Fast Food Crash Video: Two chicks drive recklessly through Taco Bell entrance

Tanesha crashed into Taco Bell window/TMZ

Taco Bell window smashed by a car.

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BALTIMORE — “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” Tanesha Renea Williams, 25, and Diamond Shanay Johnson, 28, are facing charges after they drove their car through Taco Bell’s front entrance. Both are corrections officers in Prince George’s County. The hit-and-run transpired around 10 p.m. Wednesday night. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Tanesha and Diamond having contretemps with Taco Bell employees. “I’ll blow that bitch up,” a dude yelled. As the squabble intensified, a pissed-off Tanesha hit the gas and plowed through a handful of people before crashing into the lobby window.

Rumor has it somebody screwed up her order.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office said the person working drive-thru was pummeled by Diamond who got out of the vehicle prior to the crash. Two victims were treated at the scene for injuries and another was transported to the hospital. Tanesha was arrested and charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and multiple traffic violations. Diamond is charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault and other related infractions. Both were fired on the spot.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. all of that over nasty ass taco bell????

  2. This is shameful!

  3. Wow the black race is so intelligent, and kind , and just all around great members of society. Now how can anybody say anything negative when this is what they do.

  4. @frank jones: U clearly got a lot of time on ur hands to write that bitter ass message. Ima pray for you.

  5. Black lives matter!

  6. Smh you should never taunt someone in a vehicle! You will always LOSE! smh! Even in a street fight scenario a car can come out of nowhere as a weapon plowing everything DOWN! lucky they survived that

  7. Not Taco Bell!!!! Go hit an Arby’s. Anything but the damn Taco Bell!!! 😫

  8. How could you record this without laughing?

  9. @Lazy Lizard: Because ppl may have died. WTF is wrong with you

  10. Durk Moneyswaggfly

    She will get hers one day

  11. That lady is crazy! They could of killed somebody also I bet their name is Karen if not their name should be Karen

  12. @Donovan Mason: “Karens” ain’t that crazy! they racist as phuck tho! Well that’s crazy too lol

  13. They must be running out of burrito coverings or something.

  14. @Rob Knight: Nah it’s cause they got rid or the Mexican pizza

  15. What’s the guy saying saying . Something, something that bitch up.

  16. dorita loca

  17. I dont know why people continue to eat at Taco Bell. They jack off in the sour cream and shit in the beans.

  18. vivaquitocarajo

    they must have skimmed on the hot sauce 🔥

  19. Taking that Drive Thru part of Taco Bell way too literally.

  20. When they only put 2 sauces in yo bag

  21. At what point does a person realize all that screeching noise is entirely unintelligible, that nobody can understand a word of that nonsense? Also, why would the employees leave the store, just stay inside and lock the doors while waiting for police, what sort of idiot(s) follow a person outside to argue some more over the least significant of issues? Had the employees acted like they were humans over the age of 5 then homicidal driver most likely would not have made their own drive-thru. Idiocracy in action, yet again.

  22. Rusty Shackleford

    I said NO LETTUCE


    And no insurance lol

  24. If it was a white woman it woulda been labeled a “hate crime” w blm marching the streets. Unless she has mixed kids…then she can’t be racist…& gets a n’ word pass

  25. Let’s play who’s the bigger idiot

    A. The person driving
    B. The people standing in front of the vehicle

  26. Haha!! Probably more pillars of the community driving the vehicle. I’m blaming white supremacy on this one

  27. If you drive into the building do you still have to wear your mask?

  28. Attempted murder, multiple hit and runs, assault with a deadly weapon, vandalization, road rage. All is recorded as evidence. You’re looking at least 10 years in prison not jail time but federal don’t bend over for the soap prison.

  29. I said NO MF ONIONS 🏎

  30. I dont see any white people here….but there HAS to be a way to blame them!🤔

  31. Well, realistically though, who hasn’t wanted to do that? LOL
    Guess they should’ve ran for the border!

  32. With all those people there how did the driver get away…they should have grabbed her and slapped the snot out of her.

  33. Moral of story. Never stand in front of running vehicle whilst taunting driver.

  34. Taco Bell has in-store parking? Who knew?

  35. I guess the driver didn’t know anything about “black Lives Matterr” …

  36. Fullauto alwaysready

    When you ask for mild and they give Diablo

  37. LOL!!!! What’s wrong with her? 😂 That’s taco bell, not clucking bell. Some people play too much GTA 😂

  38. Somebody really wanted some tacos

  39. The crazy thing is that these women are correctional officers!!

  40. The driver is a police officer. One of Maryland’s finest

  41. Another case of priveledge. This is ridiculous. So you had an argument with the employee. You both got out of your car assaulted her. Got back in your car and ran over people and through a building. Both of you are correctional officers to boot. Everybody thinks they can do what ever they want anymore.

  42. Now THATS what I call FAST FOOD!

  43. Damn…People going crazy over them Quesalupas 🌮

  44. Taco Bell? really? They might get 25 years in jail over Taco Bell? Free health care for all. People are definitely dealing with mental health issues.

  45. Now they will know what it feels like to be inmates

  46. I’m deeply saddened by all of the “jokes” in the comments. This is not funny. Someone could have gotten murdered. My prayers to all of the injured. Please don’t let your anger over rule your better judgment. Be the bigger person.

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