Saweetie calls it quits with Quavo amid allegations of him bangin’ other women

Quavo and Saweetie are done/Rap-Up

Saweetie & Quavo officially break up.

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LOS ANGELES — Quavo and Saweetie are no longer an item. The hip-hip lovebirds are calling it quits amid allegations of Quavo sticking his phallus into other popsies. They were together 3 years. Scuttlebutt ran rampant when Saweetie unfollowed Quavo on Instagram. But the 27-year-old rapstress confirmed their cessation on Friday, saying, “I’m single. I’ve endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes for a false narrative to be circulating that degrades my character.”

Saweetie also appeared on Justin Combs’ podcast to make Quavo jealous because they used to date.

Justin is P. Diddy’s 27-year-old son.

It’s a good thing they aren’t married because Quavo would’ve probably contested the divorce. The 29-year-old “Migos” star vented his dissatisfaction, telling Saweetie: “I had love for you and disappointed you did all that. You are not the woman I thought you were. I wish you nothing but the best.”

Quavo and Saweetie started bangin’ in 2018.

Thank God they didn’t procreate.

The severance, however, comes after Quavo spent $2 million on Saweetie to win her back. That’s not a misprint. The simp spent $2 million in reconciliation gifts which includes a Bentley and $50,000 worth of flowers. “Presents don’t band aid scars and the love isn’t real when the intimacy is given to other women,” Saweetie explained. “My time is money so [a man shouldn’t] waste my time without paying me.”

Damn! Her deportment gives credence to Migos’ song, “Bad and Boujee.”

Should Quavo request a refund?

Is Saweetie justified in keeping the gifts?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Fool need to get his $2M back

  2. Why would you spend 2 million on a woman who’s not your wife or the mother of your children ! Who spend 50,000 on flowers ! It seems like he was buying her love , love is not for sale , you can’t buy love it comes free 🙄

  3. How you spend 50k on flowers? Damn

  4. Quataija Shavers

    Fuck him and that 2 million. He cheated he could of gave her a disease doing that… 2 million dollars ain’t gone stop a STD

  5. A lot of these women. Aint woth gotttt dam.

  6. First mistake is going after a woman who value money more than a relationship with you. Yeah I have no problem taking care of my woman. Just on a common sense level. Spending ridiculous money to make one’s happy. Definitely a no no.

  7. SeventhkeyOmega'sGhost

    He was better off taking the money and flushing it down the drain. Lmao, these young fellas just throw it away.

  8. Joleen Phillips

    $2MILLION!!! 😳😳😳 He could’ve gave a wise person a quarter of that, and they’d be set! Get a decent running car, a modest home with furniture, and even have some left over for food and stuff. Dang!! What a lot of money to spend on just keeping a woman!

  9. Shundarian J Catron

    If you date a woman who openly tells other women to use men for money. You a stupid fool. And yes I said it. We men have created the dating environment we complain about. Keep sleeping with these broads and they think they doing some right cause y’all good balls spends thousands on them. For no reason

  10. 1018miamidrive

    Rule #1-200: if you can’t fix the problem in your relationship without buying things. It’s already irretrievably broken. Walk away. Woman can’t have their emotions purchased fellas. They’ll let you spend and spend but, won’t stay.

    They’ll stay with a broke man who treats them right and fills that emotional void and leave you for him if you have more money. Once you start buying her, she’s never going to love you the right way. Spend that on a woman the relationship is going good in.

  11. Let’s keep it real. He’s a simp who played himself. Men need to learn to stop being tricks

  12. Quavo is like that Caucasian business man, he is a next level simp. Its crazy because I would be sleeping with as many women as possible if I was him


  14. Infamous Money Hunter

    Quavo will be fine. He overvalued her but hopefully he’ll learn from this. He’ll make that 2 million back and focus on other goals. Saweetie walks away from the best man she’ll ever get with no ring or a baby. When she tries to come back the guards at the gate will tell her she’s not on the list.

  15. All of these rappers are SIMPS.

  16. Stufftowatch21

    Just another typical gold digger materialistic no talent no value trying to make her 5secs of fame . Guys need to 1 & nut on her face & leave . He spent 2M on her and she said Qua undervalued her 🤔😳🤦‍♂️ WTF IS THAT 2M really!

  17. I doubt anyone will spoil her like quavo did. Jewelry, bentley, birkins…money isn’t everything but she’s been used to a certain lifestyle. I don’t see her dating someone who doesnt have money or a celebrity…so this will interesting to watch if she doesnt get back with quavo

  18. These rappers out there simpin instead of pimpin. Sport coat should have kept those receipts. Take it back and get a refund. Also, his stab game must be weak asf. If a chick steady talking about what he needs to buy for her, she’s selling coochie. If he was putting it down right and blowing her back out, she would have been the one spending that cash on him….No Mo Talk 🤣

  19. But she said he been cheated and she checked out emotionally awhile ago. She stated that money means none of you giving love to other women so I’m guessing he cheated, she went to the interview and he got mad

  20. Anthony L Leid

    😲😂😂😂☝🔎🏆🔥! Quavo is dumb for buying all these expensive gifts and she is not your wife, you got to put a ring on her finger or she will leave when ever she wants !

