Boxing Trilogy: Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield scheduled to box this summer

Holyfield and Tyson back for more/Getty

Tyson announced Holyfield rematch.

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VEGAS — If you recall, in June 1997, Iron Mike Tyson masticated Evander Holyfield’s ear during their WBA Heavyweight Championship rematch at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Healthy earlobes be damned, they’re gonna face each other in the ring 24 years later. Tyson, 54, and Holyfield, 58, are scheduled to beat each other’s brains out on May 29th at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. The former made the announcement Wednesday afternoon via Instagram Live. “I just want everybody to know, the fight is on with me and Holyfield,” Tyson proclaimed. “Holyfield’s a humble man, I know that. And he’s a man of God, but I’m God’s man. And, listen, I’m going to be successful on May 29th.”

The trilogy comes on the heels of Tyson’s November bout with Roy Jones Jr. Kris Lawrence, Holyfield’s manager, said they tried to set up this fight a long time ago. But Tyson’s retinue turned down $25 million. “We thought this was a done deal but it quickly fell apart when Tyson’s people declined all offers,” Kris said. “We were negotiating in good faith all along and it appears we just ended up wasting our time.”

Hey, better late than never.

Nostalgia never gets old.

Holyfield (aka “The Real Deal”) won the first two matches.

Will he kick Tyson’s ass for the third consecutive time?

Share your thoughts.


  1. I’d rather watch Tyson fight fury Honestly.

  2. No one wanna deal with them headbutts

  3. Hoping mike atleast puts up a fight cause last two times he got straight up bullied 😂 holyfield brutalized that man

  4. Mike has always been scared of Holyfield

  5. Holy field is the real deal#💯🔥

  6. 25 million dollars is no chump change and you are telling me a Ex Boxer who last I know was struggling Financially doesn’t or doesn’t want it the type of cash to help there family. I’m going to say what no one else will say. Tyson sounds scared for his rep and not getting his ass whoop on tv. He is in a better place on life now I know but fear of losing is not good either for the soul either especially iron Mike Tyson. He could kick my ass tho lol

  7. Holyfield is broke and desperate he will fight anybody and anything for a check 🤦

  8. Holyfield needs that child support money 💰

  9. Holyfield will just beat his ass again

  10. Shiidd..I’ll fight Holyfield for 25 million

  11. Charles Bailey

    Tyson doesn’t need the money,Holyfeld needs the many Baby mama,s .Drained his pockets.

  12. if I wanna see 54 yr old and 58 yr old fight I would jus go to the family cookout!!!!😂😂😂

  13. No one wants to see a roided up Holyfield fight anyone! This is an exhibition without drug testing, Holyfield will have no holds barred with PEDs and roids.

  14. Veego von DOOM

    I’ll fight Holyfield for $25M….
    shit…… Sign me up! 🤑

  15. I’ll watch it 🥊🥊

  16. Mike Tyson is making millions on his podcast!!! Evander Holyfield is struggling living in a apartment in atlanta

  17. Holyfield gone be wearing headphones

  18. Eric The Great

    Man hell nah Evander can barely talk as it is I sure hope this doesn’t happen

  19. holyfield about to beat the shit outta tyson at 58

  20. Ear gate 2

  21. Mike Tyson is bringing great fighters back from retirement, first time in history.

  22. Somebody is gonna die. I am not happy about this fight.

  23. Long live Iron Mike & the Real Deal Holyfield 🥊

  24. Is it just me or doesTyson and holyfield look alike?

  25. The fight of the ages

  26. Christian Padilla

    He said Holyfield’s a man of God but I’m Gods man. Wow this will be a draw. No winner type of fight like Roy vs Tyson

  27. If its another draw that will be a fucking joke

  28. Let’s hope it’s better than what we got with Roy and Tyson. Tyson won that fight Roy was clenching for dear life by the end of the fight he was about to get knocked out by mike. Also they have to make this fight like a normal fight where there aren’t any shady rules saying you can not knock the other guy out. If you want to put rules like that in the fight then might as well not have a fight in the first place because that’s not what a fight is.

  29. If this is going to be like the Roy Jones Jr fight, I don’t think too many people will be watching the fight. People want to see KO’s, not two people just throwing punches and then a decision at the end, and then saying nobody won, it’s a tie? Come on man!

  30. I honestly think Tyson was holding back against Roy and coulda easily KO’ed him but didn’t wana embarrass Roy. I hope he actually goes for the KO vs Holyfield!

  31. The Information Bomber

    Let’s get this over with
    Take a chunk out of his left ear too

  32. After Tyson and holy field maybe a Tyson vs fury exhibition?

  33. Shit Show

  34. LETS SEE A SUGAR RAY FIGHHHHHTTTTT! Since all these legends fighting now

  35. Tyson should fight Logan Paul. Probably easy money. Or give Mayweather a fight. Mayweather is younger and faster but is much smaller so you wouldn’t get really hurt. Both these fights would generate good money and Tyson would unlikely to get hurt.

  36. 2 old Men beating on each-other!! 😂😂🍾

  37. Holyfield is trying to capitalize off Mike’s success because Mike is popping! Nobody is checking for Evander. Why doesn’t he fight someone else in an exibition fight? Mike and Roy was random and cool. Evander needs to get on his own wave. Why try to ride Mike’s? Gtfoh! Clown!

  38. Fight?! More of freaking joke Tyson lost twice already no need for the third

  39. On off on off on off it’s all hype we know it’s going to happen it’s just all about the money. Tyson’s going to get his ass kicked again. Even though I love both fighters.

  40. TBE 50 - 0 Mayweather

    These old dudes should just stay retired Lol they ain’t the same

  41. Spiritual Architect

    How many ears has Holyfield got left?

  42. king david rivera

    Would love to see these 2 monsters clash again, but for extra precautions there should be added 3 strictly rules for this fight.
    *No headbutt 🤕
    *No hugging 🤗
    *No EAR BTTING 👂

  43. Come on Mike…you lost twice already to The Real Deal

  44. Holyfield gonna bust that ass!!!💯💯💨💨

  45. undertakerz fanz

    Tyson and Holyfield are way too old to be fighting

  46. Tyson doesn’t want to fight Holyfield, Holyfield, kicked his ass already 2 times!👂

  47. Evander knocks him out

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