Israeli anti-vaxxers shunned for dissin’ coronavirus vaccine, Zombies coming?

Ilana issues cry for help/YouTube

Israel forcing vaccinations? 

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ISRAEL — Ilana Rachel Daniel, a health advisor in Israel, released a video last week to give insight into the hellish circumstances her country is dealing with. Ilana said citizens without green passports — primarily those who are eschewing the coronavirus vaccine — have been completely ostracized. She said anti-vaxxers are being denied hospital treatment. They aren’t allowed to continue employment. They’re proscribed from attending schools and they’re banned from all businesses.

Travelers are also required to don ankle monitors.

“It’s a very bad situation here,” said a tearful Ilana. “They’re making this green passport where half the population can not get into theaters or malls or all sorts of things unless they’re taking the vaccination. They’re creating a medical apartheid. They’re allowed to send each person’s private medical records to the local municipality so that they’ll know who’s taking the injection or not. It’s absolutely insane.”

Also Jana Ben-Nun, host of Israeli News Live, released a separate video claiming the COVID-19 panacea will eventually turn us all into zombies. No bullsh*t. But don’t trip. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) posted a “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” checklist on their website to help us out.

CDC officials recommend we stockpile sustenance, toiletries and prescription drugs just in case.

Man, we’re living in precarious times.

Not sure if you heard but life insurance companies recently announced they won’t issue payouts for experimental vaccine-related deaths. So don’t waste your time submitting claims. You should also know pharmaceutical companies are completely exempt from liability in the event you die or get sick.

In other words, you can’t sue their asses over the vaccine.

Will Americans experience something similar to what’s going on in Israel?

Should vaccinations be voluntary?

What’s the likelihood we’ll experience a Zombie Apocalypse?

Watch the disturbing videos.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Matthew Shoemaker

    Israel can take their shots and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  2. New World Order, Agenda 21, brainwashing people. Israel is not a friendly country and never will be. Right now they are forcing their own people to have the vaccine.

  3. AmazinglyAverage

    it’s gonna be a no for me dawg

  4. Andullah Alyosif

    Vaccine 💉 has RNA of AIDS ! Those poor people will die slowly


  6. Andrew Gonzales rico

    Oh hell yeah lets get ready for the zombie apocalypse

  7. Crazyhands Hands

    Zombie apocalypse lol

  8. Excuse me? Just in case?????

  9. I dreamed there were folks eating raw meat

  10. Ronald Simmons

    Once the most vulnerable are vaccinated, then societies can prepare to move back to some level of normality. It will take a while.

  11. Muhammad Jerusalem

    God bless israel

  12. The vaccines blocks a part of your brain that makes you think,create,it makes you intelligent.
    By taking the vaccines that part of the brain is blocked hence creating zombies.
    They know 9-5 bullshit ain’t working.. so they are creating zombies who can’t think for themselves but needs government to think for them.

  13. Go israel. Leading the whole world in vaccinations 😍🥰😍

  14. Hananya Naftali

    The vaccine is safe. Period.

  15. Magoogala habibi

    I AM LEGEND? 😳

  16. The vaccine is the catalyst! Replay every zombie movie. The “government” starts it all.

  17. COVID (Certification of Vaccination ID)

  18. Who is here from the CDC Zombie article

  19. pfizer are testing vaccinations on israelis.. like lab mouse

  20. Vacine turns people into zombies.

  21. TheWarriorArts

    And our Lord said Many of his people will die because of the great deception!!!

