Comedian Gary Owen’s black wife seeks divorcement after 18 years of marriage

Gary Owen getting divorce/

Gary Owen’s wife seeking a divorce. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LOS ANGELES — You can stick a fork in Gary Owen’s marriage because it’s done. The comedian’s black wife, Kenya Duke, is leavin’ his Caucasian ass after 18 years of holy matrimony. Kenya filed dissolution documents Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Rumor has it she’s lookin’ to give black men a chance. Besides, two decades is a long f*ckin’ time. They’re probably ready for new stints of copulation. Gary, 46, and Kenya got hitched in 2003.

The quondam lovebirds have two sons (Emilio and Austin) and a daughter (Kennedy) but they’re all grown so child support won’t be necessary. But there’s a chance Gary will have to pay alimony.

The stand-up comic should be able to afford spousal support because he’s starred in a handful of decent films; most notably “Think Like a Man,” “Ride Along” and “Daddy Day Care.” Actress Stacey Dash recently announced she’s no longer interested in dating White men after a quartet of failed marriages.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have also called it quits.

Has the coronavirus pandemic taken its toll on interracial relationships?

Are you okay with miscegenation?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Another covid casualty. Funds are low because comedy shows are limited now.

  2. stick to your own

  3. Pretty soon we gonna find out his side piece is white! 👱‍♀️

  4. Cornbread, Earl and Me

    lay down with dogs wake up with fleas

  5. quit giving these white folks our genes

  6. So sick and tired of people talking about different races when that does not exist! Mankind is ONE with many variations/flavors. Reprogram your minds people…get off the cabal educational system and open your eyes. Enough already!

  7. Popeye's Chicken Lover

    blog king what the fuck does race have to do with this?

  8. Chrissy Stewart

    I’m never against interracial marriage & interracial friendship I hate to hear marry your own race to me it sounds immature & low self-esteem. Certain people I refused to talk about interracial marriage because some people against it

  9. His comedy hasn’t been great as of late. Now she’s ready to trade him in.

  10. White guys have the lowest divorce rates with black women and white women have the highest divorce rates with black men! Suck it!!!

  11. Stay pure…no more mutts!

  12. Ruthless Lover

    Im a nigga and I love all colors of pussy

  13. Nature itself shows us that we aren’t supposed to mix

  14. Racism seems suspicious to me. It’s being done secretly by our governments for their own agendas. It’s called social engineering. Think about it. Look at all the hate speech and propaganda from them over the last few years. With all the races fighting and mistrusting each other they’ll be too distracted to make any progress. This is exactly what they want. No progress. Racism is dumb. Plain and simple. I believe if we all were white we still would hate each other based on skin tone and hair color and nationality. Facts 💯💪

  15. Frankly Speaking

    Gary’s dick wasnt big enough

  16. I don’t have a problem with it since occasional mixing is fine, HOWEVER, what i do have a problem with is when people (mainly women) date outside on purpose to trigger their parents and rebel against them, or to anger and hurt the men of their race. Using it is a tool for these purposes is sickening and proverbial which needs to be addressed.

    With that said; i don’t think interracial marriage will ever skyrocket anywhere. Most people chose to marry within to preserve social norms, language and cutlure.

  17. I would rather have the uniqueness of my culture and people and keep the blood of my people strong rather than thinning it out with other races and add to the decline of my people.

  18. Lord Odin father of the azier

    Black women and white men probably think interracial marriage is wrong only because they don’t want to see a black man and a white woman happy there’s always seem to be a little double standard black women are only with white men cuz they have no problem submitting to a white man but the strange part is white women submit to a black man if you want to know who started it black women did

  19. Never race mix

  20. Stay inside your race like you supposed to be

  21. Deborah Malambe

    Interracial relationships are lit 🔥💯❤️

  22. I don’t see blacks and Hispanics /blacks and Asians mixing but why should whites and blacks mix?

  23. black and white people always accuse each other of racism then get in bed and fuck each other…… both races are dumbasses

  24. Ozell Israelite

    Interracial relationships are an abomination according to the Bible and most people prefer their own race and the numbers are actually more like 95% because most people hate interracial (abominable) relationships (as they should).

  25. Im willing to bet Blog King’s woman is white. Hehehe!🤣🤣🤣

  26. Don’t disgrace your race

  27. Interracial marriages are white genocide. The white population is dropping as it is with our abysmal birth rate, let alone with non whites messing up our genes. I feel so bad for the parents of kids, both black and white who have to deal with their kids dating a person of a different race.

  28. Anwar Prometheus

    bruh why do we bring the skin color to everything? we are all humans, we will die one day and so will the universe and everything, there will be nothing left so why care if your white or black? you and i wont live for long, so its best to enjoy what we can and not care for your skin color. people will come and go, no one is perfect so live your life to the fullest : )

  29. Definitely against it!!

  30. Interracial is disgusting and a sin for the whole humanity diversity! it is genocide!!

  31. next we’re gonna hear she’s fucking a black man

  32. These comments suckkkk. Too bad more and more people are beginning to date different races and yall can’t do anything about it!;) We’re going to be so mixed within the next 50 years & it makes me so happy seeing racists lose their shit over it. Suck it up buttercup, let the new generation of beautiful mixed babies begin.

  33. Pied Piper of Reality

    Gary it’s her loss. Send her back to the ghetto where she belongs.

  34. I’m so against interracial relationships when it come to black women that it makes me sick.

  35. Where's My Stimulus Check?

    cheaper to keep her

  36. imagine a rainbow with one color, and now imagine a rainbow with many colors. which one is better!

  37. Interracial couples are bad, think about your kids and don’t confuse them!

    When a black woman in an interracial relationship its all “Yasss Queen❤❤❤❤🌟☄🎉”
    But a black man does it and its nothing but ” You need to stick to YOUR RACE!” “You’ll be back honey they always come back” Like what the fuck!! I’m with a white man and this shit makes me furious!! We should really not give a shit who is dating who if they are happy and in love and thats FACTTTS💅

  39. Pornstar Wannabe

    black pussy tastes like chocolate
    white pussy tastes like vanilla
    just depends on which flavor you want

  40. @lilkittyanime: Black guys hate black girls because they hate their own color

  41. Very ugly thing and dirty for any interracial couples
    I am vomiting

  42. Black people, when are you going to understand, that other races are not your friends and will never be, they’re your enemies! Are you going to sleep with your enemies?

  43. that nigga lucky he dont have to pay child support

  44. I thought the white man is perfect, this can’t be. Ha ha ha


    He’s not funny at all, corny trash dude, he’s a black sympathetic,that’s why our black ignants and simpletons mess with him, she’s pathetic too, black men don’t like her type, she’s top heavy, and shaped funny.

  46. EBT Cardholder

    She miss gettin that black dick

  47. Action Jackson

    When I saw who his wife was when they first married, I knew he was FU%$#@, he had no idea what he was dealing with, Bill Burr is next, trust me, and I really like Bill but he made a horrible choice. These guys do not know what we know, they think these women actually love them until these b%$#@!& drop that hammer, lesson to all white guys, RUN WHEN YOU SEE THEM COMING WITH THE BIG BOOTY OR YOU WILL PERISH………

  48. Michael Blackson said “white people smell like wet dogs” ….. Gary Owens roasted him for it😂😂😂😂

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