Police Shootout Video: White cop killed recalcitrant Black chick over marijuana

Nika Holbert shot dead/Nashville PD

White cop kills Black woman. 

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NASHVILLE — Law enforcement officials in Tennessee are under fire after a White police officer shot and killed a Black woman in broad daylight. The sanguinary ordeal transpired Friday morning in the parking lot of a Dollar General store in Nashville. It was also captured on video. Police body cam footage shows officer Josh Baker pulling over a Camaro driven by Nika Nicole Holbert. The vehicle was registered to convicted felon Demond Buchanan who had six outstanding warrants for possession of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, Xanax and crack cocaine.

After Baker found marijuana and a powdery substance in Nika’s bag, he tried to bust her. Rather than comply, the recalcitrant damsel resisted arrest. “Don’t put me in handcuffs. I didn’t do nothing wrong,” Nika yelled while running around the parking lot. After she jumped in her car, Baker zapped her with a taser.

Nika, 31, then pulled out a semi-automatic pistol.

“Ma’am put the gun down!” Baker screamed.

Nika opened fire.

Baker fired a few shots too.

Both suffered gunshot wounds.

“I’m hit,” the corpulent cop told the dispatcher.

Nika drove away but she didn’t get far.

She died moments later at a local hospital.

Baker, who was hit beneath his bulletproof vest, underwent surgery and he’s doing fine.

Did the officer act appropriately?

Was race a factor?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. mattybanksisdank

    if he wasnt such a fat waste bet he would of had control to start

  2. She’s a FOOL

  3. At least she got to smoke a Newport before she died. LOL

  4. Baby Mama ubering drugs in Baby Daddy’s car!!

  5. I’m white and if I had done the same exact thing…….that “white” cop would have shot my ass too. And this is why most blacks, not all, get shot by the police

  6. Is that Smokey’s mama from Friday?

  7. Philipp Ulreich

    Glad Officer Donut is ok, but I hope he will lose weight

  8. First Responder 1985

    She went to hell later after this

  9. First off that guy should not be a street officer since he’s way too big to defend himself or deal with combatant citizens. I’m not a fan of 99% of cops, but you tend to get shot when you pull a gun on cops. Bad job by both parties involved.

  10. Michael Uzumaki

    She put some more weed in a bag thinking that he wasn’t going to check it he wasn’t even done with it that’s why he said turn around so that he can arrest her


    Lmfaooooo. She did it to herself.

  12. That officer got some fat so he will be ok

  13. She took the gun out of her bag to hide it, multiple warrants, cash everywhere with 2 coke bags and clearly shot first.

  14. That taser really stopped her…. Look how she literally looks at him with hate in her eyes and then pulls a gun and shoots him. WAY to much leeway because he don’t want to get crucified by twitter.

  15. 148.g fOrLifE!

    They both have good aim…they must of been practicing for years..the worst interracial break up ever. he stayed behind on his knees begging for her back. She just takes off real pissed off.. Why did the cop escalate this relationship contract into a federal crime. Shooting at one another is just business. The whole world shouldn’t be punished for these 2 trigger happy James bond shooters.

  16. Jim Crow Biden

    You see the white cop is a racist, attacking this beautiful queen. This cop will be fired because he is a white male supremacist. The George Floyd Act must be enforce against racist white cops like this one in the video. Black people should not comply because they are victims of white supremacy and systematic racism.

  17. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha awesome piggy gotty shotty….ha ha ha ha

  18. This chick crazy

  19. That woman dumb as hell

  20. Hold up, why was she being put in handcuffs in the first place? Not enough weed for criminal charges and he knew her mother was on the way.

  21. black lives matter huh?

  22. This video is insane!

    She acted so suspicious all the time.

    In the end, I couldn’t tell which one was fatter.

  23. skillywillydilly

    Not going to lie I was expecting her to run him over until she drove the other way… phewww

  24. The damage she was doing to that dress was enough for her to go to jail. Sorry, but big is NOT beautiful. Him too for that matter. He should take care of himself. Makes it hard for him to serve and protect when he will get winded putting on his shoes.

    All that aside, he gave her so many attempts to do right. Too many, if you ask me. Gambled his life and nearly lost.

  25. If you pull out a gun on a cop what do you expect him to do? Give you a hug? 🤦

  26. Hopefully this video will be used as a ‘ what not to do’ training film, he did everything wrong from the get go, she kept going back to the car and reaching in, especially when he was searching her bag on the trunk( wrong), he got too close with the taser he could see her reaching in to the glovebox, step back upholster your glock tell the perp to step out the car then withdraw to a safe position by the cruiser, from the start shoulda made her sit on the kerb away from the car, take the keys from the ignition, maybe lock the car until she has given him adequate answers to his inquiries, if none were forthcoming its cuff time and sit in the back of the cruiser till her car has been searched. He let her get away as well, when he was kneeling on the ground he had ample time to aim and empty his clip through the windshield and disabled her, he was lucky because she could easily have run him over . Back to school officer, and back to the gym, sorry ! Nice ride though !

  27. That dress is a crime in its self! At least she no more. Saved us tax prayers monies.


    its all his fault….. thats considered a high risk traffic stop, he shouldve waited for backup which he called off and the second she disobey a LAWFUL order he shouldve detained her and sat tf down and searched that car from top to bottom…..the vehicle has limo tinted windows belonging to a person who has multiple warrents and she was “going through her bag” in the beginning …….. really sad how a cop cant do his job correctly prolly bc he doesnt wanna end up on the news as a “white cop racially kills black women”

  29. She didunt do nufin

  30. Omarion Robinson

    Meanwhile, he’s recovering while her body is in the mortuary.

