Carjack Murder Video: Two teens killed “Pakistani” Uber Eats delivery driver

Mohammad Anwar killed/NY Post

Uber Eats driver killed by 2 teens. 

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WASHINGTON — Two teenage black girls (ages 15 and 13) are putrefying behind bars after they killed a Pakistani delivery driver during a carjack attempt. The vehicular homicide transpired around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon in front of several eyewitnesses in Washington, D.C. It was also captured on video. Instagram Live footage shows the teens jackin’ 66-year-old Mohammad Anwar, a Pakistan immigrant who was delivering sustenance for Uber Eats. “This is my car!” he yelled repeatedly as the miscreants commandeered his Honda Accord. Mohammad was wedged between the driver’s door and front seat.

The teens reportedly zapped the old man with a stun gun then sped off with poor Mohammad holding on for dear life. Seconds later, the car crashed and flipped over. Mohammad was ejected from the vehicle and died instantly. His cadaver was sprawled out on the sidewalk. Nobody rushed to his aid.

The teens came away basically unscathed.

One of the malefactors was busy lookin’ for her cell phone.

Ain’t that a bitch?

The teens were arrested and charged with felony murder and armed carjacking for discharging a taser. Police officers concealed their identities because they’re juveniles. Both are too young to drive.

Mohammad leaves behind three children.

Watch the graphic video.

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  1. The reality is, it’s was a dumb car jacking that turned into an accidental death. It appears the suspects did not INTEND on committing murder.


  3. Stupid lil hoes

  4. Black women are unprotected – Megan the Stallion

  5. ConcernedCitizen

    I am convinced that the sinister goal of this website is to make black people hate black people. 🤔

  6. 2 beautiful black queens

  7. Reginald Hardy

    @Jason Bueller: They are not Queens! Call it like it is; they are HOOD RATS ! They will be eating Prison food for a very long time!

  8. The video shows u just how little Society cares about men ..the owner of the car who being car jacked layed there dying n not one person went to his aid but these female car jackers where helped out the car

  9. Unevolved Esau™

    You just stole a car and kill somebody but you worried about your phone? Little girl your life is over yet 15 + 13 is young enough to make a decision about wanting to transition? Do you see the mind of children and especially those whose parents fail them because I’m sure the parents are going to blame everybody but themselves

  10. JeffClassikschannel

    Lol his dumb a*s should of let go there is insurance you know lol

  11. Ghetto hoes…


  13. @LEFTNUTT: No, they transfer them to real jail after that, depends on how the judge handles it.

  14. I’m building a spaceship

    Sad stuff. Poor guy was probably working to support his family. And, these mentally bankrupt roaches caused him to lose his life! Go to school you stoopid idiots! It’s no one else’s fault when you chose to be a bum in life!

  15. Release the names!

    Carjacking is an adult act that had very adult consequences! Release the names!

    On a positive note, these two will be in jail during their childbearing years, which means we won’t have to suffer their offspring. So that’s positive.

  16. Asher Houseman

    Why is this not considered a hate crime?

  17. The poor man should have just gave those black b1tch$s the car and called the police. Unfortunately, material things isn’t worth your life.

  18. @Jay Time: Yeah sad to see people rather have a casket than to let material things go do the math you lose your life and they still take your belongings.
    The school system has failed on both sides he’s dead and they are going to spend a nice amount of time in jail. Keep your life plus 1 lose car minus 1 you’re at 0 just buy another car plus 1 with your life.

  19. Fucking disgusting 😒 13 and 15 year old children!! That poor guy was just trying to make a living. These kids are getting worse at such a young age it’s appalling. Parents please hug your kids and tell them you love them 😥

  20. Thou_Shall_NotSimp

    Homie should’ve let go of the car soon as it reved up. Oh yeah I’m sure somehow this is black men’s fault.

  21. Lavalle Howard


  22. “They just wanted his car. They were good girls just trying to survive in a country oppressed by Whiteness. Why didnt he just let them take it?? He would still be alive and these poor girls lives wouldnt be ruined.”

    -some woke moron somewhere in this country

  23. SuperSaiyanGod

    All I see is two [email protected]@rds that should of been swallowed or ab0rted. Where are those commentators at talking about pro life when these walking and talking mistakes killing innocent people.

  24. These young urban black females will be a thorn in the side of black progress. This is why we can’t get to the root of the problem. Either the urban black female is giving birth to a murderer or she is committing it herself. If the black female is raggedy…there is no hope for blacks to progress as a whole. We will each have to go on our separate paths

  25. Fucking little thugs.

  26. And yal wonder why they sit on our necks and shoot us in the back, the thing is no other race can distinguish black folk and niggus. They think we are all the same. These girls are making it harder for us.

