Ex-junkie Lamar Odom regrets abusive ‘relationship’ with Khloé Kardashian

Lamar cheated on Khloé/YouTube

Lamar Odom is ‘terribly’ sorry.

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LOS ANGELES — Bill Duke’s character in “Menace II Society” said, “You know you done f*cked up, right?” That’s how Lamar Odom feels because throughout the duration of his whirlwind marriage, he treated Khloé Kardashian like trash. That said… now that he’s had time to ruminate, the disgraced NBA star is brimming with guilt and contrition. During a recent chinwag on “The Morning Hustle,” Lamar said if he could pull a Marty McFly and travel back in time he would revisit 2009 — the year he cheated on the reality TV star. “I would probably say it was the first time I decided to cheat on Khloé,” Lamar recounted.

“I would rewind that back and take those things back and never let that happen.”

Sadly, infidelity wasn’t Lamar’s only infraction. In his tell-all memoir “Darkness to Light,” the quondam junkie said he came close to beating Khloé’s ass while in a drug-induced rage. Lamar, who damn near died from an overdose, was addicted to crack cocaine and other recreational drugs at the time.

“I’m pretty sure she had to be scared at that point in time,” he bemoaned.

“I’m thinking about it now, like, I couldn’t believe how I was treating that queen like that.”

But that was then and this is now.

Hindsight’s 20/20 but Lamar realizes he ‘f*cked up’ and that became evident when he disseminated an Instagram post a few days ago that contains a clip of their televised nuptials on “Lamar & Khloé.”

In the caption, the 41-year-old baller admits he still gets “emotional” descrying past footage of their roller coaster relationship. Lamar also thanked Khloé and her family for “for taking me in and loving me without judgement – y’all gave me family and for that I am forever grateful.”

Khloé, 36, and Lamar got divorced in 2016.

Thank God they didn’t procreate.

Do you feel sorry for Lamar?

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  1. Khloe is a cancer and so am I.
    We are nurturers and try our best to make sure everyone around us is straight, no matter the circumstances.
    It doesnt always end well though.


  3. He seems like a good chap just made some bad choices due to addictions and emitional trauma from losing his child and mom. No wonder why everyone loves him, kanye was so supportive of him

  4. marianne scalise

    And she loved him soo much all these young ladies love so hard so much I hope they all find real love 💕 for Lamar I hope he has found peace ☮️

  5. Lamar , Khloe didn’t need the shit you put her thru. Lamar sounds hella dumb. Out of all the kardashian jenner women Khloe is the only cool down to earth one as a billionaire can be down to earth. Yes khloe is in a billionaire family.


  7. EBT Cardholder

    I’ll buy his fucking book!

    The nigga is being honest.

  8. andrienne djiki

    Lamar is a good man with short comings.

  9. Still not a MAN….

  10. U go lamar! Keep your head up!

  11. Thank you for showing a woman who aiched for you and fought for the marriage respect in front of millions of people. You own your mistake and that is what a man is all about.

  12. you deserve a second chance with Khloe psseee go for it

  13. DifferentKindofGlam

    Lamar still on them drugs bruh

  14. Tashawna Hamilton

    According to God, that will always be your wife. May you two make it back together if it’s in God’s will.

  15. Alexa Hernandez

    I love Lamar. I loved when they were together!

  16. That is the SEPARATION Lamar Odom could not make … the DIFFERENCE between a Wife and a Mother…
    CHLOE. Is not your Mother…
    CHLOE was your wife…
    I hope that you folks comprehend what I MEAN…

  17. Lamar and khloe 4ever !

  18. If Khloe could accept being cheated on she should have stayed with Lamar, atleast he truly loved her

  19. They were perfect together ❣😫😫

  20. Khloe always dates cheaters. Her taste in men is so bad.💔💔💔

  21. Khloe needs to forgive him …this man loves her.

  22. Idk why, but Lamar just always has me crying!! I guess because he’s so genuine & just a beautiful soul. Wish him & Khloe would get back together (only if he is 100% sober & has done the work to love himself first). They definitely got to experience true love. Their love is just so real, I guess that’s why they always get me choked up lol.