  22. Damn y’all now we can say we ALSO survived a Zombie Apocalypse😫😭

  23. People here in the comment section are more stupid then the Israeli left wing 🤷

  24. Ibraguimova Dagmara

    People do not do the vaccine they just want to destroy us We must start the war and vaccinate those who themselves made this Death

  25. ALL MIXTURES of vaccinations ..might cause HUMAN RABIES…..mind gone like zombies…LOL.eyewink


  27. Who cares about Israel?🥱

  28. Only libtards will take vaccine and become a zombie …but whats the difference they dont think for themselves already anyway

  29. Were already in the zombie apocalypse

    everyone’s walking around with there head down, glued to the phone

  30. God wouldn’t do this to us at all! Guys God did this and he will end it for a reason hopefully! Zombies won’t be real! Guys don’t listen, God is with us❤️✝️

  31. This is what they call minimize the population.

  32. An experimental vaccine using new technology that has never before been used on humans brought to the public under emergency powers without completing proper trials for a disease with a survival rate of over 99.8%. What could go wrong?

  33. I did the vaccine twice and I feel great. So to all the right-wing people in the comments, me and my friends are totally fine 🙂

  34. People commenting here have the mental virus of ignorance which seems to be spreading as fast as Covid-19. It is astonishing what people believe.

  35. @oh ok: Right wing people? Stop politicizing this. As an American we have a choice as to what goes in our body. You decided to take the risk and get an experimental jab. Myself and millions of others won’t be getting it regardless of political affiliation. God bless 😎

  36. No vaccination, no access to anything !!
    How’s that voluntary ?? 🤔


  38. This is very sad . Jews were Gods chosen people. They missed there real messiah Jesus Christ. Who was God in the flesh. No iam not Blaspheming telling the truth. If you’re been given God spirit you would understand this vaccine is pure evil to the core. Study the ingredients before taking. What a sad day. Maybe not the mark of the breast. But very close people are being Threaten all over the world , no jab ,no job,no travel. The Instigator Israel 100% believe. But some where amongst them all God got those 144,000 man who are pure and chosen to preach the gospel ready because tribulation not far away. You can guarantee not one of them would have taken this vaccine. You taken feel ok but wait you got no idea what happening inside the internal damage. Sad sad. How it could be used for control.

  39. The idiots taking the COVID VACCINE will be the first to get the MARK OF THE BEAST 😈🔥 good luck with that morons🔥🤦‍♂️

  40. I bet they’re gonna release a new virus and then they’re gonna give us all the mark of the beast. Either that, or they will somehow fake an apocalypse, and run it on the media, and then they will turn us into real zombies to fool the people who didn’t get the mark even more, so that they mark as many people as possible.

  41. SayOnly TheTruth

    The sad thing about this is all stupid people will actually believe the cdc is serious and will now think zombies exist. Think about science…a ” zombie” is just a very imaginative spin on rabies. Once someones dead no one can come back to life no matter how they died. Its sad I actually have to say this for all the stupid people who also believe in stuff like aliens are invading earth and that anyone who fights for whats right and rebells against neonazis is somehow evil.

  42. Just say no to the mark of the beast. #FuckBillGates

  43. יוסף Yosef Joe

    A blessed nation, be held by hidden departments, diabolic and accepted this “snake sting”. This satanic vaccine, for a world terrorist lie. Because I and many are not going to take that diabolical garbage.

  44. Cdc is a big joke

    i would never said no shit Like that

    i have faith in god

  45. Nice plan to sterilize the half population of the world. Remember my words
    Vaccines = sterilize / sterilize = overpopulation

  46. Israel is apartheid state! Where are human rights , when it comes to Israel?!

  47. CDC is the Center for Disease Control. They have a serious job to do, and everything about the CDC lacks humor. If the CDC is giving up the heads up regarding a zombie apocalypse, then there must be some information they have analyzed as professionals and experts, and made a decision to publish the said information. The question is what information made the CDC publish this information, is the virus already out of containment?

  48. A life without Jesus-Christ is a wasted life , people!
    Believe in Christ now while there’s still time, and get your sins washed away by His redeeming Blood.
    You are being lied to by this satanic self-deceived world, the devil is lying to us
    Only Jesus Christ The savior is going to get us out of this whole mess. No one else can, not even ourselves
    The Bible says in Mark 8:36 ”For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? ”

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