  27. Of course Uber has a no gun policy. You can’t defend yourself

  28. This is what happens when our youth lives their life without discipline and any consequences. They had zero remorse for what they did and for the dead man lying on the sidewalk, they only cared about themselves. They are going to try and claim victim too I bet. I hope these 2 teens get life in prison. The electric chair would be fitting too.

  29. Wow. I hope those little biotches die.

  30. Of course if this was a black person on the receiving end of this, it’d be a massive ordeal, protest after protest. Remember, BLM… let’s see what excuses the media comes out with. Smh.

  31. Lock they asses up. Senseless

  32. So are AA men blaming all black women for this or the ones born in this country because most black women aren’t like this so how are they trying to blame all black women for this…I have never seen an African black woman gang bang. Black men are responsible for this, how y’all allowing black women to be like this and I’m a black woman but real men are supposed to stop their women from being uncivilized…

  33. Angelique Cantrell

    Charge they asses like an adult this right here is wrong they killed this Innocent man our children are out of control it is sad because we as parents we can’t discipline our children my condolences to the family so sorry for your loss God bless you may he Rest In Peace🙏❤️🌹

  34. 13 and 15 year old girls should be at home being GIRLS!!!!! Whose phuckn kids are these?????? But yet you mothers are always claiming how great you are. If your children are commiting crimes, YOU HAVE FAILED AT BEING A PARENT!!!!!! IDGAF what your reasons are. YOU FAILED!!!! THE PARENTS should do the time for EVERY child that commits a crime including the absentee father!!! This is SICKENING!!!!! That man was most likely a hard working, law abiding man with a family and just like that these low lives took his life!!! DISGUSTING!!!!

  35. This is what happens when you grow up in a household without a father…………

  36. and wanna know what the girl in pink said? “my phones in the car”…why the fuck do you care about your phone when there’s a dead person laying in the floor because you caused this incident. there were literally 20 people there, no one bothered.

  37. This is a result of parents who don’t give a shit what their kids do then will make excuses when anyone says anything about their lack of parenting skills.

  38. Yaileen Maldonado

    I wonder if the guy taking the video feels good about himself… I wonder if he has a clear conscious of recording it and not helping out. I wonder if he genuinely believes he did good enough…I wonder if this was your father, brother or uncle if you would’ve just recorded and stood back… Yeah it’s not their family member, but it never is and yet it always is. How many times things happen to our family and we would’ve wished someone stepped in to help… we need to be better…

  39. I’m black but what I would give for a cop to of been on the scene to use “excessive force” on those kids

  40. “My phone is still in there” Fuck. You.

  41. My unpopular opinion: If those girls had been white, their faces and names would be plastered all over the media as a racist attack. I guarantee they will blame him for his own death as a racist & that it was his fault for trying to flee their attack…that they will not be held accountable because of their untouchable victim card as OPPRESSED & HUNGRY OPPRESSED VICTIMS OF OPPRESSION. AND-since the press is not allowed to cover crime committed by, HUNGRY OPPRESSED PERSONS OF COLOR, especially the SUPER OPPRESSED that lose their phones during commissions of crime, there will be NO OUTRAGE-NO SNAPPY T-SHIRTS-NO ROADS GRAFFITIED IN HIS NAME.

  42. Totally fucked up

  43. Oh my god. Please don’t post or share!!! Imagine if your entire death was filmed for the world to see. Seeing his body just lay there hopeless, makes me sick.

  44. Maybe it’s me, but I could’ve sworn the victim moved. If I’m correct, why didn’t anyone check him for a pulse?? Maybe his life could’ve been saved?? Rest in peace Sir. 🙏🏾 You did not deserve this. 💔 As for those two teen girls….Lock them up! A man is laying on the ground dying and all one of the little heffas is worried about is her phone. They need to spend at least 20 years each in prison. They killed an innocent person during the commission of a crime. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. I have no sympathy for them. My heart goes out to the family and love ones of the victim.

  45. Think for yourself

    How the hell you stealing a car but don’t know how to drive?

  46. It shouldn’t matter that they are teens, if they want to act like adults Well then they should be smothered all over media outlets so us citizens can see.

  47. Jean Luck Piccard

    “Two Black teen girls charged in deadly carjacking”

    There, I fixed the headline for you.

    This story will get about 5 seconds of media coverage.

    We all know why.

  48. “Where is my Phone???? I was playing WAP”

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