Mass Shooting: Colorado gunman sprays ‘supermarket,’ killing 10 including a cop

Alissa killed a cop & 9 others/Boulder Police

Colorado gunman probably mental.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

BOULDER — Law enforcement officials in Colorado said 21-year-old gunman Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was at his Arvada home fiddling with a “machine gun” just days before he armed himself with an AR-style semi-automatic rifle, a handgun and a tactical vest. Family members were pissed at him for playing with a firearm inside the house so they confiscated it. But that only delayed the unthinkable. On Monday, Ahmad stormed into a King Soopers supermarket in Boulder and opened fire — killing 10 white people.

The victims (ages 20 to 65) included police officer Eric Talley, an 11-year veteran of the force. Ahmad, who suffered a leg injury during the attack, was arrested following a shootout with police. He’s charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder. A motive is still unclear. But Ahmad purchased a Ruger AR-556 semi-automatic pistol on March 16th, six days prior to the massacre.

The Syrian-born malefactor is on the FBI’s watch list for multiple reasons.

While attending Arvada West High School in November 2017, Ahmad faced a court summons for third-degree assault after he thwacked a classmate in the countenance multiple times. The victim told investigators the pummeling came without warning and was unprovoked. Ahmad claimed the classmate called him a “terrorist” and other racist monikers. Mental illness could’ve also played a factor.

Those close to Ahmad described him as being recalcitrant, reclusive and paranoid.

Not to mention he was half-naked when police took him into custody.

Do you consider the mass shooting a hate crime?

Should Ahmad serve a life sentence or receive the death penalty?

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Colorado is a cursed State…..

  2. So I want to know did the police offer him Burger King or water. Did the police kneel on his neck for 8 minutes for killing all those people?

  3. Maybe if the people in the store weren’t democratic and against the second amendment they could have protected their self against these terrorist…

  4. So, someone explain to me.. His own family WATCHED HIM PLAYING WITH A GUN DAYS BEFORE THE SHOOTING, KNOWING HE WAS MENTALLY UNFIT TO BE HANDLING A GUN. SO, how come THEY are not charged if they KNEW ALL OF THIS?

  5. Why do we sell military grade weapons to civilian? AR-556 is more powerful than most other countries’ army issued rifle. WHY? WHY?

  6. Plandemic

  7. Damn Islamic loser

  8. So the police didn’t kill the white armed dangerous man even after he murdered 10 people including a police officcer???? An unarmed black man can’t even jaywalk without risking being murdered by the police…..

  9. Waffle House Worker

    @Good Father: He’s not white. He’s Syrian dumbass.

  10. It’s time to stop these radical racist hate filled Biden supporters!

  11. I think the craziest part is when some of these mass shooters get walked out in hand cuffs . He’s literally shooting at sight why are these cops not shooting at sight . Rip to all the lost lives


  13. An armed citizenry is the ONLY way forward !

  14. Are we flying flags at half mast for this?

  15. Why isn’t this shooting being called a hate crime?

  16. Democrats did it to push gun control

  17. WHY NOT SAY ? MUSLUM RADICAL NUT CASE EXTREMIST ..took off his WHITE ROBE after killing many !! Where are his CLOTHES ??

  18. The fbi failed the ten victims, he had been arrested for assault, was a isis sympathizer and was on a fbi watch list but yet they let him buy a gun!

  19. Only 10 people?

  20. How much damage was done to the food products?

  21. #hatecrime

  22. just think, if the liberals have it there way . . .
    1. there would have been no police to respond to this shooter
    2. he would now be released without bail back into society

  23. The FBI had this guy on their radar and did nothing. Family members knew this person had serious mental issues and did nothing. There were laws on the books to prevent this yet they didn’t work. Yet Joe Biden thinks more loss restricting law-abiding citizens will prevent this in the future. Anybody else see the problem here?

  24. If more people carried this could have possibly ended with less casualties. Im not saying everyone is mentally prepared for combat, but it only takes seconds to aim and shoot.
    Instead the victims lay dead or dying for hours as the gunman holds down the store.
    Rest in peace to those killed.


  26. Islamic jihad on American soil…thanks democrats, for capitulating to our enemies.

  27. The media wanted so bad for it to be a white guy.

  28. Angel12 Boucher

    Well this is exactly what Americans are going to see again….mass shootings anyone can come into this country and do this to us again….we haven’t seeen this in the last four years ….but it now begins

  29. Joe Biden issued a missile strike in Syria, the shooter was Syrian.
    1+1 =2
    But guns are the Problem…lol

  30. Fact Check: More people have died under Joe Biden’s immigration policies than in mass shootings this year

  31. Can the FBI be sued for wrongful death after a person on a “watch list” is merely “watched” while committing mass murder?

  32. Stop the white hate!

  33. I thought they automatically killed active shooters on the spot why is this man still alive ! and eye for and eye

  34. This TERRORIST ATTACK proves Trump was right!

  35. Once again all the Government can offer to the victim’s families are “thought and prayers” this has grown stale. Gun reform is what the country need by any means necessary. It’s time for a war on guns, more Americans are dying from home grown terror than from the Middle East war.

  36. Notice its all white people killed….. But the killer was a Syrian immigrant, pretty much correlates with Bidens recent bombing of Syria.

  37. Bighomiefredo060

    They always wanna throw that mental health in the situation

  38. DeNita DeLisser

    I see you playing with machine gun in my presence and the FBI is getting an anonymous🤳🏽 from an unknown sibling. “You good, bro?”

  39. He was a Biden supporter and Syrian. Thanks Biden for starting a war.

  40. Look how he was treated compared to George Floyd or Brianna Taylor and the list goes on America . This is the real virus in America .

  41. In Atlanta a man killed 6 Asians and two whites. He himself said it was not racial but related to his sex addiction. Hence the shootings happened at massage parlors not Asian grocery stores and restaurants. That was labeled anti Asian hate with no problem.

    Here we have a Syrian man…kill 10 white people and there is not a single mention of anti white hate.

  42. Okay… so people called him terrorist.. so he decided to be one… mkayyyyyyyyyyyy

  43. If that’s a 21 year old from Syria then I’m a purple dinosaur.

  44. Agreeable Dragon

    Joe Biden bombs Syria, then this nut shoots up a store. Thanks Joe

  45. nigga looks 40

  46. Who sold him the weapon and ammunition?
    Hold them accountable.

  47. Blog King stop saying “mental illness”. There are a million people that have all different types of mental illness. Mental illness is not an excuse for these type of crimes nor should it affect what happens to this scum bag.

  48. @oomiosi: So why no one calling this a hate crime oh sorry he just killed 10 white people but if they were black or Asian then you call it a hate crime but because it’s white people is a gun problem lol yall all sad people

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