  21. That box musta been fire 🔥.

  22. Ruthless Lover

    Gettin my dick wet is a must. But aint no pussy worth $2 mil

  23. Quavo was cheating !! That’s why they broke up smfh why don’t y’all talk about that? That’s why he spend 2m on her cuz he was feeling bad 🤣😭😭

  24. She takes my money when I’m in need, yes she’s a trifling friend indeed, well she a Golddigger way over town that digs on me! I got to leave! Quavo, what looks good, may not be good! If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, don’t make a pretty woman your wife, in my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you!

  25. She gave him a simp wake up call take notes fellas of what not to do for a chick… and she don’t look like all that he now is known as a super simp five star all-day sucker gets the simp of infinity award hope he don’t ask Ray carew or OJ Simpson for advice

  26. Rei da Bahiano

    Quavo just got a gold medal 🥇 in the simp Olympics 🎅🏾 🤡

  27. you cant blame her for leaving she aint a toy for him too buy he cheated on her and she knows her worth.

  28. Yall niggas gonna learn one day to stop spending money on these chicks

  29. Jamerian Price

    It’s gone be hard For her because men going to look her as a Gold digger I didn’t know who she was until Quavo.

  30. Coming 2 America 3
    Saweetie: “Quavo, what do you like?”
    Quavo: “Whatever you like.”
    Saweetie: “What’s your favorite food?”
    Quavo: “Whatever you like.”

  31. Well that’s what you get when you want a hot chick, where all your boys are asking “Is that you mehn?” and fist bumping you. Everyone else ain’t blind, so you gotta do, what you gotta do to keep her. And if it’s $2 million worth, so be it. Where will she be? The question is where will he be giving out such ridiculous gifts? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. He won’t be “hot” forever and soon it will be another case of a rapper who blew a bag and lost it all doing way too much…

  32. UPDATE! Quvao REPO’d that BENTLEY SAT 3/21/21 at midnight

  33. SpeedBlueMagic

    What I don’t get is how these women totally ignore the long term effects of hoe-ing around.

    Amber Rose got ran thru by 70% of the industry n who wants her now…?

    Kim K is looking at a failed marriage, the surgeries aren’t working anymore and she will definitely not marry ANOTHER billionaire.. hell her mom is STILL dick hopping at damn near 70.

    Paris Hilton started the hoe parade and where would she be now without the $ she was born into?

    Hoeing and C00ning – both may help you short term, but neither comes with a retirement plan.

  34. These men are comedy 🤣! Ya’ll put women like her on a pedestal, but get butt hurt when Ya’ll get played….stop being thirsty and start looking for wife material.

  35. I hope she can stretch those Gifts to last until her late 40s to early 50s

    After this move only the most stupid of the Male Species would ever attempt to Date her after dumping him the way she dumped him – she emasculated him on the way out – she said on Video, “that she would let him pick the other Man for them to have a threesome with” – basically she told the Public World that she wanted another Man’s Johnson in her Mouth after you have spent $2Million on her

    No matter how good she looks (take away the fake lashes & fake weave and she really descends back to the pack) no way would any Common Sense Man in his right Mind want ro date her

    That being said, I’m sure an idiot Athlete or Rapper will try to date her and get the same Game run on them but for a lesser amt of Money

  36. Se_Uncensored!

    These comments 😅 lol. She was in a relationship for 3 years. There are receipts of him cheating recently. And it wasn’t his first time. He is wealthy because of his career, and a wealthy man is going to buy his woman gifts that he can afford. If Red Lobster & edible arrangements are the only thing you can afford, then that’s what you’re going to do for your woman. And, she also bought him luxury gifts. There are videos. There is a new trend of men throwing the word “Simp” around. If a man thinks another man buying gifts for the woman he is in a relationship with makes him a simp, I can imagine what some of these relationships out here are looking like. Then again, I guess you’d have to have money to understand.

  37. Imagine if all these rappers came together and started opening businesses and employing young black men. Eg. all black security company for celebrity protection. Or help Lebron with his school. Or even just invest it to better their own wealth. They spend all their money in white/European stores to simp for women.

  38. she’s gonna be driving to her new man’s house in the car Quavo bought.

  39. Bro idk what kind of women these niggas with cause my girl don’t even be wanting me to buy anything for her. She’d rather spoil me then me get her something. I be having to put my foot down just to get her to accept my gifts that’s why a nigga is so thankful for that cause sheesh these generations of females is crazy

  40. Shanell Dubose

    Saweetie a hottt mess🙄

  41. 😠😠 by all means necessary if you got to call the white man to get your shit back do what you got to do👍🏽😂😂

  42. My BROTHAS: I’m so proud of the manosphere for all having 1 conclusion.
    This dude is a dam SIMP and a TRICK!!😎

  43. Za’Niyah Shyére

    “You not the woman I thought you were”. You’re right 😂 don’t play with me

  44. Kemar robin real top form

    Dont lay with dogs if you dont want flees

  45. Collin Wyatt Berg

    These hoz aint loyalll🤣🤣

  46. This is what happens when you give women things that they don’t deserve. 😩

  47. She’s lucky she didn’t get a beating

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