Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez end engagement amid rumors of cheating

J.Lo and A-Rod are done/

J.Lo and A-Rod ‘calling it quits.’

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MIAMI — You can stick a fork in Jennifer Lopez’s relationship because it’s done. The 51-year-old singer and her fiancé, former New York Yankees infielder Alex Rodriguez, are calling it quits after 4 years of copulation. J.Lo and A-Rod went asunder on Friday amid scuttlebutt of Alex canoodling with “Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy. His retinue repudiated the claim but the canard went viral. Now there’s no trust. J.Lo and A-Rod, 45, hooked up in 2017 then got engaged 2 years later.

The quondam lovebirds were scheduled to get hitched in 2020 but those plans were derailed by the coronavirus pandemic. J.Lo and A-Rod bought a Miami mansion for $40 million last summer so assets must be divided. They also made a bid to purchase the New York Mets but the deal fell through.

Are you surprised A-Rod cheated on a sexy cougar like J.Lo?

Is 4 years worth salvaging?

Share your thoughts.


  1. I can’t believe this shit !!! What the hell went wrong!????? I really thought this was it.

  2. Hunter Champion

    He must have found out that she stole Mariah Carey’s song

  3. J-Ho can’t keep a man to save her life

  4. Why can’t celebs be happy just being single and enjoying their lives with their children? Instead of entangling their children into forced relationships that may not stay together. Feel bad for the kids.

  5. Finally. All the cringey “happy family” phoniness comes to an end. They’ve been nauseating for quite a while now.

  6. The Cousins Family

    Cheating on J Lo 😮😭

  7. Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman, but never seems to hold down a man hmmm!

  8. J-HO she’s been poked more than a pin cushion

  9. laduralamayimba

    Jlo said :NEXT”.

  10. Wow! I didn’t see this coming. I mean sort off..

  11. This is sad news specially for the kids.

  12. Nooooooooo!!!!

  13. Carlos Quintana

    That doesn’t surprise me!!!

  14. Shallow mfers, when the passion subsides, intimacy and commitment do not mean anything!

  15. Amanda Boydstun

    She’s claiming it’s not true that they’re just taking a break and trying to clear things up. Please just admit it’s over. You celebrities
    Don’t have anything going on so you got to shake it up and keep yourself in the media. 🙄Get over yourself.

  16. 🙄Why am I NOT surprised….?🙄 A kingdom divided against itself CANNOT stand.

  17. FunnyStuffOnly LM

    There is no depth in these people, they shine for the cameras and it is all that matters to them, no self-knowledge, no real feelings, just lust and showing-off diamond rings in a postal-card fake image of love. They are too busy building their image and empires and never take a minute to really understand what life and love are all about… And is sad, because it all comes to building castles in the sand.

  18. MoonlightDreams

    Good on her for respecting herself! If his morals are in question. She’s showing her kids to respect yourself and not settle for less then she’s worth

  19. Lorraine Rivero

    JLo is the problem

  20. They grew apart. Too much time apart too many outside influences. They acted as if they were already married, buying property together and J-Lo adlibing in court proceedings about child support payments when it came to his payments to his children. Hate to see this happen cause he was a good match for her.

  21. Lauryn Nakitare

    Engaged for two years??????????how do people live out here.

  22. stephanie elliott

    Jlo is absolutely gorgeous ❤ inside and out. Even though I don’t believe she aged gracefully without any botox and fillers but she kept her body in shape by doing what she does and loves which is dancing 💃
    And one thing I adore her for is that she never got her teeth done ✔
    She never got that fake Hollywood smile where they shave your teeth and put straight porcelain caps on top of your cone-head shaved down teeth.
    You can tell cause her teeth aren’t this fake white and they aren’t bone straight and it’s just her natural beautiful smile ❤
    To me she’s the perfect woman, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Cause unlike other celebs she’s got great friendships and a very special BFF friendship with Lea Rimini.
    I love these 2 together ❤
    But if you look at Beyoncé, Kim K and all the beautiful women in the celebrity world who most women or girls strive to look like in order to be successful and perfect enough for to get and to keep a man, then you see that it doesn’t matter how you look, how much success and money you have, the men may be coming along a bit easier, but it doesn’t mean they’ll end up being faithful to you.
    Men a lot if times cheat with women who look not as good as you may look or act in ways you never would, so it has nothing to do with how perfect a woman is or looks.
    Lord knows why men cheat the way they do and women do it too, but it’s a lot more common for men to step out.
    It’s maybe their animal instinct 🤔
    You can give them as much whoopi as possible and they’ll still end up stepping out for whatever reason?

