The Tiger King’s gay husband is sexually frustrated, now he’s seeking a ‘divorce’

Joe and Dillon are done/Netflix

The Tiger King is gettin’ a divorce.

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FORTH WORTH — You can stick a fork in Joe Exotic’s gay marriage because it’s done. The incarcerated “Tiger King” and his husband, Dillon, are calling it quits after nearly 4 years of holy matrimony. Rumor has it Joe damn near lost his mind after receiving a phone call from Dillon saying he wants a divorce. The 58-year-old zookeeper is serving a 22-year prison sentence for remunerating a hitman to extirpate animal rights activist Carole Baskin. He also murdered a handful of big cats. The Tiger King’s attorney, Francisco Hernandez, told TMZ his client feels like someone punched him in the gut.

Joe and Dillon got hitched in December 2017, just two months after Joe’s previous husband — Travis Maldonado — committed suicide. Dillon said he still loves Joe and he’ll continue to succor his crazy ass while he’s behind bars. But Dillon can’t go without dick for 22 years. That’s too damn long.

The concupiscent 25-year-old is ready for a boyfriend and copulation.

“In November of 2017 I met Joe who was there for me during a difficult time in my life,” Dillon wrote on Instagram. “After just 9 short months he was arrested and, for the last two and a half years, we have been apart. I’ve always stood by his side and will continue to always love and support him.”

Should Dillon wait for Joe or seek new phallus?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Go get a woman. Have children and stop being a Peter puffer

  2. Homophobic & Proud

    nobody cares about these faggots

  3. Joe isn’t happy with Dillon right now, he made a post on his FB page (yes, he has someone post to his account) that he’s disappointed that Dillon is not working to raise awareness and fight to get him out of jail. Not sure what Joe thinks Dillon should do – I think he wants someones to advocate for his release. This kid won’t stay single long.

  4. #FreeJoeExotic

  5. This guy is waaaaayyyyyy too good for him.

  6. Thijs van Hazendonk

    Their huge age gap disgust me 🤢🤮🤢🤮

  7. Travis was very very handsome. So much potential. RIP.

  8. Joe has plenty of gay companionship now

  9. I don’t get the age difference. I seriously don’t. Like….ewwww.

  10. doo doo on ya dick iz bad for ya health

  11. Joe Exotic: Finally finds a gay husband
    US Government: How ya doing buddy?

  12. Let’s FREE JOE and lock Carol and Jeff up!! They set him up and lied on him!

  13. This guy is WAYY TOO CUTE to be with Joe, but imig I’ll be single 😭

  14. southern momma

    Don’t leave joe stand by him and be there for him joes innocent

  15. Carla Wilkinson

    He is now in the company of many future husbands

  16. Social Justice Sucks

    homo lives matter

  17. From Tiger King to Chronic Soap Dropper

  18. Pornstar Wannabe

    Two men together is disgusting

    Two women together is utopia

  19. He’s taking advantage of Joe and his new found fame. He abandoned Joe in jail to party. This charlatan needs zero air time. Give it all to Joe. Not this loser….. Ask him why he didn’t stand by Joe and flaunted his cheating and parting? And why all of a sudden after Joe said Dillon went MIA is he getting paid for interviews?!? Poor Joe, being lonely makes your heart think some ppl love you when they really don’t.

  20. Joe Exotic abused animals. He deserves what he got.

  21. Leo Skip St James

    carole baskin killed hr husband,, the lowest form of life

  22. Joe Exotic is 58 and Dillon is 25……. I think Im gonna vomit

  23. candie frazier

    You go Dillion.

  24. Gold Digger

  25. Dillon is so cute🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  26. Take joe out of jail and give him Reality TV show it will be a superhit ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. I don’t personally really get how such a young guy(s) would be attracted to such older guys. I would be fine finding a cute guy that looks like Dillon but hopefully is 26yrs+. I’m 30yrs old. I don’t usually like the idea of dating younger guys.

    But please tell me how Joe pulls Dillion?! I wondered how he pulled his “straight husbands”, but I assume it had to do with drugs & money & and no work.

  28. Dillon is either being used because he’s naïve or he’s just fucking insane like bro this mans husband killed him self not even a whole month when you got together and no red flags not to mention he tried to have a woman killed ??? Like it’s on tape on top of all that he’s an animal serial killer like joe is such a cruel person to people like Dillon is either blind or he’s just crazy

  29. Dillon is so sweet. I hope he wakes up out of this brainwashing he’s been under. He deserves someone way better than Joe fuckin tigers king.

  30. I think that Dillon is actually good for Joe. He seems like a good guy and a total sweetheart, Joe needs someone to keep him grounded and someone to watch his back. I think that Dillon is a really good influence.

  31. Dillon needs to move on

  32. gay people need their own island

  33. Wasn’t both his 2 husband’s dead straight???

    Joe just drowns them in drugs so that they dont understand it

  34. serge louis sieben

    How can a handsome guy like this fall for Joe Exotic

  35. Waffle House Worker

    Tiger King will be ok. Im sure he’s getting plenty of dick in prison.

  36. never trust a man who gets fucked up the ass

    joe shouldve known better

  37. His sugar daddy went to jail, now a time to break up. Haha

  38. White people 🙄

  39. In prison his name is not tiger King it’s tiger Queen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmaf……. 🤣

  40. Wait a minute !!!!! Travis shot himself BY ACCIDENT ? Or Did he commit SUICIDE ????

  41. Why do people care about this trailer park trash?

  42. lukas Van Der Westhuizen

    Dont worry bud, Joe is getting affection in jail, ALOT.

  43. yeah …..i bet he sucked the albert off joe

  44. Carolina Springcookie

    22 years is “cruel and unusual punishment” if he really did hire a person to murder Carol Baskin at the most he should have gotten 9 years in prison.

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