White boyfriend brutally attacks black girlfriend on video after kidnapping her

Jesse Crooks abused Tashie Vance/Daily Post

White man whips black girlfriend

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EASLEY — Jesse Tyler Crooks was thrown behind bars after he pummeled his black girlfriend for mouthing off. The sanguinary ordeal transpired in Easley, South Carolina. It was also captured on video. According to police reports, Jesse kidnapped his negro baby mama — Tashie Vance — on March 17th and took her to a secret location. Later that afternoon, a video surfaced that shows Jesse and two other women beating the sh*t out of Tashie. The ass-whuppin’ was so acute, the Stygian damsel was barely recognizable — à la Tina Turner at the hotel following her limousine scuffle with Ike.

“My heart dropped when I saw the video because I saw her trying to lift her head,” said Darlene Atkins, Tashie’s aunt. “As she tried to lift her head, I saw blood leak from her lower lip.”

Law enforcement officials showed up at the hospital to check on Tashie. The battered popsy suffered internal bleeding, fractured ribs, two black eyes, a punctured lung, a broken nose and a stomach contusion. Medical professionals said there’s a chance Tashie won’t walk again.

Jesse, a fugitive on the run, was arrested March 25th at a Holiday Inn in Florida. The absconding woman-beater is charged with first-degree domestic violence, kidnapping, and second-degree assault and battery by mob. Jessie was, however, kind enough to drop Tashie off at the hospital after kicking her ass.

COVID-19 and social justice reform have taken their toll on interracial relationships.

Is it safer to remain single?

Are you okay with miscegenation?

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  1. Iwabadyah Ban Yasharahla

    She got what she deserve

  2. Be careful black women… it’s hard out here for us on both sides of the fence, black and white 😳 I would love to see us dating and marrying outside the community but not if it’s gonna cost us our lives.. it’s not worth it

  3. That’s what y’all like. White men as the alternative. Have at it. Just know, when they are tired of you, this will be the end result.


  5. So you thought having a white man in your life would make things better after 450 years of beating our asses….really!!! you live and you learn I pray you’ve learned

  6. That looks like attempted murder to me.

  7. It doesnt even matter that he’s white…what matters is that he is f*cked up enough to join in on the jumping and abuse her to this degree. Attempted murder should be the charge.

  8. That Kidnapping charge alone shouldve got him a minimum of 10yrs dude looking at 5years with all them charges? and prolly get out in a year…….yall wanna keep laying with these cave monsters cause they listen to rap music 🤦🏿

  9. Some of these comments is so ignorant, I can’t believe a lot of you ignorant black folks really think that a black men is not capable of doing this I mean just recently a black men killed his baby mother and child over a stimulus check!!

  10. HollywoodClassics33 Returns

    They need to stay away from getting into a relationship with Brad & Becky

  11. He along with 2 other women. Ain’t no way you are going to convince me to commit a crime because you are in your feelings. JUST CRAZY. 🤨

  12. She must don’t have any male family members that he’s scared of.

  13. Glad they caught him, but did they get the women that helped him too?

  14. No Sympathy for her 🤔

  15. I bet she was recruiting her black friends to bang his white friends. because black women who can be with white guys is always looking to recruit other black females to be with white guys.


    @DaDDyDogooD: That’s true I’ve seen this. A chick I used to date aunt was sleeping with a white guy and she told me her aunt was trying to get her to get with a white guy lol

  17. Jichael Mackson

    Damn. Looks like joining the other team isn’t always the answer when you feel unprotected.

  18. I don’t feel sorry for no woman from my race that reproduces for a Brad and gets her ass kicked senseless you made your bed now lay in it.

  19. PB Boyz 🛳ラ


  20. Rolanda Thomas

    He wants to go back to prison so he can get some dick without being judged.
    It’s the only reason niggas, wiggas love jail so they commit these crimes..
    All the delicious dick u can get and no one will know

  21. They got her looking like Emmett Till (God rest his soul). Black women, white guys are not equipped to deal with you, they have no experience dealing with black women. Y’all know how y’all mouths can get.

  22. ON EASTER 🐣
    c’mon son

  23. Black..why'tees FEAR

    She chose the inbred..

  24. Serves her right, that’s all black women like. They don’t want a good black man. It is what it is to me. Still love my black queens, but my moma told me a long time ago a hard head makes a soft ass💯💯💯🤞🏾

  25. The Road To Mars

    They love Zady.

  26. What in the world would possess you to date much less have a baby with a white boy while living in South Carolina or anywhere in the “dirty dirty” just seems like a recipe for disaster

  27. But these are your white saviors though and there are countless cases like this but it’s not reported. White men date black Latin and Asian women as a fetish especially black women and they don’t see them as equal that’s why the abuse is so rampant and plague the relationship but you can’t tell black women this

  28. @Ricklaw: White men know black women worship them so it takes no effort at all to get a black woman in bed with them.

  29. Messing around with them white people!

  30. When Zaddy strikes !!..Are we supposed to concern ourselves with the welfare of a pink weave wearing, Zaddy worshipping, all black men are trash talking female who is doing her best to escape blackness? HELL NAW.. She had the help of the FBI..All Skin folk aint kinfolk… Ill save my tears for Sandra Bland.

  31. jaime martinez

    I just want one hour with that dude in a locked 🔒room and I’ll straighten him out 🛎⏱

  32. Stay away from them pecker woods!

  33. Justmadeanaccount2

    She looks like those street fighter characters after they lose a fight. 🤣

  34. AllWhitePeople AreRacist

    Put that cracka in general population!

  35. ConcernedCitizen

    Probably was like, “Guuurl, I got me a white man.”

    Black women seeing themselves only with white men on tv, an intentional move by the powers that be in order to further divide and conquer our race, has them making decisions based off fantasy and not reality. White dudes ain’t isht. Ask Halle, Loni, Serena, Tyra, and the three regular women that we know about who have been nearly beaten within an inch of their lives.

  36. Lil Obama Shakur

    White bittches don’t even want a white boy that’s why their numbers are dropping and their race is dying off, FACTS…
    So now they’re promoting them to dumb black women because they know they’ll do anything they see on TV all they’re trying to do is keep their white barbarian bloodline going by any means. They don’t give af about you dummies smh…

  37. Real men do not hit women, I hope a man helps him figure this out up side his head

  38. Cockasians are still better than ashy blk guys

  39. white guys are better at whooping black women’s asses

  40. Im really tired of you black women dating white men you should understand exactly who they are if you want to hookup fine but they are not compatible for you as far a parnter goes 400 years of living with these demonic neadethals and you still dont get it !!!

  41. @Ak111 22: I agree. White men raped their stupid asses for 400 years and they still giving em pussy. Lol

  42. I been telling my black queens to stay away from them white boys smh

  43. Daaaamn! She got knocked the F out!

  44. Please do not date your oppressors

  45. once you make that decision, i have no role in your fight. you choose him so deal with the results.

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