    What I’m trying to say is that all you younger ladies who strive to look a certain way and get depressed cause they can’t achieve it naturally and think they have to look a certain way to get and keep a man.
    That is NOT the case, not true at all cause the proof is in the pudding and looking at the most beautiful women in the world getting cheated on just like everyone else should ease your pressure to strive to look a certain way by using very dangerous and cheap solutions to get there, just isn’t worth it.
    Just know that every woman is beautiful in her own way, you can work out, eat and stay healthy, but don’t go to extremes. Live your life, enjoy the things you like and don’t feel pressured into anything. Be confident, always wear a smile on your face, be loving and kind ❤
    That’s real beauty !!!!

    Sorry for the rant but I see so many young ladies and older who have this very horribly wrong and dangerous believe system to look up to perfect celebrity women and think they have to look like them for all the wrong reasons and being so beautiful doesn’t mean your man won’t cheat on you.
    Stop being pressured and depressed 😪

  23. Most marriages would only last 4 years if people were honest and left once the romance was over intead of sticking it out because they are embarrassed. Right from the start I didn’t think Alex’s personality suited Jennifer’s although they looked good together.

  24. I was rooting for the marriage, especially since she is an older woman because men in my space kept saying that men prefer younger women and that they don’t marry women over 45. They are doing the happy dance now. Mocking me for being so naïve.

  25. She is a total bizatchie, that has been known about her for years & years.

  26. Becky Williams

    She helped him clear his name and made him relevant again and he thanked her by cheating😔 smh


  28. Angela Allende

    Hey Alex hit me up am only 68 and I can cook wash and make ❤️❤️❤️🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  29. Rough patches happen especially for a powerhouse couple because they get overlooked and they are human too. I think the best thing to do is let Arod and Jlo be. The spotlight is on them in a heavy sense they need time away from that for alittle while to heal and come back stronger sometime couples need time apart but that doesn’t always mean that they are officially broken up. They are grown adults they know the relationship that they have with eachother better than everyone else.

  30. Gabby Astudillo

    She is not a one man girl, she change men like underwear, another one will come soon for another few years then another that’s who she is 😂

  31. I read where JLo hired a private investigator to follow A Rod around, sounds like trust issues

  32. Another one for JHO’s book of men. 3 marriages, engagement with Ben Affleck list of men she’s been with including P Diddy and Drake. Her Toy Boy Casper (18 years younger) boyfriend of 5 years.. Now another engagement broken. WOW! HOPEFULLY SOMEDAY she finds true love and THE ONE.

  33. Oh gosh two “Afro-Latino” narcissists breaking up…pretends to be shocked gif. I hope things work out between prefers Beckies anyway Rodriguez and mostly white in her DNA “black girl from the Bronx” Jennifer Nopez

  34. Women, yes we women need to start loving ourselves first and not running 🏃‍♀️ to the next man to make us feel loved, valued and appreciated. Take care of yourself, love yourself so that you do not become needy for anyone to complete you.
    JLo is not asking for much. She just wants real and authentic love which is hard to find nowadays with so many women degrading and devaluing themselves on social media which provoke most men to act even more recklessly. Women, Start by elevating and valuing yourself so a man can reach to your level!

  35. Anthony Campos

    Jennifer Lopez is incapable of keeping a man

  36. Here goes JLO buying publicity and fabricating fake drama because she feels like she isn’t getting enough attention. Just like she paid to do that scrappy New Years Eve performance. She sucks and everything about her is fake.

  37. Beverly DeMarco


  38. Sandy Rodriguez

    They broke up 💔 he cheated on her several times.


  40. What is wrong with him,he has the most beautiful woman in the world,does he know how many men would love to be in his place.He has probably been cheating the whole time but this time he got caught out.I feel so bad for Jlo but you deserve a man that loves only you, and you will get him one day.You have two beautiful children and family that love you.You are a strong beautiful independent woman Jlo and so many people admire and support you.May God bless you and your family always…..sending much love and a big hug😍😍😍😘😘😘

  41. tagabicolini pinay

    Mark Anthony sitting in jacuzzi sipping gray goose 💛💛💛

  42. DANIELLE Stevenson

    Lol jlo is getting all that karma back for all the years of tormenting mariahcarey. Karma never comes back the way we dish it out. Karma came back to jhoe 10 fold.

  43. JLo can’t keep a man to save her life lol

  44. If they are having serious problems why the hell would you get married. She isn’t the marriage type after 4 already . He’s a cheater. A disaster waiting to happen. Jenny from the block better start walking and A-Rod needs to run and slide into home base.

  45. I hope they are broken up she needs to dump that lying POS!! his voice makes me want to vomit. His kids are watching……. RUN dont try to fix him he isn’t worth the bullshit

  46. These two are attention seekers. 🙄

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