Two black dudes ‘raped & killed’ young Caucasian woman during Spring Break

Englehardt raped & killed/Daily Post USA

Black men killed Caucasian chick. 

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MIAMI — Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24, had their black asses thrown in jail after they raped and killed a vacationing white woman. The heinous ordeal transpired early Thursday morning around 1 a.m. in Miami during Spring Break. According to police reports, Evoire and Dorian gave 24-year-old Christine Englehardt a ‘green pill’ then took her back to the Albion Hotel to run a train on her. Christine was so inebriated, she couldn’t function on her own — let alone agree to copulation.

“[Taylor] was holding her from behind, holding her by the neck so she could stand,” Miami Beach Detective Luis Alsina testified during Monday’s bond hearing. Once they got inside the room, Evoire and Dorian took turns waxin’ that ass while Christine laid inert. “The fact that the victim was under the influence of alcohol and narcotics, she could not have consented to sex with the defendants,” the police report states.

Shortly after ejaculation, the nefarious malefactors purloined Christine’s cash, credit cards and cell phone then left her unresponsive “without any concern for her welfare or safety.” To add insult to injury, Evoire and Dorian used Christine’s mazuma to pay for the remainder of their South Beach vacation.

Several hours later, first responders found the blonde damsel butt naked on a mattress and deceased. The coroner believes Christine may have died from a Percocet overdose. Evoire and Dorian — both from Greensboro, North Carolina — were arrested and booked into Miami-Dade jail on Sunday.

They’re facing a million charges.

A state of emergency was declared in Miami due to thousands of unruly spring breakers.

Do Evoire and Dorian deserve a life sentence?

Should they be charged with a hate crime?

Watch the hearing.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Once she goes black she ain’t coming back😂😂..They should be released for satisfying more white girls it is racist

  2. Reparations

  3. do i believe they did it ?
    white women beg black men for dick everyday
    then cry rape when
    they dont get none

  4. they’re lookin’ at life, for a piece of tail.
    i feel bad for the chick’s family. their baby girl is never coming home. i feel bad for these boy’s families too. just an all around crappy situation.

  5. These [email protected]@az goose is cooked

  6. these 2 men look like doctors not gang bangers forsure

  7. Just kills me that he had to write “blonde” white woman🙄

  8. they already admitted to it, aint sh*t else to say, they’ll get what they deserve. pieces of sh*t fkin things up for the rest of us, you know foKKKs news couldn’t wait to plaster this sh*t all over the place.

  9. BLM Utopia 💩

  10. She’s white…. When drunk they open for business… Once sobered up, they regret and cry rape. So… Idk

  11. This girl’s tragic death will not get anywhere the attention given George Floyd.
    This young white woman victim never hurt anyone (unlike Floyd) , didn’t do jail time for her crimes and wasn’t doing fetanyl.

  12. @Kalinours: Well at this point she is DEAD with a strange drug in her system, and I’m guessing they have some sort of reasoning for saying that she was r4ped. This appears to be a different type of situation, its not fair to blame her.

  13. Role model citizens. BLM right?

  14. cholomackdaddy

    Hey BLM where you at?

  15. There are always predators hidng amongst us.. Young people need to realize that drinking too much alcohol and consuming drugs makes them very vulnerable to predators when they are on vacation or just out with friends and they are not able to pay attention to their surroundings. My mom always taught me to never leave any type of drink unattended and if i did to throw it away. You also never accept drinks or drugs from strangers.

  16. F*king Hoodrat Bastards as usual! I hope these 2 bastards get LIFE in prison! No more KFC, No more McDonald’s, No more Malt Liquor just hard times and getting their a*ses raped for the rest of their worthless lives!😏

  17. Let’s call it what it was two of the so-called oppressed race… Took their privilege out on this white woman….
    Democrats and the media… Does not fit the narrative so move on to the next story…
    Condolences to her family and death to those two animals…

  18. They probably collect food stamps. Trump 2024

  19. @Ryan Peralta: What’s wrong with food stamps? Niggaz gotta eat.

  20. marshawn-lynch-a- cracker

    Welp… Atleast she wasn’t black😉

  21. Mind ya biznis

    DAMMIT YOU TWO!! You just ruined your entire FUGGIN lives!

  22. I bet they were politically affiliated with democrat party.

  23. She wasn’t Black so I don’t care.

  24. @Saffron: 💯*applause*👏🏾 for that bold assessment!😆

  25. Is this that “White Privilege” that I keep hearing about?

  26. The [email protected] sons of the urban womb.

  27. Terrance Williams

    Fake news.people of color don’t commit crimes

  28. Damn why would she go with TOTAL STRANGER’S?

  29. Nothing like drugging, raping, and killing a woman then using her money to party for the rest of the week. Who has privilege?

  30. Say it ain’t so fellas!

  31. Aw, hell….them mfs about to get the death penalty now.

  32. And our Taxes will pay for their Housing and Food for 7 years. More Death Penalty States Now.

  33. Throw these BUM A$$ NIGG_S IN THE ALLIGATOR PIT!🖕🏾

  34. That White woman should have known better. I blame her parents for not teaching her better.
    I will bet they wished they had now. Prejudice exists for a reason.

  35. Scottie Blanton

    Say HER name

  36. SWIFT CAPTITAL ☠️☠️☠️

  37. Imagine if the race was reversed. Cities across America would be burnt to the ground. A statue would be erected of the woman. They would re-name a street after her. Her family would receive millions and millions of dollars from the state. ect……….

  38. This probably isn’t getting any coverage because of the horrific crimes committed with the 8 women shot in Atlanta and 10 in Boulder by men who were having “a bad day”

    RIP sweetheart…Be at peace

  39. this story does not make any sense. white 24 year old woman goes to florida alone! wtf? looks like they want to frame those two black guys for a situation where things went wrong and there is no one else to blame. again, this is dangerous to be black in this country, you are guilty just cause you have dark skin. what if she willingly had sex with them and did drugs with them? unfortunately took too much and couldn’t handle it, and now two black dudes are gonna do some serious time for something they probably did not do.

  40. I’m afraid of this happening to my nieces. I tell them don’t trust people and never take drinks from people. If you put the drink down don’t pick it back up. Don’t smoke weed you didn’t roll. It’s sad but attractive girls shouldn’t be out at night because of predators. I watch a lot of crime shows and it’s always a attractive lady or young girl getting raped or murdered.

  41. It’s very sad and heartbreaking that happened to this young woman. Unfortunately now days you have to be very careful arresting people of color. Somehow BLM will scream and cry that white privilege is the reason for there actions. Next thing you know they will sue and taxpayers will end up paying for this and they will come out as heroes

  42. Honestly, we don’t know what happened. Did she walk into that hotel room willingly or did they force her? Did she plan on having sex with the both of them and they got scared when she didn’t wake up or was she actually taped and murdered? Why was she out there by herself. Did they drug her or did she take the drugs herself? She’s dead so she can’t tell her side but there’s so many different scenarios to this situation. Idk ☹️

  43. Wow that’s racist to arrest these wonderful men. I’m sure BLM will be there to riot and burn down the entire city.

  44. Do you see anyone protesting in the streets for this lady? We’re numb to what happens to people that are white because the media says we don’t matter! But if this had happened to someone of color by a couple of white guys the media would have been all over it!

  45. The price of thotery

  46. Demons Taking Over Me

    I know they had a good time with her.

  47. So sad…rip beautiful soul.may these monsters get their due here and the afterlife.

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