Hate Crime Video: Pissed-off Black man assaulted Asian dude inside Subway car

Black man assaults Asian man/TMZ

Black man whips Asian passenger.

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NEW YORK — Law enforcement officials in New York are searching for the Black man who beat the sh*t out of an Asian dude. The felonious ass-whuppin’ took place inside a subway train bound for Manhattan. It was also captured on video. TikTok footage shows the belligerent negro thwacking the Asian dude multiple times in the countenance as inconsiderate passengers recorded the pummeling with their cell phones. They didn’t lift a finger to help his Sweet & Sour ass.

The Stygian assailant then put the Asian dude in a chokehold until he fell unconscious.

By the time police arrived, the pissed-off malefactor had already vacated the subway station. The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the incident. Several Asians have been assaulted throughout the country as finger-pointing assholes continue to hold them responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

Rumor has it the Black man snapped after the Asian dude called him the N-word.

Do you consider the attack a hate crime?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. A black person like him makes bad reputation against all black people.

  2. Turbocharged Dude

    At least he went down fighting, but there were Asian bystanders just watching too. Lol

  3. This is “America’s New Normal”.

  4. Amazing that a train full of passengers are taking videos while a man is beaten almost to death…Americans sticking together

  5. black lives matter

  6. Keeping It Neutrall

    Now I’m confused on tiktok people in the video said he was called the N-word and he responded, and this is saying it was a hate crime/robbery. Either way it was ridiculous and awful to watch……smh😑

  7. Why am I getting this feeling that whites are trying to shift people’s focus from white violence to black to black to asian?
    Same thing happened back in LA riot
    Medias are creating more tensions like always

  8. Asian hate mostly because of china-no doubt

  9. what bothers me is that no one helped him…they just filmed the pos….at least pull the cord stop the train and get the conductor to have the police at the next station.

  10. CrazyBulldogs Piper, Penny & She-Ra Diva

    We all need to stick up together no matter what. I think that other countries are laughing at us. We get weaker & then a war will happen.

  11. This happens to white people all the time but it only matters when the violence is directed towards anyone but white people

  12. Of course it is HATE CRIME. No doubt.

  13. This is why i hate the internet. People do your research. The guy might not even be asian and he called him the n word. Seriously do people think for themselves anymore


  15. I don’t know this Asian hate crime stuff is getting a little too much out of hand. Starting to become like Black Lives Matter.

  16. blueyesamurai two

    Not seeing white supremecy!

  17. I don’t know what to believe but apparently there’s a lot of misinformation going around… I’m hearing he’s not even Asian. The guy is actually Latino. And he called the black man a racial slur.

  18. แอเรียล

    In this video here you can see that no one helped an Asian even if there were those around you. This country is very stupid,
    I’m sorry this is my opinion but is TRUE! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  19. #StopAsianHate

  20. Seek The LORD While He May Be Found

    These people are whining about police beating they ass & they go and start a race war. Blm is a lost cause. Racist too if you ask me.

  21. I used to support BLM, but not after this video

  22. Thomas Pasefika

    How can all those bystanders live with themselves? Shame on them. And don’t say “That’s not my problem.” or “I didn’t want to get involved.”. I get it – I’d be scared too. But to stand by and do nothing is truly the saddest part of it all.

  23. Too bad there were NO MEN there to help him.

  24. I am Mike Tyson and I approve this video.

  25. Human rights is a huge problem in the US

  26. What I want to know is why the cowards sitting there did nothing.

  27. Damn … I guess the Asian realizes that wasn’t a beauty shop and that wasn’t a BLK woman he can attack …
    Sucks for him.

    Keep the N-word out your mouth.

  28. Lol if dude was white it’s a hate crime 101% but dude wasn’t white so they gotta investigate if it’s a hate crime?

  29. Time for us to get our conceal carry . Put them 6 deep . Defending your own life

  30. Those damn white supremacists!
    They’re now outsourcing their vicious assaults to cheap Nigerian labor!!
    (That’s who attacked Jussie Smollett, wasn’t it? ….MAGA hat-wearing Nigerians?!?)

  31. Black people are the most racist group of people in the world.

  32. How dare you judge that black man

  33. Be strapped or get Clapped …
    be judge by 12 or carried by 6 …
    this is not a RUN , HIDE or FIGHT scenario …

  34. Onell Vanstory

    This is ridiculous..showing only black people attacking or robbing an Asian ..like white people don’t attack Asians..get real..who shot and murdered those Asian women in Atlanta…it sure wasn’t a black person

  35. Everyone just sits there. Gotta love NYC 😆

  36. Imagine you walk passed a dog and the dog attacks you for no reason. Then the next day you walk passed another dog and THAT dog attacks you for no reason. Then again the next day…..I promise that eventually you’ll HATE all dogs.

  37. Okay so I’m against ALL violence against ALL people but what we are NOT going to do is act like AFRICAN AMERICANS just hate ASIAN AMERICANS ! Especially in urban neighborhoods there are ASIAN shops all over and multiple videos of ASIANs attacking black women in hair salons. Stop Asian hate violence and let’s not put the blame on any ethnic group. White supremacy is the reason Asians even became a target 🎯.

  38. The “ninja” thug looks like he was on a mission to gain recognition! It’s a HATE crime, duh!

  39. Reality: Biden voters violently attack Asians all over the country….


  40. Travis Reynolds

    White supremacy is on the rise huh??…..

  41. Indig Ameri, Seminal Indian

    Now they’re calling a fight between two men a hate crime. Smh. If it was over a genuine dispute, which happens a lot on subways, it’s not a hate crime. I don’t know what kind of agenda that this government is up to, but they’re trying to make new laws, and it’s obvious that they have an agenda.

  42. This is extremely disgusting and I’m seeing black men attacking the asians more if anything they should know more about racism in the country why you doing this dude’s that’s disgusting

  43. Next time don’t say the n word bro and maybe you get rocked😹👎🏾

  44. NightSufer17099

    And people just stand there.

  45. Marlo Stanfield

    Maybe Asians should go back to Asia? Just a thought

  46. GaunletofDestruction

    Satan is loose on the streets! 👹👺😣😳😮😬

  47. What’s wrong with the black community? You’re doing what the white man ( orange) wants. SMH

  48. well the word on the street is that asian man call homeboy the n word. which prompted him to whoop is ass. so the jury still out on this one

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