab.

  12. Drake & Josh Superfan

    This is really sad. Johnny Damon was apart of my childhood. I hate that this happened & that they simply couldnt follow orders

  13. He was white boy wasted. .30 he was drunk as a skunk

  14. I Respect the Police , but in my humble opinion I think the cop could have handled it differently

  15. Text Book Bust

  16. He’s a heavy Trump supporter, started drinking heavily after Trump lost the election.

  17. Not sure who’s aged worse. Him or the wife?

  18. Did you hear these losers! We are all for cops! They thought they’d get Scott free for riding around with their blue stripe, “back the blue” 🤣🤣😂

  19. Blue lives matter johnny? I guest your half asian whiteness ain’t working out for you after all.

  20. Uber could have saved the two of them a bunch of hassles. Drunk and stupid gets them arrested.

  21. Johnny Damon is a coke head lol 😝

  22. Erik Highpitch

    Yo yo yo. Bro took the dui like a champ. Just hope him and wifey are ok. Please bro Uber next time smh

  23. EclipseMints08

    I don’t get it. They are rich as hell. Why not pay for a limo driver?

  24. Explaining what a traffic stop is. 😂

    See, many Black people are very familiar with the process. Happens often. Some call it “profiling.”

    May be police need to stop more white people to give them an exam on traffic stop processes and police procedure.

    Apparently, they’re not familiar with what’s going on, as she’s asked several times. 😂

  25. Male Social justice warrior

    Nasty liberal cops 🤢

  26. Chester Cheetah

    johnny looks like shit

  27. If it was a black person the police would of shot for resisting..

  28. IJustPickedAScab

    @Night Storm: There’s no reason for this. Every single individual situation is circumstantial — you should know better.

  29. Lick-Her License

    I hate drunks😡

  30. These people are ridiculous. Damon doesn’t even know what planet he is on, and his voice sounds like he smokes crack plus four packs a day. His wife is one of the most irritating, spoiled drunks I have ever seen. And the cop is clueless about how to handle drunks, he would have had more luck talking to them normally, not in that ridiculous cop jargon

  31. LedTrump Zeppelin

    That police officer is horrible. Your are not suppose to Escalate The Encounter! Definitely tried to stir the whole thing up.

  32. I’m missing the part where they get tazed/shot for not complying, because it has everything to do with why they put a blue lives matter sticker on their car. SOME people are entitled to discretion when it comes to use of force, I suppose… 😒😒😒

  33. Heck, if you still support that idiot Donald Trump, that’s enough “just cause,” to arrest you, right there.

  34. When you bat .300 you’re an All-Star. When you blow .300 you’re going to jail.

  35. I be damn, no knee to the neck for resisting arrest

  36. Wow no shots fired in the back, no one was bashed in the head by 6 cops even though he and she were clearly combative and noncompliant, 🤔 I wonder why….???

  37. The guy messed up but it’s not like he murdered someone or did something so horrible he deserves to be embarassed by the police with the immediate release of bodycam footage. A lot of people get a dui and doesn’t make them bad people. It’s really scummy of cops to release footage to the public every time they arrest a person of celebrity status. Makes them feel good about themselves destroying someone’s life and reputation over having too much to drink. Meanwhile they do everything they can to hide bodycam image of their excessive force and abuse of power. Oh, and when they do get caught abusing power, lawsuit victories are paid out courtesy of the tax payers’ pockets, never the police.

  38. Wow this pandemic has really messed up alot people!😳

  39. The cop double escalated the whole situation—terrible behavior on that Cops part. Damon was 3 sheets to the wind and a horrible danger to the community in that condition. The wife? Mail order one from the phillipines is my guess. Acting the part of a drunken fool. Uber next time Chief. And yeah if he was Black they’d a shot him. Horrible display of police work.

  40. These drunk assholes 😂😂

  41. “We’re blue lives matter” translation… “We don’t like Black people either and we support you when you arrest, beat, and kill them, but don’t do that to us because we’re white like you!”

  42. This is exactly why I don’t drink, because I am the worst, obnoxious, ruthless , entitled sloppy drunk. Someone took a video years ago when I was drunk and saw the beast that I turned into. It was SOOOO UNATTRACTIVE and embarrassing . It really freaked me out to see myself turn into someone else. I was so disgusted that I won’t even have more than one.

  43. Mario Cinquemani


  44. Wait a second No one was shot? No one thrown to the ground? No one had their breathing stopped? No one cursed out? No one shot in the back? No one pepper sprayed?…….Never mind I just realized Karen told the officer not to touch her

  45. Leonardo Artist

    I’m 100% sober and having a hard time understanding this cop…Regardless, Damon and his wife obviously have problems. Just call a cab Bro!

  46. When he said he is a trump supporter I would have said give me your keys and walk home. Lol .

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