Stacey Dash is done dating White guys, focusing on being with Black men only

Stacey is done with White guys/TMZ

Stacey Dash is seekin’ change.

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TAMPA — Stacey Dash is done giving up the derrière to White guys. After 4 failed marriages and a criminal record, she’s now open to giving Black dudes a chance. The former Donald Trump supporter is so serious, she had a member of her retinue contact an African American celebrity to see about setting up a date. Is it a publicity stunt? Absolutely. But, after years of lambasting negroes, Stacey is hoping to make amends. “Stacey is trying to make a comeback to the Black community,” said a close source.

“Her rep tried to set up a date with a [B-list Black actor]. It’s a publicly stunt, but she’s doing it so that Black people could like her again. Republicans are done with her and the rent has to be paid.”

Stacey, 54, has been married four times; each time to a White man. The actress-turned-pundit and her last husband, Jeffrey Marty, called it quits after two years of holy matrimony. Their dissolution came on the heels of a nasty domestic violence incident that culminated in Stacey’s arrest.

During a recent chinwag with the Daily Mail, the “Roe v. Wade” thespian admitted she has an anger management problem. “I’ve lived my life being angry, which is what I was on Fox News,” Stacey said.

“I was the angry, conservative, Black woman. And at that time in my life, it was who I was. I realized in 2016 that anger is unsustainable and it will destroy you. I made a lot of mistakes because of that anger.”

Stacey, who starred on “Clueless,” was fired from Fox News in 2017.

Now she’s single and dead broke.

Should the Black community welcome her back with open arms?

Share your thoughts.


  1. YAHAWASHI KINGofkings

    Nnnnnnnoooooooppppppppppeeeeeeee stay yo ass over there on the enemy’s side

  2. Noneofyobizness

    Her n*gga wakeup call she ignored. Too late Stacy, we don’t take refunds.

  3. Apollo Mayaimi

    I hope no black man take her back

  4. Stacy is a black woman who thought white people would accept her as being white. Embrace your own people and quit kissing up to these racist SOB’s and liars. Nothing wrong with her dating white or black, but find someone who isn’t a racist MF and treats you like you suppose to be treated.

  5. down_ goes _Connor_ mcloser

    Dam does puerto rican count? I want her to myself

  6. Why is she playing this public back and forth crap? do wtf you wanna and do not ask permission to do it, you sound weak and make it bad for other black women for f**k sake

  7. She’s so delusional so now she wants to come back to the black man nah that woman is crazy as hell. Gone back over there and let the white man pee on you some more.

  8. I guess she got her N word wake up call from the White guys and the GOP.

  9. White supremacist are going straight to hell

    the white race was created from satan raping eve who was black and satan is white

  10. QueenSizedCharlotte

    Wanna start dating brothas? All she needs to do is gain 40 lbs.

  11. Give me a 40 Ounce 🍺 have her bend ova face down you know the rest.

  12. She abt to start freakin off👀

  13. AllWhitePeople AreRacist

    They talkin bout reparations so now she wanna come back.
    Bxtch bye.

  14. Todd Whitfield

    She needs therapy. She’s A very confused woman. I grew up having A crush on her since I was A child after seeing ” Moving. ” I never would have expected her to become like the way she is this day.

  15. The grass ain’t greener on the other side,, huh!!!

  16. Tracey Woolridge

    Stacey Dash name is linked to 1995 movie clueless. She could have hooked her name up to more mo money or moving. Even Donald Faison got away from clueless. But not only that she’s trashed black people for a while. This is her own doing. Good luck!

  17. Radical Edwards

    Fiddy FOUR! white girls age quick!

  18. No no no we cannot accept a woman who was probably used as a public toilet by our white counterparts!

  19. Nah chick you’re not invited to anything black again, the cook out, black men, nor the Essence awards.

  20. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    A LOT of these so-called “sistas” come crawling to the brothas (or in some cases switch up to the sistas) when zaddy get tired of them.

  21. Fifth Conscious

    Honestly I’m against swirling on both sides🤷🏾‍♀️ Black community we need to keep our genes strong 🧬💪🏾, reproducing with other races does nothing for us we need to get it together and both come crawling back to each other (BM & BW).

  22. I’m not a B-lister, but I work at Walmart, I’m a member of the customer welcoming board. I have a 10-speed bike, I have a prepaid Visa card with over $134 on it. Hell yeah I would date her.

  23. It’s too late for her to date black men again because we’re not checking for her and she’s been ran through and she’s been married four times to white men and have biracial children by them. She’s 54 years old and she’s way past her prime so I say no thanks to leftover women and she’s it. Her black card has been revoked and she needs to stay in the white community and not come back to the black community.

