Domestic Violence Video: Rappers Quavo, Saweetie fight inside apartment elevator

Quavo and Saweetie fought in elevator/TMZ

Saweetie hurt in elevator scuffle.

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HOLLYWOOD — Now we know why they really broke up… and it wasn’t just cheating. TMZ released a video of hip-hop lovebirds Quavo and Saweetie fighting inside an elevator (à la Ray Rice). The Ike & Tina imitation went down a few months ago at Saweetie’s apartment complex in North Hollywood. Surveillance footage shows the 27-year-old rapstress throwing punches at Quavo, causing him to drop an orange “Call of Duty” console box. As Saweetie tried to pick it up, Quavo grabbed her arm and slammed her into the elevator wall. Both fell to the ground but Quavo was the only one to rise to his feet.

Saweetie stayed on the floor in obvious discomfort.

Seconds later, the elevator opened with a dude standing outside. But he noticed something wasn’t right and didn’t get on. After the door closed, Quavo retrieved the luggage as Saweetie remained sedentary. The 29-year-old rapper refused to help her up. When the elevator stopped, Quavo held the door open with the aforementioned valise. A hobbled Saweetie slowly picked herself up and tottered off.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident.

Saweetie recently broke up with Quavo amid scuttlebutt of him bangin’ other chicks. The “Migos” star spent $2 million in reconciliation gifts to win her back. But Saweetie dumped his ass anyway and kept the items.

There’s something about elevators that induce celebrity violence.

Ray Rice beat the sh*t out of his woman, Janay Palmer.

Solange kicked Jay-Z’s ass.

Now we have Quavo and Saweetie actin’ a fool.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. I think this is what Quavo meant when he said “youre not the woman i thought you were”, maybe shes gotten physical with him more than once.

  2. Childish! Keep your hands to yourself people

  3. The LaSt BridGE you got

    He didn’t even hit her

  4. She was prolly drunk the way she sat on that floor forever……

  5. Some women are traps and should be avoided at all cost. Stop picking women with your little prick.

  6. Nicholas Lewis

    Don’t act like a tough bitch and then get all dainty and play the victim when you get handled. If you’re a woman then act like one all the time. Just like how if you wanna act tough, pick yourself up off the ground and continue to act tough. Don’t act all sensitive and soft when it’s convenient for you.

  7. ✍🏻dont take the elevator

  8. Oh hell naw sweetie let go of his damn bag..quavo said oh naw you not fin to fuck this up..jus played merry go round


    this is what happens when you pick looks over personality. everything that glitters aint gold.

  10. Halicia Yarbrough

    Ike and Tina scenery (except she’s Ike).

  11. The Good Reverend Dr Isaacs Sr

    This deranged h0 just keeps talking all kinds of sh!t.

  12. Black woman at it’s finest 😂😂


  14. The situation was unfortunate however it appears that she was the aggressor. Not condoning it, but I didn’t see him strike her.

  15. Another rat face trying to get our brothas locked up. Take yo half dog eating a*s outta here!

  16. It’s some goofy a*s mf’s on here….Ok, so what was happening before they even made it to the elevator, is what I want to know before I decide she’s this or he’s that…. She didn’t just swing on him for no reason….For all we know he could’ve been the 1 who was being aggressive 1st, but she just happened to get caught by the elevator camera…..

  17. Elevators destoying black relationships since J and Beyonce

  18. LostWilderness

    @《~Q ~》: You are sadly mistaken if you think that an abuser needs a reason to attack/strike first. You say that we’ve already labeled each party but looks like you labeled sweetie as innocent and her out of control violence HAS to be triggered by something. You don’t know her personally to say that this is out of character for her. It’s a gossip site and a comment forum don’t name call others for what you in fact are doing yourself. Have a pleasant and productive weekend lil booski!

  19. I’m so curious about what was in that Call of Duty suitcase

  20. Saweetie, looks like she’s mixed with good coochie and anger issues 😳


    remember fellas, it’s your job to be a woman’s punching bag so you wont get labeled a woman beater. they get a pass because they are allowed to be emotionally unstable and lash out.

  22. Me in the kindergarten when some bitch took my crayons

  23. What’s in the bag?

  24. I just know she broke a nail and that’s what made her randomly stop. That shit hurt so bad it’ll have u stop and sit 😂 I never broke more nails than I did when fighting w my man

  25. @KNOWLEDGEISPOWER: Honestly i dont agree with women beating on men.. i think everyone should keep their hands to themselves.. Women that hit men are no better than the man that beats on a woman.. Domestic violence is serious and people need to learn how to control themselves..

  26. The bag says “Call of Duty” on it😂

    Her: You not bringing the Xbox with you!
    Him: TF I AM BITCH!!!

  27. As soon as he seen them cameras he knew he fucked up

  28. Walls Don’t Hit Back But Elevator Cameras Do 💯

  29. This video makes her look bad, lol. She seems mentally unstable


  31. She’s the perfect example of a garbage female.

  32. Even though she hit him that doesn’t justify him grabbing her and pushing her on the floor. Male aggression is dangerous for any woman 👩in a relationship. He also didn’t care that she was hurt 😔 so that says alot about his character

  33. Ladies don’t fuck with our game systems.

  34. A real man let the woman walk away clearly she wanted to get out of the elevator but he had to pull her back in…..he’s a bitch

  35. Brooks Fleming

    Man. Wake up y’all. A blind man can see he ain’t hurt that woman. But they coming for him. Be safe. Pay attention. And show love.

  36. This is stupid, he didn’t do shit to her, they had a tiny struggle. He didn’t throw or hit her or anything else. And it seems like people are making a big deal of it, which would only be because he is famous

  37. Must have been money in the bag haha

  38. Gamingwithbeast

    What the hell quavo

  39. faking like she hurt.. girl get your weak ass up KMSL

  40. swright4twenty

    To me it look like they had an altercation of some sort going on before the elevator door opens. He ran up on her and then she swings. He drops his game in the elevator and she went to grab it to throw it out. The elevator leads to her apartment. Looks like she was trying to prevent him from coming up. They tussle and she falls down and stays down Im assuming because she hurt her leg, judging by the way she was walking when she gets up. We really need the audio. I remember when this was Bow and his girl at the time. We dragged her and then it turns out that he was the aggressor.

  41. Yall females are drama queens

  42. Anthony Chatman

    Always trying to blame the man… Men should be able to defend themselves from women we give them too many passes some need to be slap one good time bc they all act like daddies lil girl me spoil but these broads forget we are not their fathers

  43. Deleigha Dixon

    Women beater

  44. Anthony Chatman


  45. The real Jasmine

    Are y’all serious, don’t yall see her trying to get away… she was not trying to get in the elevator with him. Y’all can’t see that? She was grabbing her bag because she wasn’t trying to go in with him. he was blocking her he even pulled her arm in and blocked her from getting out. How y’all don’t see that ?? This is so sad 😞

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