  23. Grammar Police

    He has no regrets about losing out on his kids lives or leaving their mom after losing a child. He only cares about khloe. This is what black men look for in role model.

  24. Lamar is the best. Too bad he went thru addiction. 💕🙏

  25. Man this onion 🧅 is really making my eyes watery 🥺

  26. Ugh this guy Lamar been through it. He’s had a dark, rough life. ANd although he brought some things upon himself, through addictions and divorce, it wasn’t intentional. He has a really sensitive, great heart. I just pray he finds peace and learned from his bad decisions.

  27. I wish they would get back together 😩😩😩😍😍

  28. Michelle Barnes

    I can tell that Lamar still has love for Khloe maybe one day will find their way back to each other sometimes as we see our mistakes we try and change for the better and I think he has❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Khloe was a bad picker like the rest of us broke chicks…lol…He doesn’t talk badly about Khloe and I respect him for that. Wish them all the best.

  30. Original everything else is carbon copy

    He is trash

  31. Carrie Canfield

    Hes high on something…real twitchy. My husband was on pills so I’ve seen it for many years

  32. Guillermo Alfaro

    I’m in recovery from addiction; I’m also a drug and alcohol counselor!! From one addict TOO another; I can definitely tell he’s clean and serene!! Keep moving forward lam

  33. Lamar’s on drugs again 😭

  34. Lamar, you can hit that 🐈

  35. Lamar needs her. Period !

  36. He seems lost and like he needs therapy for his feelings. He doesn’t seem centered. Almost like it’s hard for him to be content. It seemed Khloe really tried to keep their marriage together but it became futile without his cooperation.

  37. This guy is going to relapse and end up dead. I hate to say that but it’s true. He’s the kind of addict that CAN NOT be drinking at all. It might not lead to drugs right away but eventually it won’t be enough and he’ll be back to the hard shit.

  38. Collective Creators

    From Darkness to Light mmmm🤔

  39. Piece of shit

  40. I’ve got better things to do than to give a damn about the Kardashian’s! 👎

  41. Royals Dynasty

    Khloe will never have any blessings or good men. Karma is a bitch just make sure that bitch is beautiful 🦋⚘. She has slept with so many of her friends exs and boyfriends and she wonders why she can find a good man 🤣. These white woman get these famous black men and end up looking like the crazy black woman they stereotype us as 😂. They want our culture but dont want our struggle. Its a reason why rich black man as he said go after white woman they dont respect yall its just a good look and a pass for better opportunities for them.

  42. Ken: The Internet Boy

    A broken black man, i betcha he will switch back to dating black women.

  43. Lamar will never have another woman like Khloe who loved him with all her heart.
    She fought so hard to save him.
    I am so glad that Khloe never had a baby by him.
    Such a shame how drugs destroys so many lives.

  44. Dionne Dunsmore

    Khloe loved this guy like no other. It’s sad to know his actions against her were intentional/drug related. I believe she would’ve taken him back if hed gotten sober after the brothel stunt. What other reason would she have moved him so close to her lol she could’ve hired help to take care of him. Again, she loved him like no other. I kinda expected her to reunite with him after the 2nd episode with trashy triston too but evidently she has learned her lesson (unfortunately for Lam’ but?? WTH does anyone expect?) N she learned it the hardest way they’re taught💔
    Going off of the character she portrays in t.v., she seems like a really lovely person. She’s always been my favorite. I hope she finds the truest love on the planet❤️(I hope I do too!😉lol)

  45. BeStillandKnow

    I never knew who he was until Khloe. I loved them together. Prayers for a continued clean life, LO.

  46. That nigga high as fuck 😂🤣

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