  24. Her & Ben Carson would make a great couple….They could move to an all white community, and change their last names to “Bootlickers”

  25. Problem, they certainly don’t want her dusty, broke, thirsty ass. A couple of homeless dudes under the freeway underpass might let her share a tent to keep them warm at night. But as soon as daylight breaks, she gotta bounce, they got reputations and all.

  26. Stacey Dash is attracted to the men of whatever race appears to be on the rise. If China takes over, she’ll go Asian. If there’s an Islamic revolution, she’ll put on a burqa. If Native Americans reservations are turned back over to the tribes, she’ll put on a headdress.

  27. Yes… they all go after black men when they are broke.. some fool will come along and give her some money…🤔 and if she get back on her feet she will kick him to the curve….🤔😘

  28. Brothas this is gross. Don’t give up your integrity for these swirlers


    Stacey Dash has been trying desperately in the last month to have her Black People’s membership card reinstated so she can work in Hollywood again. This card carrying Republican who supported Trump throughout his administration has no shot at reinstatement. YOUR MEMBERSHIP HAS BEEN PERMANENTLY REVOKED!!!

  30. Dieudonné Antenor

    That’s kind of the nature of women in general, not just when it doesn’t work with one race.
    They didn’t like you at first, go to the others get pregnant, humiliated and come back to you all nice trying to convince you they always liked you. And even have the audacity to talk about marriage, like you’re the dumbest ever.

  31. They break their butts to get a white man. They get one, get their butts kicked, and then want to come back and get a black man. Consider them second, third, and fourth round draft choices. Even if drafted lower they aren’t going to perform well enough to earn their contract money. They’ll be released, become free agents, continue whoring, and hope to get lucky. You can’t eat your cake and still have it.

  32. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but we as a people it’s so easy for us to stomp on each other when we are down. No matter what color you are people get lost along the way. Some of us was once lost but we found our way. Some takes a little longer but they found their way regardless of what the situation was. Nobody is perfect, so who are we to judge. You see someone fall and you can help them get back up, help them because don’t think that you can’t fall. There are a lot of ways you can fall. To everyone that has fallen don’t give up. As long as there is a will , there is a way.


    if you broke you neeeed to date white boys

  34. She was with a white guy when that ass was firm ….now it’s all gushy. given Black men the saggy
    leftovers that’s been in the fridge tooooo long.

  35. The evolution of Stacy Dash:
    I’m sure she’ll find the right husband to settle down with. Say, Judas Iscariot 😈

  36. Gregg Poppabich

    I’d tell Stacey if I c her “U know u dunn phukkd up!?” *in my Bill Duke frum Menace2Society voice*…🤣🤣🤣

  37. She’s a nice looking lady and a talented actress but the Black Community is far too busy with life and death struggles to be concerned with her plight. When she abandoned her people she lost her place in the fight for freedom and equality. She can knock on the door, but no one’s going to answer until the whole community supports her return, and that won’t be until Chauvin is in prison, Trump is tried and those three Jethro’s from Georgia are convicted and sentenced to the electric chair (and I’m not even for the death penalty). Ms dash needs to learn that this is not a game designed to support the careers of people who betray (yes I said betray) us. There are Black babies that need food and medicine, there are Black seniors afraid to go out of their front door, there are Black churches that feel like sitting ducks and there are Black people yet unborn that need a fair shot at a future. If Stacy Dash needs a Black boyfriend, perhaps she can connect with one in need, help him and work on a real relationship. In the meantime might I suggest she read, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Black Rage, The Spook Who Sat By The Door, Native Son and anything by Janes Baldwin. Not one but all of these titles. We are a proud and dignified people and, yes we should forgive her, but that takes time and we are consumed with much more pressing matters than the wants of one who has shown such contempt. Trump is a racist and she has supported him against her own people (her own self).

  38. Dorothy Crawley

    When I was in the military in 1981 there was a dark skinned black girl who would actually sit in the sun to tan to get darker..I couldn’t understand this until we found out she liked white males..When white men want a black woman they want a BLACK WOMAN..Stacy Dash is too light skinned for some white men’s taste..Don’t believe me??..Watch porn movies and see if it is not the dark skinned black women that white men perfer..

  39. St.clair Burke

    She’s full of sh#%

  40. Carnell Junior

    I used to want stacey dash..
    But after everything she said and did..I would never mess with her period.. jus a major turn off..
    Now I see her as a traitor..

  41. The only chance Stacey Dash has, is to be in a Tyler Perry movie specifically written for her in order to regain her clout with the black community.

  42. Hope she ends up dating some low tier rapper from Chicago “Lil Drainage Pipe” or some dam body.

  43. That pigeon 😳is done ✔👏

  44. Dennis Barrett

    If there is a vaccine for protection against STACEY Dash, I’d take it.

  45. I’d still hit 😂 this a easy lick!

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