  31. Scarlett Marie

    So that was entirely her fucking fault. He was being nice and respectful to her. Wtf!!?

  32. All this for a bag of weed? He had no right to search her belongings or take her out the car after he realized no other person was present. I’m speaking as a police officer. (I’m not justifying her actions)

  33. All that jelly and no toast 😋

  34. Leonard Washington

    Now the NBA will start wearing shirts with her name on it like she did nothing wrong

  35. Screaming “HELP HELP!” right before pulling a firearm and shooting the officer. The mind of some people smh.

  36. An American Citizen

    First of all, the woman got shot because she pulled a gun and shot the officer first, she is an idiot. 2nd of all, I’m not sure why she let the officer search her purse, I would not have allowed the officer to search my purse without a warrant. Not searching my car, my purse, nothing without a warrant, we can wait all freaking day until you get a warrant or let me leave, arrest me, or something, you are not going to look in my stuff without a warrant. Now, the officer looked and got drugs, you are going to jail, what a moron.

  37. Damn lotta ignorant whites in these comments lmao do yall not realize that he was tryna arrest her over weed…..WEEED? Like wtf yall crazy. Cop probably has more criminal activity in the last 2 days than she did for possessing marijuana

  38. I’m a Black Conservative, & I’m getting the hell away from Black leftists, because Burn Loot Murder (BLM) has emboldened Black leftists — a group of people who refuse to govern themselves — to break the law with impunity. It takes too much energy to live around Black leftists. Rules somehow don’t apply to them.

  39. I hate to say this but I dont know whats going on with some black women. One killed my childhood best friend. By the way she was the mother of his child and stabbed him to death. Last year I got a gun pulled on me at a gas station because she thought I took her gas pump spot. Luckily there was a cop right there. Today almost got ran off the road intentionally…… The cop was being extra nice even after he was shot on the ground and could have shot at her some more but did not. This country needs to do a lot of healing before another country wipe us out.

  40. 1. Where is the part where she told him there was drugs in the purse? Marijuana. She forgot about the crack cocaine and the gun in the car.
    2. Do officers have requirements of physical fitness? If you are limited in your physical abilities, or lack thereof, then you should not be out there putting yourself and others at risk out of pure inability to complete certain tasks. That could have saved your life. Not to mention that being that obese also leads to mental acuity, such as staying hyper-focused and aware.
    3. Is there any doubt or wonder as to why things ended up happening the way that they did? No one can convince me that the officer wasn’t in the right when firing either weapon he had.
    4. This is a great example as to why law enforcement have to use firearms, because TASERS DO NOT WORK IN EVERY SITUATION.

  41. Millard Cooley

    This was a shit show. I would still pose the question; Why did he run her plates in the first place? I agree that she was wrong and pulled a gun however, she had minimal drugs (who cares) and was going about her day. If you’re not a black person hearing true horror stories from your grandparents about police and forming a natural fear for your life anytime a police officer is around you, then you could never understand what she was thinking. He profiled her & the car from the beginning and unfortunately that’s the fundamental issue here. This woman could still be alive had her and the car not been profiled.

  42. This Police Officer did all he could do trying to not allow this situation to escalate, but this woman just refused to follow commands. She did what she wanted to do from the start, and she was too nervous to claim she did nothing, but it was what you was getting ready to do. That Officer could have lost his life tryjng not to take her life. She left that Cop no choice, no choice!!! She shot him and still tried to leave him to die, but the Heavenly Father didn’t see it that way. Wow in todays time you most certainly can’t judge a book by its cover. A female Cop shooter at its finest. I wish she could have lived to do her time inside. What’s wrong with following commands from an Officer, what people? I’m wondering what her family thinks after seeing this video.

  43. I’m a black man and I hate cops. But, this cop should of killed her in the beginning of the video. Or at least, handcuffed her immediately and then searched her bag and ask questions. Ain’t no looking for a lighter. Lighting a cigarette 🚬, blowing smoke in his face. Ain’t no grabbing a cellphone and calling her (fake mom.) She probably called her pimp and he told her to shoot. He should of put 17 in her back from the rip. And then, ask questions. I hope he learned a lesson from this. But I hope that he don’t become a racist because of that bad apple. I also hope that he put the donuts 🍩 down. Jesus, how did he even fit in the police car 🚔. They must of took out the front seats and the divider between the front and back door off the car, so he can get in and out.

  44. He didn’t HAVE to stop her. He wanted to. He didn’t have to run her plate that led to him pulling her over. He had choices ahead of time. The system encourages and incentivizes and pushes cops to pull over anyone and everyone to try to meet quotas. That kind of system puts cops in danger unnecessarily. That kind of system puts cops in immoral positions where they pushed to enforce immoral laws that create victimless crimes. She may or may not be a shitty person but instead of reacting to this situation, we should look at the causes that lead up to situations like this. Immoral laws put both cops and the average person in unnecessarily dangerous positions and ruin lives needlessly.

  45. because of dumbass libtards and blm these morons think they don’t have to listen to the police anymore
    also the cop handled this wrong. maybe he was scared of losing his job

  46. Anthony Bachner

    All the best shit happens outside Dollar General

  47. If I’m born again, I want to be born black.
    Even if am criminal and I run away after shooting at the police, I become a hero just because I’m black and my family gets a huge reward.

  48. Are these people fucked or have they just not watched the video? This officer was so afraid of this woman, calling for back up etc. He gave her so many chances, he also left himself open to be shot on many occasions. The cop also got shot because of the bullshit sensitivity training he likely got. All because the media is spewing racial division and calling cops white supremists. Stupid fucking lefties

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